Brandon Marshall Questions How Athletes Should Be Covered in Exchange With Dolphins’ Jalen Ramsey

    Brandon Marshall defended his "I Am Athlete" segment involving Jalen Ramsey by firing off a strong question directed at the Miami Dolphins cornerback.

    Brandon Marshall and the Miami Dolphins’ Jalen Ramsey never got the chance to line up against one another during a regular-season meeting, as both were in the league at the same time from 2016 to 2018 (Marshall’s final year). But of all places, the six-time Pro Bowlers had their head-to-head battle on social media Wednesday.

    Jalen Ramsey Calls Out ‘I Am Athlete’ Interview, Prompting Brandon Marshall’s Strong Question

    Ramsey is currently nursing a meniscus tear that sidelined him for the rest of training camp and will force him to miss the regular-season opener.

    But on the Tuesday edition of the “I Am Athlete” podcast — which Marshall co-hosts and co-founded — Ex-NFL physician turned “Twitter Doc” Dr. David Chao — best known for his past work with the Chargers — shared the following words:

    “I think it’s a tall order for Jalen Ramsey to come back and be Jalen Ramsey.”

    Chao simply implied that with meniscus tears, it gets harder to come back and re-establish the dominance an athlete once had.

    The verbose Ramsey, however, fiercely clapped back at the response by turning to Twitter.

    “SHUT UP! I done let a couple things slide, but y’all have no clue what’s even going on, just talkin to hear y’all selves talk! Last I checked, I serve the one and ONLY God who dictates everything, not all these twitter/’ X’ doctors who have NEVER seen me in their lives lol,” Ramsey shared before ending with “God bless!”

    Marshall defended the interview by firing off this question to the star CB:

    “So how do you suggest we talk about the stars of the NFL and the biggest topics/news? Or should we not talk about sports at all?”

    And that sparked one more response from Ramsey, who called out Marshall and his podcast for spreading a negative “idea.”

    “You have my number…and you’ve also been an athlete and we both know there’s a way to talk about things in a positive light, but instead, a negative ‘idea’ is what’s pushed…a false one at that lol,” Ramsey said.

    Ramsey Also Responds Directly to Doctor

    Chao himself reached out to Ramsey following his fiery response to the interview.

    “Not sure how I offended you. Made it clear I haven’t met or examined you and simply state that it will be a tough task. If you come back early and play well, you become an even bigger hero. Let me know how I wronged you and I would be happy to apologize,” Chao said.

    Ramsey questioned if Chao had direct knowledge of his injury.

    “You speaking on something that you personally have NO CLUE about…so just shut up. As a doctor, you should know that you can’t give even a remotely close explanation of what’s going on without ever seeing me,” Ramsey said before ending with, “And no, it won’t be a tough task at all actually.”

    Have Marshall and Ramsey Had a Past Rift?

    Turns out the two talents had a recent falling out before their latest Twitter debate.

    While interviewing Las Vegas Raiders wideout Davante Adams on his show “Paper Route” from I Am Athlete in May 2023, Marshall revealed how Ramsey stopped talking to him following an interview he did with former NFL cornerback and four-time Pro Bowler Asante Samuel.

    “Asante comes on and basically says Jalen Ramsey isn’t great,” Marshall began. “And I’m sitting here on this show like ‘Yo! What are you talking about? I like Jalen!’ So we had this whole debate…”

    That’s when Marshall shared that Ramsey began to cut off contact with him.

    “He stopped replying to my little DMs [direct messages], I think he messaged me and said, ‘Bro, like, I don’t respect this’ or something like that. And then I tried to, you know, hit him up like, ‘Bro, did you watch the show — do you not know that I defended you?’ Yeah, no reply,” Marshall said.

    Marshall then tried to reach out to Ramsey during training camp in 2022 when Ramsey was still with the Los Angeles Rams, but the tensions were there, and Ramsey told him, “Bro, [Samuel] was on your platform.”

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