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    Inside Model Olivia Culpo’s $3.5M L.A. Home That She Shares With 49ers Star Christian McCaffrey

    Take a look at the luxurious five-bedroom home that Christian McCaffrey shares with his model wife Olivia Culpo in Los Angeles.

    After the Super Bowl, Christian McCaffrey will retreat to the Los Angeles area.

    No, he isn’t trying to join the Los Angeles Rams or Los Angeles Chargers. Fans of the San Francisco 49ers don’t need to worry; the reason for his L.A. trek involves his model wife Olivia Culpo, as they share a luxurious home together in Los Angeles.

    Price of Oliva Culpo and Christian McCaffrey’s L.A.-Based Home

    The couple are Encino, Calif., residents.

    Known to be an affluent, wealthy southern California community, both the actress and the NFL’s Offensive Player of the Year share a house that’s worth $3.5 million.

    Turns out it was Culpo who believed the location was perfect and ideal.

    “I lived in Hollywood right in the thick of it, in the middle of all the noise, and I realized I really wanted something that felt more calming, like a sanctuary almost,” she told Architectural Design in a Dec. 2021 interview. “A respite from the city.”

    And for the 49ers star, it gives him some calm away from the L.A. traffic while also having a getaway spot away from the Bay Area.

    Inside the NFL Couple’s Home

    So, what’s inside the house that gives it its luxurious, pristine feel?

    For starters, the house covers 5,366 square feet. It’s a five-bedroom, seven-bathroom place. Here’s a look at what it looks like on the outside (photos by Page Six):

    Inside Model Olivia Culpo’s $3.5M L.A. Home That She Shares With 49ers Star Christian McCaffrey

    It’s clear that Culpo and McCaffrey wake up to a beautiful L.A. sunrise and then take in the sunset.

    Now, we head inside and gain an idea of where the couple lounges and watches their movies and television.

    Inside Olivia Culpo and 49ers star Christian McCaffrey's $3.5M LA home.

    The living room comes equipped with a brown and white feel, a fireplace, a built-in smart TV, and glass pocket doors that lead to the outdoor lounge area. There’s even a record player McCaffrey purchased in the living room that was originally a gift he bought for Culpo.

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    Culpo even shows love to her native home state of Rhode Island. She has a hand-drawn map of R.I. in the couple’s entertainment room. There’s also a picture of the running back in there as well.

    Speaking of entertainment, one close look to the right of the fireplace is a cello behind glass windows.

    Olivia Culpo's living room

    Moving into the kitchen, the couple has a central sink and counter space in the middle (photo by Phylicia J.L. Munn of MTV).

    Olivia Culpo's kitchen

    Now, to gain an idea of what the bedrooms look like, here’s this room owned by Culpo and McCaffrey.

    A photo from Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey's Los Angeles mansion

    Furthermore, the couple shares a billiards room, and a porch swing, and it comes with a large closet space. But once someone heads outside, there’s a massive-sized pool they can take a dip in.

    Olivia Culpo's pool

    McCaffrey and Culpo have owned the place since 2021 and are now going on three years as Encino residents. The couple recently got married, and it’s possible they already have their forever home.

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