Could WWE Be in Recently Retired Eagles Legend Jason Kelce’s Future?

Jason Kelce just closed out a Hall of Fame NFL career. Could he now be switching to wrestling as his next sport to conquer?

Jason Kelce and his brother Travis have been center stage for quite some time now, as the superstar duo has transcended from just outstanding football players to global celebrities.

Earlier last month, Jason decided to hang up the cleats and retire from the NFL, but this latest report suggests he may not be out of the sports spotlight just yet.

Could Jason Kelce Be Joining the WWE?

According to Fightful Select, the WWE has reached out to Kelce to gauge his interest in joining the professional wrestling ranks.

“Fightful Select has learned that WWE reached out to recently retired Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce for a possible WrestleMania appearance. Kelce is a huge star in the sports world in general, but especially in Philadelphia and doubly so at Lincoln Financial Field, where he’s played for the last decade.”

With WrestleMania being in Lincoln Financial Field, the fit between the global wrestling brand and their massive annual event, paired with Kelce, makes too much sense.

It remains to be seen if he’ll accept the challenge and make an appearance for the big event, but the fit is an obvious one, and he would have an outstanding coming-out party in his home arena if he were to choose to do so.

WWE Superstar Offers To Help Kelce

Not only do the stars align for Kelce to join WWE in Philadelphia, but the superstars of the sport are offering to help him get ready for a transition as well.

WWE superstar The Miz offered his services to Kelce and would lend a hand in the training process.

“I watched him jump up at a Bills game from, like, down and jump up into a window, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, this guy is 300 pounds. How did he do that? That’s incredible,'” he told TMZ. “Hell yeah! Into a superstar! As big as he is in the NFL, we’ll make him as big of a superstar in the WWE!” The Miz added.

“The charisma, the ability to talk on a microphone and be captivating and innovative is something I think he has a knack for. Whatever Jason Kelce wants to do, whether it is come to WWE for WrestleMania, wink, or do something in the NFL, whatever he wants to do, I think the world is his oyster.”

Kelce has support, star status, and the athletic ability to make a switch. The only thing that remains is the desire and if he’s inclined to leap into the sport. That remains to be seen, but either way, Kelce has the backing and support from at least one WWE star.

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