Dak Prescott Is Helping Jalen Tolbert Pave the Path to a New Mindset

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Jalen Tolbert is at training camp with a clean-slate mindset, and one particular teammate is helping him grow.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Jalen Tolbert came into training camp ready to make a statement. Although camp is only a few days in, Tolbert’s speed, route running, and chemistry with Dak Prescott are noticeable.

Following Day 2 of training camp, Tolbert talked exclusively with PFN about how different it feels for him now compared to last year.

Dak Prescott Helping Jalen Tolbert Pave the Path for a Comeback Season

Tolbert has been open about his struggles from last season.

In a press conference, Prescott talked about Tolbert’s biggest struggle was maintaining high confidence, but there has been so much mental growth for him. He also added that Tolbert has all of the talent and capabilities already.

“A lot of times guys lose that confidence and maybe what they expected to be doing early, and that doesn’t happen for them, and that’s all that was last year,” said Prescott about what he’s observed from Tolbert.

However, Tolbert says that many of his teammates took him under their wing to help him grow, deep dive into the playbook, and start this year with a clean slate.

One of those guys is Prescott, who he spent time with putting in work at the “Dak Yard” and getting connected with off of the field as well.

Tolbert was one of the 17 guys Prescott took to a pre-camp retreat to work with O2X, a wellness program that helped them build a “culture of excellence” together.

“Every guy old to young…I think every one of them will tell you that they benefited from it and took something from it that they’ll use for themselves personally and they’ll use to help this team,” said Prescott.

Tolbert describes Prescott as a special leader for this team.

“Having him [Dak Prescott] as a leader of this team and a leader of this offense and a brother is awesome,” said Tolbert.

Tolbert talked about the night on the trip that they all talked about their “whys” and who they are doing this for to help them connect and understand each other. Tolbert said that he has learned a lot since Mike McCarthy took over the playbook, saying that his biggest takeaway so far is seeing how some plays can be similar but schemed differently.

“Having those plays and the variety of them is cool to be able to go out and just be able to see the difference from last year to this year,” said Tolbert.

As for what is the biggest goal he has for himself right now?

“Have fun, don’t think, and get back to the dude I was,” said Tolbert, smiling.

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