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    What Happened to Dak Prescott? Cowboys QB Seen Wearing Walking Boot Amid Injury Rumors

    In what has become a make-or-break season for the Cowboys QB, Dak Prescott appears to be dealing with a minor health concern.

    Dak Prescott enjoyed the finest year of his NFL career in 2023 with the Dallas Cowboys. Career highs in touchdown passes, passer rating, and completion percentage helped the fourth-round signal-caller win his fourth NFC East crown in eight seasons.

    But as his contract negotiations with the Cowboys continue to stall, an injury concern has popped up that could unravel everything for the franchise quarterback.

    Should Dallas Cowboys Fans Be Concerned With Dak Prescott in a Walking Boot?

    Prescott turned heads over the weekend when he and his girlfriend were seen wandering the docks of Los Cabos, Mexico. The three-time Pro Bowl quarterback appeared to be in a walking boot on the same ankle he suffered a gruesome injury on just four years ago.

    The Dallas Morning News and NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport both confirmed from a source within the Cowboys organization that he is dealing with a “very minor foot sprain and has been for a few days.”

    “It’s not considered to be anything that should affect his preparation for 2024,” both news outlets confirmed.

    The Cowboys open training camp on July 25 and completed offseason workouts on June 5. It is unclear how Prescott received the injury to his ankle, but it does add a new wrinkle to the quarterback’s injury history, as well as his current contract status.

    What Is Prescott’s Injury History?

    Prescott’s minor injury concern on his ankle could be seen as something bigger in the eyes of the Cowboys. For starters, this isn’t the first time an ankle injury has thwarted him before.

    In 2020, the Pro Bowler suffered a pedal ankle fracture on his right ankle that cost him the majority of the season. He also suffered shoulder and elbow issues in 2019 and 2022 but rarely missed games because of it.

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    While Rapoport and the Dallas Morning News both confirm that the current injury isn’t expected to hamper his 2024 season by any stretch, it is something to watch as the quarterback turns 30 years old — especially since this is the same ankle Prescott previously had surgery on.

    What’s the Latest Update on Prescott’s Contract Negotiations With the Cowboys?

    There’s good news when it comes to Prescott’s representation regarding this surprising injury because it should hold no weight when it comes to the current negotiations surrounding the QB’s future in Dallas.

    In 2020, Prescott was playing on the franchise tag despite his ankle surgery. Dallas still awarded him a four-year, $160 million deal with $126 million guaranteed. The price for quarterbacks has gone up, though, and it’s left Dallas with no alternatives.

    With just $12 million in cap space, and with CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons also to pay, the Cowboys need to find a way to create cap space pronto to keep all of their top stars.

    Prescott appears to be the first domino in this regard.

    The fourth-round pick out of Mississippi State in 2016 carries a current cap hit of over $55 million — a large percentage of the team’s current number. Should the Cowboys find common ground on a deal, it would lower Prescott’s current cap hit and add plenty of cap space for both Parsons and Lamb.

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    What’s the issue? Prescott is hoping to become the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history (highest paid right now is at $55 million). The Cowboys and the Jones family in particular seem unwilling to do such a thing at least at the given moment.

    For now, at least, Prescott’s ankle appears to be the only bit of news surrounding both sides in this contractual game of chicken.

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