Former QB Cam Newton Says Jerry Jones Is Holding Dak Prescott Back From Being a ‘Mother——- Dog’

Dak Prescott's future has been hotly debated amid Dallas' continued playoff woes. Cam Newton shared his take on what's holding him and the Cowboys back.

Opinions differ widely on Dak Prescott, who has long been a polarizing figure as the Dallas Cowboys‘ quarterback, given the team’s continued lack of playoff success. Cam Newton gave his take on what’s holding Prescott and the Cowboys back during an appearance on former NFL star Shannon Sharpe’s podcast.

Dak Prescott Is Not Allowed To Be What Dallas Needs According to Cam Newton

Newton went on the Club Shay Shay podcast and discussed Prescott’s contract situation and controversial status as Dallas’ quarterback.

Sharpe then asked Newton why Prescott and the Cowboys have been unable to win big games. Newton delivered a unique take on what’s been holding the franchise back from its aspirations.

“This message is to Dak Prescott: We looking for that mother——- Dog,” Newton said. “And I don’t think Jerry Jones will allow him to become that, because you have to be politically correct. You have to be almost the president of football to be the signal-caller for the Dallas Cowboys.

“What the Dallas Cowboys need at that quarterback position is somebody to say, ‘Nah, f— that, this is my s—. This is what we’re going to do.’

“That type of aura, I don’t think Dak can be that.”

Sharpe quickly agreed with Newton’s assessment, stating that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones “wants to win his way.”

It’s just the latest take on a tumultuous situation in Dallas as Prescott, at least to this point, looks poised to head into 2024 with an expiring contract as he and the team have yet to agree on a contract extension.

At least some of that seems to be due to the Cowboys’ recent lack of postseason success.

Since Prescott took over as the starting QB in 2016, Dallas has two playoff wins to its name with Wild Card round victories in 2019 and 2022. Yet, the Cowboys have been unable to break through for an NFC Championship Game appearance despite some strong chances here and there.

Those playoff shortcomings, including three straight Divisional Round losses in 2016, 2018, and 2022, have led some to question whether Prescott is the quarterback to get Dallas over the top in the postseason.

Now, the Cowboys have to make a decision on whether they want to reward Prescott by potentially making him the highest-paid player in NFL history despite the lack of playoff success. Winning with Prescott would become even harder if he’s making a significantly greater percentage of the salary cap, making it a bigger challenge to build a team around him.

The drought of NFC Championship Game appearances predates Prescott, however, as Dallas has not reached that round since winning Super Bowl 30 in the 1995 playoffs.

Prescott’s predecessor, Tony Romo, led Dallas to two playoff wins across his nine years as the starting QB, with Wild Card round wins in 2009 and 2014. Before Romo, there was plenty of turnover at the position across the four years after NFL legend Troy Aikman’s final season in 2000.

Romo propelled the Cowboys to the playoffs in four of his eight seasons with 10+ starts, while Prescott-led teams have now reached the postseason in five of his seven seasons of that same standard (he made just five starts in 2020).

Prescott is also coming off one of the best seasons of his career in 2023, having thrown for 4,516 yards, 36 touchdowns, and just nine interceptions on his way to finishing second in MVP voting.

Prescott’s playoff appearances haven’t always been stellar, but he’s up to 1,962 passing yards for 14 touchdowns and seven interceptions across seven games.

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Prescott certainly can shoulder some of the blame for Dallas’ playoff failings, as can Romo and many other players past and present. There seems to be a larger issue for the Cowboys beyond their personnel, though, that is holding the franchise back from returning to its past postseason glory.

Time will tell whether it’s rectified in the near future.

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