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    Who Did the Buffalo Bills Draft In 2024? Picks, Analysis, and More

    The Buffalo Bills traded last year's picks for this year's, leaving the AFC East champions with a myriad of picks in the 2024 NFL Draft.

    The Buffalo Bills went 11-5 and notched a first-round playoff win last season but fell short of the pinnacle with a Divisional Round loss to the would-be champions, the Kansas City Chiefs.

    A roster shakeup ensued with a handful of tenured Bills being let go, such as seven-year players safety Jordan Poyer and CB Tre’Davious White to make room for new signings in free agency like WR Curtis Samuel and safety Mike Edwards.

    If that roster shakeup wasn’t enough for Bills GM Brandon Beane, he had plenty more this April with an abundance of picks in the 2024 NFL Draft.

    Full List of Bills Draft Picks By Round In 2024

    • Round 2, Pick 33 (from CAR)
      Keon Coleman, WR | Florida State
    • Round 2, Pick 60
      Cole Bishop, S | Utah
    • Round 3, Pick 95 (from KC)
      DeWayne Carter, DT | Duke
    • Round 4, Pick 128
      Ray Davis, RB | Kentucky
    • Round 5, Pick 141 (from CAR through NYG)
      Sedrick Van Pran-Granger, C | Georgia
    • Round 5, Pick 160 (from GB)
      Edefuan Ulofoshio, LB | Washington
    • Round 5, Pick 168 (from GB through NO)
      Javon Solomon, EDGE | Troy
    • Round 6, Pick 204
      Tylan Grable, OT | UCF
    • Round 6, Pick 219 (from GB)
      Daequan Hardy, CB | Penn State
    • Round 7, Pick 221 (from KC through TEN, CAR)
      Travis Clayton, G | England

    Who Did the Bills Draft in 2024?

    Keon Coleman, WR, Round 2, Pick 33

    Coleman at one point was thought to be a first-round selection in this class, instead, he officially goes with the first pick in the second round. The Bills desperately need WR help, and even though they moved out of the first round on Day 1, they are still able to grab a playmaker out the gate on Day 2.

    Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings discussed Coleman’s skillset in his scouting report.

    KEEP READING: Keon Coleman Scouting Report

    “Coleman is ultimately an explosive, fleet-footed, and flexible athlete at his size, with a rare level of utility and playmaking ability across phases. On Day 1, he has alpha ability on the vertical plane or big-slot and movement-Z utility as a middle-field catcher and yardage creator.”

    Cole Bishop, S, Round 2, Pick 60

    The Bills follow up by addressing one need at the top of the round, by doing the same on the other side of the ball with the selection of Cole Bishop. Bishop comes in and brings playmaking ability in the backend of their defense and helps fill the gap of some outgoing veterans who are no longer on the roster.

    According to Cummings, he is a top-64 prospect with brings versatility to their defense.

    KEEP READING: Cole Bishop Scouting Report

    “Bishop’s playmaking range makes him dangerous, and he’s a sharp processor too. His game is underpinned by his play recognition, adaptability, coverage versatility, and confidence once he hits his trigger. And in support, he supplements his quick trigger with awe-inspiring physicality and deconstruction ability.”

    DeWayne Carter, DT, Round 3, Pick 95

    After getting a skill player and a backend defender in the first two rounds, the Bills look to the trenches with their selection of DeWayne Carter. Carter was a three-year captain at Duke and was a tremendously productive college player that Buffalo hopes can continue that trend into the NFL.

    “Whatever boxes there are to check, Carter checks them and then some,” Cummings wrote.

    Ray Davis, RB, Round 4, Pick 128

    Buffalo opens up their Day 3 action by adding a play-making running back from the SEC. Davis will have a chance to come in and help a Bills offense that will look much different in 2024.

    KEEP READING: Ray Davis’ Scouting Report

    According to Cummings, “Davis flashed legit three-down capabilities as a ball carrier and pass catcher during his collegiate career. However, his five-year stint in college and injury history could certainly drop him down the board when the 2024 NFL Draft rolls around.”

    Sedrick Van Pran-Granger, C, Round 5, Pick 141

    The Bills wait until the fifth round to add to the group, but they attack the offensive line with the Georgia C.

    KEEP READING: Sedrick Van Pran-Granger’s Scouting Report

    According to Cummings, “Van Pran grades out as a top-75 prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft on my board. He’s one of the top natural center prospects in the class and would be a superb addition anywhere in the Day 2 range.”

    Edefuan Ulofoshio, LB, Round 5, Pick 160

    The Bills use a fifth-round selection on a talented and productive LB from a winning program. Ulofoshio has a chance to come in and be an instant contributor on special teams from Day 1 with a chance to develop further.

    Javon Solomon, EDGE, Round 5, Pick 168

    With a backend fifth-round pick the Bills select Javon Solomon to help them on the defensive edge. Buffalo traded back and acquired additional picks before making this selection, ensuring they will be able to continue to add to the roster deep into this draft.

    Tylan Grable, OT, Round 6, Pick 204

    The Bills add their second OL of the draft with their selection of Tyran Grable. The Bills offense is going through changes in 2024, and adding Grable to the depth of their offensive line will help the unit into the new season.

    Daequan Hardy, CB, Round 6, Pick 219

    The Bills add another secondary player in the sixth round with the selection of Daequan Hardy. As it gets later into the draft teams are looking to add players for traits and projection, and Hardy is a fun piece the Bills are hoping to get the most out of.

    Travis Clayton, G, Round 7, Pick 221

    The Bills go international with their final pick of the draft and take a developmental G from England. Buffalo will look to get him into his program, build him up, and see if he can become a quality NFL player for them.

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