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    Is Brian Daboll Married? Everything To Know About Daboll’s Wife Beth Inez Plauman

    New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll is married to Beth Inez Plauman. Here's everything we know about the couple's relationship.

    Published on July 1, 2024 | 7:51 PM EDT

    NFL head coach Brian Daboll’s stint with the New York Giants has had plenty of ups and downs. But off the field, he’s winning every day since he married his wife, Beth.

    Here’s everything we know about the couple’s relationship.

    Who Is Beth Inez Plauman?

    Beth Inez Plauman was born in Lancaster, New York — the perfect birthplace for the wife of the Giants’ head coach.

    Before the lovebirds found each other, Beth worked as a nurse and was married to high school baseball coach Mark Vogel. The couple had two sons together, Aiden and Mark.

    How Did Brian Daboll and Beth Inez Plauman Meet?

    Both Brian and Beth were married before they joined in holy matrimony. Like Beth, Brian had two children from his first marriage, Christian and Haven.

    In 2006, the couple randomly met at a bar in Buffalo. They both had come with their respective friends to listen to a local band play, and Daboll was celebrating his Dirty Thirty.

    What drew Beth to Brian?

    “I do have a thing for bald guys, so the bald head got me first,” Beth said.

    Although it was his shiny, bald head that attracted Beth to him first, it was his love for his children that kept her interested.

    Apparently, neither couple enjoyed their first marriage and never planned to tie the knot again. That is, until they met each other and fell in love.

    The couple decided to get married in 2009. Brian and Beth would have two more children together: Avery and Luke. The Dabolls live in New York and juggle their Brady Bunch of six kids.


    Brian has coached many teams over the years. He was extremely successful as an assistant coach, winning five Super Bowl rings and a College Football Playoff National Championship. Now, he’s determined to duplicate that success in New York.

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    Recently, Brian and Beth made headlines for losing a significant amount of weight over the NFL offseason. While at “New York Giants 100: A Night with Legends,” the couple was photographed and turned heads with their new look.

    Daboll downplayed his weight loss, jokingly stating, “I don’t know about that one. It’s like throwing a chair off of a yacht. That’s where I’m at.”

    Daboll has been open about his fluctuating weight, saying he lost 50 pounds shortly after he accepted the Giants’ head coaching job, but then had a hard time keeping it off during the season.

    “I lost 50-some pounds since the press conference, though I gained about 20 of it back in the last month of practice…” Daboll said.

    “I was just trying to get as low as I can get, but once the season starts, it goes right back up.”

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