NFL Fans React to Brian Daboll and Daniel Jones’ Heated Discussion During Giants Loss on MNF

    Tensions looked high between Brian Daboll and Daniel Jones. How heated did it look for both members of the New York Giants?

    Seattle Seahawks CB Devon Witherspoon didn’t just create a pick-six off his 97-yard interception during the third quarter of the Seahawks’ romp. He then sparked a heated tension between New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll and his quarterback Daniel Jones.

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    Heated Moment Captured Between Giants HC Brian Daboll and QB Daniel Jones

    Both sides were certainly fired up, but one in a more argumentative way on the Giants’ sideline.

    Daboll is seen walking over in the direction of Jones with his arms in the air and eyes wide — clearly questioning his QB’s decision on that long interception run.

    Even with two Giant receivers in the direction of his red zone pass attempt, the rookie Witherspoon hops in front of the ball while being sandwiched between the intended receivers, turning it into a house call.

    Jones, however, clearly walked past his head coach during the exchange before crossing the sidelines and heading to the bench.

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    But that wasn’t all — Daboll is seen trying to converse with his quarterback while Jones was sitting on the bench resting. The head coach then is captured throwing down the tablet in disgust, right in front of Jones.

    The reactions then spread after the sideline clips of Daboll and Jones.

    Fans Believing Jones Will Cause Coaching Change

    There are fans beginning to believe that Jones will cause a coaching change in New York.

    “He’s gonna get him fired & that line ugh,” one fan said.

    Another fan created this idea through a customized photo edit: Daboll as the next Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator, which comes amid similar constant scrutiny and tensions the Steelers are enduring with their OC Matt Canada.

    Even a former bitter rival of the Giants, former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Seth Joyner, chimed in. He believes Daboll and the franchise made a mistake in handing Jones a massive new contract.

    There was one more defender who ragged on the Giants, but this one a current starter in the league: Arik Armstead of the San Francisco 49ers, who humorously claimed his “disappointment” in Jones.

    “Daniel Jones I am so disappointed in you…why would you would throw the ball so quick versus us and then let these people have a career day? Why weren’t we deserving?” Armstead joked on X.

    Pat Ragazzo of Fan Nation on Sports Illustrated, though, opted to point the finger at the offensive line play of the Giants.

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    “Daniel Jones deserves heat tonight but maybe Brian Daboll should look inward instead of berating him up and down. And look at that piss poor offensive line. The GM deserves a ton of blame too,” Ragazzo shared.

    That unit ended up surrendering an astonishing 11 sacks to the Seahawks, further frustrating the Giants’ evening.

    But again, the focus of the night was on Daboll and Jones. And now, this will be amplifying the focus on their pending crumbling relationship after their MNF disaster.

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