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    Cam Taylor-Britt, Nebraska CB | NFL Draft Scouting Report

    In a deep 2022 NFL Draft cornerback class, can Nebraska CB Cam Taylor-Britt break through the noise with his scouting report?

    Every position in football has to be physical every so often. After all, it’s football. But the physical element at the cornerback position is somewhat underrated. Guys who can set the tone and make receivers uncomfortable add a completely different element to a defense. That’s an element that Nebraska CB and 2022 NFL Draft prospect Cam Taylor-Britt can provide with his scouting report.

    Cam Taylor-Britt NFL Draft Profile

    • Position: Cornerback
    • School: Nebraska
    • Current Year: Senior
    • Height: 5’10 1/2″
    • Weight: 200 pounds
    • Wingspan: 76 1/8″
    • Length: 31 3/4″
    • Hand: 9 5/8″

    Cam Taylor-Britt Scouting Report

    There are long, rangy zone cornerbacks. There are twitchy, fleet-footed man specialists. And then there are some who pride themselves on their ability to come downhill and make plays in run support. These may seem like different archetypes. But in fact, there’s a player who comprises all of these player types into one: Nebraska’s Taylor-Britt.

    Sometimes lost in the sheer depth of the 2022 NFL Draft’s cornerback class, Taylor-Britt is yet another player who deserves consideration as a potential NFL starter. His starting utility isn’t the only thing that generates appeal, either. Taylor-Britt has the potential to be a versatile playmaker for one lucky defensive coordinator. Here’s what the tape shows.

    Taylor-Britt’s athletic profile

    Taylor-Britt is an incredibly intriguing athlete. He stands just under 5’11”, but he weighs a stocky 200 pounds, with long arms that measure near 32 inches. That long, well-built frame — and athleticism — allows Taylor-Britt to be a tone-setter in multiple phases.

    Taylor-Britt is a twitchy, energetic mover with fast feet. He’s also incredibly explosive. The Nebraska CB gears up instantly on the attack, accelerating extremely quickly in tight spaces. He can close gaps suddenly and forcefully, and that acceleration also allows him to cover ground when defending deep passes. Taylor-Britt explodes downhill when triggering on run plays — like a homing missile heading into the box.

    Going further, Taylor-Britt is also fairly fluid. He sinks his hips on direction changes and surges toward opponents. He also has the throttle control and quick feet to maintain spacing in zone coverage. With his fluid hips and explosiveness, Taylor-Britt sticks to receivers out of the slot. The Nebraska CB can also flip his hips open off the snap and latch onto receivers’ hip pockets.

    Taylor-Britt’s play strength is extremely impressive as well. He’s strong enough to rip down anchors in run defense and deconstructs blocks quickly, as well as blast back blockers with force.

    Execution beyond the physical traits

    Taylor-Britt has an enticing athletic makeup, but his polish and versatility make him an even more appealing prospect. What shows up most often is Taylor-Britt’s fierce play style and incredibly hot motor in pursuit. The Nebraska CB brings constant energy. Particularly in the run game, he’s an enforcer. He plays at a fast, urgent pace and attacks blocks. Taylor-Britt invites contact in run support, but he also has the savvy to swerve around blocks and shoot into the tackle point.

    There’s a physicality to Taylor-Britt’s game that’s especially evident. He throws himself at players and is more than willing to inflict force. He’s physical and aggressive as a tackler, but he’s not often reckless. He’s shown he can go low as a tackler and knock opponents off-base.

    In coverage, there’s plenty more to like. Taylor-Britt has great awareness and processing speed in zone coverage, as well as stellar route recognition. He keys in on routes then anticipates and closes ground quickly. He’s also able to pass off receivers and remain somewhat aware of blind spots.

    In man coverage, Taylor-Britt has utility. He can crowd receivers at the stem with his physicality and long frame. He also does a good job using his feet and hips to stay square with his opponent, and he doesn’t often jam too early. Going further, Taylor-Britt has great ball skills. He can track passes, leap vertically, and attack the ball through the entire rep. As if the Nebraska CB wasn’t exciting enough already, Taylor-Britt is also versatile. He can take reps on the boundary, in the slot, or at two-high safety.

    Areas for improvement

    Taylor-Britt is a relatively well-rounded cornerback prospect, but there are a few inconsistencies to note. The Nebraska CB might not have elite top-end speed or range. And while his hip fluidity is good, it may not be elite.

    His transitions could be a bit smoother. Taylor-Britt sometimes needs to gather himself out of his backpedal, and he occasionally loses his balance when flipping his hips.

    In coverage, Taylor-Britt can get baited into jamming prematurely at the line. He can also afford to be a bit cleaner when applying his physicality. There are times when Taylor-Britt needs to maintain better positioning in man coverage. The Nebraska CB sometimes gives routes too much cushion at the stem, and he can’t always pinch angles as tightly as he needs to.

    Going further, while he processes well, Taylor-Britt is sometimes a touch late reacting to route breaks. There are also occasions where he loses track of receivers in his blind spot and can be late to flip his hips around. Additionally, while run support is one of Taylor-Britt’s strongest areas, he occasionally overshoots tackling angles. And against tight ends and larger receivers, he can sometimes struggle to get off blocks.

    Taylor-Britt’s 2022 NFL Draft scouting report overview

    Two elements will give Taylor-Britt a great deal of security in the 2022 NFL Draft — scheme versatility and competitive toughness. With his long, stocky frame, Taylor-Britt can be a playmaker in both coverage and run support. His explosiveness allows him to close gaps, while his proactive mentality ensures that he always makes his presence felt. Taylor-Britt is an all-out competitor on every down.

    There’s also plenty to like with Taylor-Britt technically. He has good footwork and twitch as a mover, and his hips are fluid enough to stack direction changes and match receivers off the line. In zone coverage, Taylor-Britt has the spatial awareness and throttle control to maintain his positioning. And with his burst, wingspan, and urgency, he has a wide playmaking radius.

    Taylor-Britt’s run support only sweetens the pot. The Nebraska CB may be one of the best run-defending cornerbacks in the 2022 NFL Draft. He attacks blocks, surges into the backfield, and routinely makes plays at or behind the line. Especially on crucial downs and in short-yardage situations, he dials it up a notch. He’s instinctive, physical, and relentless in seeking out stops.

    Taylor-Britt projects well as a versatile cornerback at the next level. He can play on the boundary, but he also has a great skill set for the slot. Teams can move him around and be comfortable knowing he’s well-equipped to deal with what offenses throw at him. Taylor-Britt may not have elite speed or fluidity, but he’s well worth a Day 2 selection and could be a solid starter for a long time.

    Taylor-Britt’s Player Profile

    Growing up in Montgomery, Alabama, Taylor-Britt was introduced to football at an early age. He has a unique upbringing in the sport, starting out in high school as a prolific QB prospect. As a senior, he amassed almost 2,500 total yards and 30 total touchdowns, using his easy athleticism to make an impression.

    Despite his production at QB, many teams saw Taylor-Britt as a receiver at the next level. He had the athleticism, no doubt. He tested with a 4.58 40-yard dash and a 34.5-inch vertical. That athleticism earned the four-star recruit offers from Michigan, Cincinnati, Missouri, and Iowa State, among others. However, Taylor-Britt was instead drawn to Nebraska, becoming one of the signees in Scott Frost’s inaugural class.

    Taylor-Britt’s career at Nebraska

    Recruited as a wide receiver, Taylor-Britt made yet another change at Nebraska, logging snaps on special teams and defense early on. He saw the field frequently in his true-freshman season and logged valuable rotational snaps. By year’s end, he had 12 tackles, 3 pass deflections, and a fumble recovery.

    As one might expect, Taylor-Britt quickly earned the trust of his teammates and coaches on special teams. In the next campaign, he was given a full-time starting role. Making an impression as a multifaceted defender on the back end, Taylor-Britt amassed 49 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks, 2 interceptions, 4 pass deflections, 4 forced fumbles, and a defensive touchdown. His breakout season earned him All-Big Ten honorable mention recognition, but he wasn’t done climbing the ladder.

    In an eight-game 2020 season, the Nebraska CB nearly matched his total from the previous year. He once again added 2 picks and 4 pass breakups to go with 28 tackles and 3 tackles for loss. The 2021 campaign saw Taylor-Britt take his game to a new level in coverage. The team captain picked up 51 tackles, 3 tackles for loss, a sack, an interception, and a career-high 11 pass deflections.

    For his play in 2021, Taylor-Britt fielded second-team All-Big Ten honors, earning an invite to the Reese’s Senior Bowl in early February.

    Taylor-Britt’s NFL Draft ascension

    Taylor-Britt is bound to have plenty of fans at the NFL level. Not only is he a stellar, well-rounded player on the field, but he’s also a leader off of it. In addition to earning the captain title in his final season at Nebraska, Taylor-Britt remained active in the community throughout his tenure, participating in volunteer work and hospital visits.

    Taylor-Britt’s athleticism, toughness, relentless energy, and scheme versatility make him a bona fide top-100 prospect. If teams like him enough, he could go as high as the top 50. If his high school testing numbers are any indication, he should test well at the NFL Combine.

    The 2022 NFL Draft’s cornerback class is deep — that pure depth could push some players down. But Taylor-Britt has the tools to be an unexpectedly high pick and deliver on that draft billing once he hits the field.

    Tony Pauline’s Scouting Report on Cam Taylor-Britt

    Positives: Underrated corner who plays tough, physical football. Mixes it up with opponents throughout the route and has an explosive burst to the ball out of his plant. Drives to the throw and works to separate the ball from receivers.

    Possesses outstanding quickness, does a great job locating the pass in the air, and makes plays with his back to the ball. Remains disciplined with assignments. Fires up the field, gives effort defending run plays and screen passes, and sells out on the blitz.

    Negatives: Very quick out of his backpedal. Lacks a second gear despite his 40 time from the Combine. Struggled during Senior Bowl practices.

    Analysis: At times last season, Taylor-Britt displayed the ball skills and wherewithal to start at the next level. He was also very inconsistent and did not stand out as I had hoped during Senior Bowl practices. He possesses an upside, and at the very least Taylor-Britt has the ability to develop into a productive nickel back at the next level.

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