Bill Belichick To Co-Host Pat McAfee Show’s Draft Spectacular – ‘I Always Enjoy This Part of the Season’

Bill Belichick is finding himself in unfamiliar territory for the 2024 NFL Draft, as the legendary NFL head coach will be joining The Pat McAfee Show.

Bill Belichick will not be involved in an NFL team’s draft process for the first time in nearly half a century this season after his departure from the New England Patriots this offseason. The long-time head coach will still be in attendance for the 2024 NFL Draft, however, in a unique role for the veteran evaluator.

Bill Belichick To Co-Host Draft Coverage for Pat McAfee Show

Pat McAfee first announced that his annual Draft Day coverage would be live at the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit for the first time this year during Wednesday’s edition of The Pat McAfee Show.

McAfee then added on a bigger bit of news when he announced that Belichick will be co-hosting both the show’s countdown to the draft and its Draft Spectacular.

McAfee gave Belichick a rousing introduction, calling him the greatest head coach and general manager of all time before quickly thanking him for agreeing to be part of the show.

“I just announced to the world something that we’ve been chatting about for the last month-and-a-half or so,” McAfee said.

“So incredibly pumped that you’ll be joining us next Thursday night in Detroit, for the countdown and the draft. In your wildest dreams, could you imagine your first live event post-coaching — maybe, in the year off of coaching — being with a bunch of idiots like our particular show?”

Belichick expressed his excitement for once again being part of the draft as well in a different role than he typically has, jokingly saying that he’s also excited to learn from the McAfee Show’s “expertise” during the event.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Belichick said. “Draft Day, Draft Weekend is always an exciting time, for everybody. For the teams that are building their teams, for the fans, and for everybody involved in it.

“It’s a great event, and I’m looking forward to seeing it from the other side. It’ll be fun to be in Detroit, be with you guys, and get your expertise.”

It will be a unique experience for Belichick after being part of a variety of NFL teams’ draft processes in many roles over the last 48 years and being part of a staff at all for 49 years after serving as a special assistant with the Baltimore Colts in 1975.

Despite the changes in not having a coaching job for this draft, Belichick said the process has largely remained the same for him as he prepares for the show.

“Watching the players, specifically the ones that might be involved in our show, so the guys in the top part of the draft,” Belichick said of what he has been up to recently.

“Just trying to do some preparation and follow-up. I watched a lot of these guys in the fall and even some from last year when they weren’t coming out, but they were still factors in evaluating the players in the ’23 draft. It’s just kind of an ongoing process, and it’s fun to keep up with. I always enjoy this part of the season.”

What’s Next for Belichick?

Belichick doesn’t seem intent on hanging up his whistle and retiring from coaching just yet, as he was heavily involved in the latest coaching carousel and seemed from the outside to be one of the top candidates for the Atlanta Falcons’ head coaching job before they hired Raheem Morris.

ESPN reported to the contrary on Wednesday, however. The outlet reported that Belichick felt he had all but secured the job after a 1-on-1 interview with Falcons owner Arthur Blank and another interview with Blank and team executives but was blindsided when the franchise instead hired Morris.

ESPN further reported that Blank and his top lieutenants voted on the team’s next head coach, ranking each candidate, with Belichick not even finishing in anyone’s top three.

Belichick then missed out on the league’s other openings and will be without a head coaching gig for the first time since the 1999 season.

Instead, Belichick is expected to sign a deal to do analysis for Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions and is believed to be biding his time until there are more coaching openings next January, according to ESPN.

Still, it’s unclear if Belichick will ultimately coach again in the league, with one source telling ESPN that a friend close to Belichick has doubts as to whether he will get another job in the league.

“I don’t think Bill Belichick will ever be a head coach again in the National Football League,” the friend said. “Unless it’s [for] Jerry Jones.”

Time will tell how it all plays out for Belichick, but his tenure in the NFL could already be at its end.

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