Brock Purdy Contract: Breaking Down One of the Cheapest QBs in the NFL

    San Francisco 49ers starting QB Brock Purdy is still on his rookie deal, and it's an insanely cheap one for a starting quarterback.

    The Brock Purdy story is one of the best in the NFL right now. The last pick, otherwise known as “Mr. Irrelevant,” in the 2022 NFL Draft has taken the league by storm since the moment he got on the field.

    At the time of being drafted, the San Fransisco 49ers had two established players (for different reasons) already on the roster at quarterback, which did not leave much room for the young rookie to come in with much of a path to playing time for what seemed like quite some time.

    The year started with the 49ers deciding to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo in favor of their 2021 first-round draft pick Trey Lance. While the team had moved on from Jimmy G as their starter, they hadn’t moved away from him officially being on the roster just yet, as he was still a part of the team in a no-man’s land situation.

    As a result, Purdy would need a lot to happen for him to see the field with a long road between sitting and playing time in front of him.

    Brock Purdy Is on a Team-Friendly Rookie Deal

    However, a lot did end up happening, and Purdy would eventually become the team’s starter in Week 14 following Lance’s injury in Week 2 and then Garoppolo’s injury in Week 13 of the 2022 season.

    It’s a job and a role Purdy would never again relinquish. As we head into Week 5 of the 2023 season, this is Purdy’s team now and well into the future, and he looks to be the NFL’s biggest bargain.

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    When you’re drafted in the NFL, your pay is entirely dependent on your draft slot. The amount you are going to make is predetermined by the approved collective bargaining agreement. The only things that are hashed out after the fact are things such as signing bonuses and contract structural language.

    As the last pick in the draft, the money is anything but lucrative. As a result, Purdy signed a four-year, $3,737,008 contract with the team, including a $77,008 signing bonus ($77,008 guaranteed) and an average annual salary of $934,252.

    For this season, Purdy’s cap hit is a team-friendly $870,000, making him the 63rd-highest-paid quarterback in the entire NFL.

    For perspective, there are 31 other starting quarterbacks in the NFL other than Purdy. A total of 64 quarterbacks occupy a starting or backup role in the league. Purdy is 63rd out of the possible 64 players’ salaries — making him one of, if not the, biggest bargain in the NFL.

    The 49ers’ Time To Strike Is Now

    The 49ers have a great opportunity to build their roster and stack it with as much talent as they possibly can right now. With Purdy’s salary so low, the rest of the money can be allocated across the rest of the roster and allow the team to spend aggressively at other positions.

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    If the 49ers handle things correctly, they should not only be good but great over the next few years before it’s time to pay Purdy a second contract.

    This scenario is an NFL front office’s dream: an overachieving, low-paid quarterback who has the ability to lead your team to a championship while paying big money smartly at other places is exactly how you draw it up. The 49ers’ window for a championship is right now, and it all started with Mr. Irrelevant and a bit of luck.

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