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    Brennan Armstrong’s Draft Profile | NC State, QB Scouting Report

    A top producer in 2021, NC State QB Brennan Armstrong regressed in 2022. Does he still carry a draftable grade in the 2024 NFL Draft, per his scouting report?

    Where does NC State QB Brennan Armstrong stand in an extremely crowded 2024 NFL Draft senior QB class? Armstrong has been productive before, but his scouting report puts his play under the microscope and determines whether his play is translatable at the professional level.

    Brennan Armstrong Draft Profile and Measurements

    • Height: 6’2″
    • Weight: 212 pounds
    • Position: Quarterback
    • School: NC State
    • Current Year: Redshirt Senior

    Just two years ago, in 2021, Armstrong was a third-team All-ACC passer with the Virginia Cavaliers. In that standout season, Armstrong completed 326 of 500 passes (65.2%) for a whopping 4,449 yards, 31 touchdowns, and just 10 interceptions. He was the fourth-leading passer in yardage across the nation and tacked on nine rushing touchdowns as a bonus.

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    But in the long run, Armstrong’s eye-popping production in 2021 only made his regression in 2022 more distinct. He completed only 54.7% of his passes as a fifth-year senior and passed for just seven touchdowns to 12 interceptions.

    At the conclusion of the season, Armstrong made the decision to transfer to ACC rival NC State, seeking a fresh start ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft. Now, the clock is ticking for the left-handed passer to revitalize his draft stock. What has Armstrong shown to this point, and where does he project at this point in time?

    Brennan Armstrong Scouting Report


    • Has a compact frame with good mass and density.
    • Above-average athlete and rushing threat with good lateral agility and toughness.
    • Has decent arm strength, generating solid velocity in the short and intermediate ranges.
    • Possesses a degree of arm elasticity and angle freedom, elongating throwing windows.
    • Fairly natural off-platform thrower, maintains velocity while rolling out.
    • Has solid shoulder control and can maintain alignment both in and out of structure.
    • Flashes remarkable pocket poise, stepping up and keeping eyes ahead with pressure.
    • Can stand tall through reps and trigger on passes as he’s being hit by defenders.
    • Steps up through vertical pocket lanes and rolls his hips through on release.
    • Possesses good lower body mechanics and sync when stepping up in the pocket.
    • Has shown to use controlled shoulder tilts to add loft on slot fades.
    • Has above-average general accuracy and can aid receivers for RAC in the short range.
    • Very willing to give receivers chances 1-on-1 and take calculated risks downfield.
    • Flashes the ability to anticipate routes breaking open over the middle of the field.


    • Doesn’t have the explosiveness or speed to be a rushing weapon in an offense.
    • Lacks the high-end arm elasticity to consistently layer touch and pace with precision.
    • Release is relatively long and winding, which can impact timing on quick-game throws.
    • Sometimes stares down routes too long, keys in safeties, and allows them to close in.
    • Field vision is visibly poor at times, as he misses open WRs up the middle.
    • Will miss looming zone defenders ahead of crossers and put the ball in harm’s way.
    • At times, can be a bit quicker to anticipate short throws and slants to create space.
    • Slow trigger when progressing from read to read can close windows as they open.
    • Has a degree of arm arrogance and will attempt to force ill-advised tight throws.
    • Sometimes drifts a bit too tall in phase on release, pushing passes high and far.
    • Dropback footwork can be volatile with scissor feet and unstable plants at depth.
    • Could be more controlled and disciplined with pocket positioning when navigating space.
    • Occasionally drops his eyes too quickly when pressure is closing in.
    • Will turn 25 years old early in his rookie season.

    Current Draft Projection and Summary

    On my board, Armstrong grades out as an undrafted free agent QB prospect. With a strong final season, he could potentially climb back to the priority free agent range or the draft fringe.

    However, his regression in 2022 was very stark, and on tape, there are a number of concerning tendencies that throw Armstrong’s NFL projection into question.

    Brennan Armstrong's Draft Profile | NC State, QB Scouting Report

    At the very least, he should earn a camp opportunity. He’s an experienced collegiate starter with above-average physical tools. Armstrong’s much closer to average than elite as a physical talent, but he’s a tough runner with decent creation capacity, decent arm elasticity, and enough velocity in the short and intermediate ranges to keep plays on schedule. He’s also a steely competitor whose resolve is admirable.

    Unfortunately, Armstrong’s middling traits do dilute his ceiling. And on the operational side, he’s not nearly consistent enough to offset that lower ceiling. He’s tough in the pocket but uncontrolled at times. His decision-making is very streaky, and he shows a dangerous over-confidence in his arm. That arm arrogance is made more dangerous by Armstrong’s below-average processing ability and reaction quickness when triggering on throws.

    Armstrong has flashed the ability to anticipate throwing windows, but more often than not, his field vision is concerning. He’ll miss open receivers, experience delays when landing on successive progressions, and trigger late without identifying looming defenders underneath or in adjacent zones.

    As of now, Armstrong’s profile is not one that commands 2024 NFL Draft capital. And being an over-aged prospect, he may be set in his ways. But if he improves his field vision, discipline, and down-to-down consistency at NC State, Armstrong could drift back into the late-round conversation.

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