Browns vs. Chiefs Score: Live updates, highlights, for today’s Week 1 game

Follow along with the Browns vs. Chiefs matchup as our live blog keeps you updated on the score and highlights from this AFC clash.

The Cleveland Browns vs. Kansas City Chiefs kicked off in the later slate of afternoon games today. Two teams with their eyes firmly set on the Super Bowl we’re looking to give themselves a big victory over one of their main rivals in Week 1. Here’s a recap of today’s action between the Browns vs. the Chiefs, including the final score and highlights.

Browns vs. Chiefs score

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F
Browns 8 14 0 7 29
Chiefs 3 7 7 16 33


What an entertaining game this was from start to finish. The Browns’ offense was superb through this game vs. the Chiefs, but they stuttered at the worst moment. A fumble by Nick Chubb let the Chiefs get close before a fumble by punter Jamie Gillan allowed the Chiefs to take the lead.

The Browns had a chance to win it at the end, but Mayfield floated a ball that was picked off to seal the game. The Browns continue a streak that has seen them not win in Week 1 since 2004 and not on the road in Week 1 since 1994.

Despite the loss, there are a lot of positives for the Browns. At times, they moved the ball at ease against the Chiefs, and bar a couple of errors, could have put this game away in the fourth quarter. They also played well on defense and caused issues for the Chiefs’ offense.

As for the Chiefs, they will be pleased to win, but there are some serious question marks. Their defense was bullied by the Browns’ offensive line, and the offense was contained for large parts of the game. Hopefully, this is a game we see repeated when the playoffs begin in January.

Browns at Chiefs live highlights and scoring updates

Live highlights and updated for the Browns vs. Chiefs will be shared here.

7:27 PM ET: INTERCEPTION! The Browns’ convert on third down and then Hunt rips off a 19-yard gain. On 1st and 10, Mayfield floats one up trying to throw it away, and Chiefs’ CB Mike Hughes pulls in the game-clinching interception.

7:23 PM ET: The Browns head into the two-minute warning with a 3rd and 2 awaiting them from their own 25-yard line. They have to go 75 yards with just one timeout remaining.

7:20 PM ET: The Chiefs convert on their first third down of the drive. Faced with a 3rd and 10, Mahomes is sacked for a 9-yard loss at the Chiefs’ 40-yard line. What can Baker Mayfield and the offense do now?

7:15 PM ET: What a play by Thornhill! The same player that forced the Chubb fumble does a superb job breaking up a pass to Anthony Schwartz. That leads to a Browns’ punt and the Chiefs will start from their own 27-yard line.

7:05 PM ET: TOUCHDOWN. Mahomes finds Kelce short of the end zone and he battles his way into for the touchdown to give the Chiefs their first lead of the game. The two-point conversion fails and it is a 4-point lead.

7 PM ET: Chris Jones starts the Browns’ drive with a sack of Mayfield. They cannot convert on 3rd and 12 and the Browns will punt. The punter drops the ball! He recovers but is swallowed up at the Chiefs’ 15-yard line where Kansas City will take over.

6:55 PM ET: TOUCHDOWN. The Chiefs’ patience finally snaps and they go deep following a scramble. Mahomes hits Hill at the Browns’ 30-yard line and he escapes the defense for a touchdown to bring it back to a 2-point game.

6:50 PM ET: The Browns move down inside the red zone with a 30-yard pass to TE David Njoku. TOUCHDOWN. After three runs from Chubb, it is Kareem Hunt who finds the end zone for a 2-yard touchdown.

6:37 PM ET: FIELD GOAL. After the Chiefs cannot convert a 3rd and 15, Harrison Butker nails the field goal to cut it to a 2-point game.

6:35 PM ET: Mahomes and the Chiefs are back inside the red zone. They are just taking what the Browns are giving them and chipping off plays. However, a sack of Mahomes knocks them back to the 20-yard line.

6:28 PM ET: FUMBLE. On his third straight carry, Chubb fumbles the ball and Anthony Hitchens recovers it. The Chiefs will have the chance to lead this game for the first time. S Juan Thornhill forced the fumble.

6:25 PM ET: Mahomes keeps the drive alive with a third-down scramble and then an Edwards-Helaire run takes them inside the red zone. The Chiefs almost then seem to out trick themselves on a couple of plays, but Mahomes finds Kelce for a TOUCHDOWN.

6:15 PM ET: The Chiefs have come out running the ball with 3 out of their first 4 plays. However, they then open it up with 4 straight passing plays. They are trying to be more balanced and take what the defense gives them, but you can see the Chiefs are itching to go deep here.

5:55 PM ET: Despite being backed up at their own goal line, the Browns are in Chiefs’ territory in 2 plays. Yet, they stall at the Chiefs’ 36 yard-line with an offensive holding and a sack. That leaves the Browns with a Hail Mary attempt to end the half. They go short and Landry is running. After a couple of laterals, the Browns fall just 13 yards short of the end zone to end the half.

5:40 PM ET: The Chiefs are off and running again. Hill has 37 yards on 2 quick plays from Mahomes to get the Chiefs inside Browns’ territory. However, the drive stalls at the Browns’ 45 as Mahomes and Hill cannot link up on a deep pass on third down. The Chiefs punt and after a little drama it is the Browns’ ball at their own 1-yard line.

5:30 PM ET: Anthony Schwartz has been a huge part of the offense for the Browns. He has 3 receptions for 69 yards and a 17-yard carry. He is providing the spark for the Browns’ offense right now. The Browns are having fun with a pitch back to Landry that he ends up carrying for 9 yards and gets a facemask penalty. TOUCHDOWN. Chubb takes the ball in from 18 yards out to extend the lead.

5:20 PM ET: The Chiefs work their way back down the field with Kelce and Hill heavily featured again. TOUCHDOWN. Mahomes avoids the pass-run and then takes it in from 5 yards out. He got as far back as the 20-yard line and just worked his way closer to the goal line until he scored.

5:05 PM ET: The Chiefs go for it on 4th and 1 at the Chiefs’ 5-yard line. Jarvis Landry gets the first down and nearly finds the end zone. Jedrick Wills was injured on the play for the Browns, who challenge the play. TOUCHDOWN. After the review, the Browns get the score as Landry broke the goal line with at least part of the ball.

5:00 PM ET: The Chiefs have to settle for a FIELD GOAL thanks to some good defense from the Browns. The Browns then immediately answer back with a huge 44-yard play to Schwartz. The quarter ends with the Browns at the Chiefs’ 12-yard line.

4:50 PM ET: The Chiefs are now marching with chunk plays to Travis Kelce, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, and Tyreek Hill. Ronnie Harrison of the Browns has been ejected on this drive for pushing one of the Chiefs coaches.

4:38 PM ET: Two-Point Conversion. After an offsides penalty on the extra point, the Browns go for two, and Kareem Hunt converts for an 8-0 lead.

4:35 PM ET: Baker Mayfield has the Browns on the Chiefs’ side of the field quickly. A pass to rookie WR Anthony Schwartz has them close to the red zone. He converts to TE Austin Hooper on a fourth down to keep the drive alive inside the 20. TOUCHDOWN. Nick Chubb handles the rock twice from the 10-yard line and gives the Browns the lead.

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