Christian McCaffrey’s Net Worth: How Much Money He Has and How Much He’s Paid by the 49ers

What is Christian McCaffrey's net worth, how much has he earned in his NFL career to date, and what are his potential future earnings?

Christian McCaffrey’s net worth and earnings have been under the microscope in the last couple of weeks after it was claimed he could not afford a suite for his family at Super Bowl 58. Let’s take a look at McCaffrey’s net worth, how much he has earned this season with the San Francisco 49ers, and his total career earnings in the NFL.

What Are Christian McCaffrey’s Career Earnings and Net Worth?

Current estimates for McCaffrey’s net worth place the star running back at around $30 million. That is an estimate based on career earnings through the NFL, sponsorship deals, and other ventures. It also includes possessions such as houses, cars, etc.

As things stand, entering 2024, that $30 million net worth is just under half of what McCaffrey has earned during his NFL career. To date, his reported career earnings, just from football, sits at $65.6 million.

After being drafted in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, McCaffrey has now been in the NFL for seven seasons. In the 2023 season, he took home $12 million in cash. Of that, $10.72 million came as part of a bonus for restricting his contract ahead of the 2023 season. There was then another $1.08 million in base salary, plus a $200,000 workout bonus, taking it to the full $12 million.

Additionally, McCaffrey expects to earn at least $12 million in each of the next two seasons. In 2024, he’s set to earn $11.8 million in salary, with a $200,000 workout bonus. McCaffrey will then earn $12 million in salary in 2025, plus another $200,000 workout bonus. By the end of 2025, his career earnings will sit at just under $82 million.

While $12 million in cash for a single season may seem like a massive number, it’s far from the highest amount McCaffrey has earned in a single year. During the 2020 season, he pocketed $22.3 million when he signed his four-year extension with the Carolina Panthers.

As a rookie, McCaffrey signed a four-year contract worth a fully guaranteed $17.2 million, with $10.7 million of that paid as a signing bonus. He would then sign the four-year extension worth $64.1 million prior to the 2020 season. Within that was a $21.5 million signing bonus.

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Assuming McCaffrey sees out the end of his current contract with the 49ers, his net worth could potentially rise into the $40 million range. When also considering any potential sponsorship deals he could have during that stretch, we could be looking at the 49ers’ RB having a net worth of close to $45 million before he turns 30.

Currently, McCaffrey is fourth on the all-time career earnings list for running backs. He’s behind Adrian Peterson ($103.2 million), Ezekiel Elliott ($73.7 million), and Edgerrin James ($68.9 million). By the end of this current deal, he’ll likely only be behind Peterson.

The intriguing element with McCaffrey is around his future earnings. Most running backs struggle to get big-money deals once they get close to 30. However, McCaffrey is at the peak of his powers right now, entering his age-28 season.

If he can sustain that through the next two years, McCaffrey could take his potential career earnings over $100 million. That could see him go to the top of the career earnings for the position with even a relatively minor next contract.

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