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    Best commercials from the 2022 Super Bowl

    Which companies got their money's worth and had the best 2022 Super Bowl commercials that will be talked about for weeks to come?

    While we gathered around our TVs for the game on the field, the best 2022 Super Bowl commercials drive just as much of the attention as they have taken on a life all their own over the years. As prices reached an all-time high this year, which companies got their money’s worth and had the best 2022 Super Bowl commercials?

    Best 2022 Super Bowl commercials

    Maybe it’s just me, so feel free to tell me I am wrong, but the 2022 Super Bowl commercials, as a whole, were pretty bad. The price of a 30-second commercial was up 18% from the previous season, the most significant year-to-year increase since 2001. This year, a 30-second spot ran companies a cool $7 million during the big game. Was it money well spent? You tell me.

    General Motors

    Alright, this was solid if for nothing but nostalgia purposes. Watching Mike Myers reprise his role as Dr. Evil will always have a soft spot for me. They made it even better by having the whole crew of baddies alongside.

    However, it did make me feel old looking at Scotty now all grown up with a kid. The only thing missing was Austin Powers himself and maybe a cameo from Goldmember. Aside from that, props to GM, who showcased their electric car/truck lineup as they produce more EVs.

    Hellmann’s Mayo

    One of the all-time best Super Bowl commercials is Terry Tate, the Office Linebacker. This seemed to have been a bit of a play on that, as Hellmann’s partnered with former Patriots LB Jerod Mayo to tackle food waste. They even added Pete Davidson into the mix, who admitted he’s “very hittable.”

    While I am wholly against using mayo to make grilled cheese, this was one of the best 2022 Super Bowl commercials.

    Uber Eats

    If you remember back to when I talked about the upcoming commercials, I mentioned Uber Eats as one to keep an eye out for during the game. Well, now you see why. While they had multiple celebrities tasting things that were delivered, it was Gwyneth Paltrow that deserved the attention.

    Her, um, unique, candle was delivered, and she took a bite out of it. While I have tons of jokes to add to this, 99% of them will get me fired. So feel free to go back and watch it on your own, and you’ll get the joke they were making.

    Michelob ULTRA

    When a company puts out teasers for a Super Bowl commercial, you know they have something big their cooking up. Michelob did just that with the Super Bowl commercial. Anything with Peyton Manning involved has my interest. Add in Steve Buscemi as the owner of the place, and you have a winner.

    What sealed it for me was cameos by numerous athletes, including Serena Williams and my favorite, Alex Morgan, who did the famous tea-sipping celebration. They understood the assignment and delivered one of the best 2022 Super Bowl commercials.


    Sometimes, companies do something so odd that no one knows what is going on. That was Coinbase this year. Their commercial was a floating QR code that bounced around the TV like the old DVD screensavers. I bet while you were waiting to see if it hit in the corner, someone in your party grabbed their phone and scanned it to see what on Earth it was about.

    Clearly, it happened everywhere, as it crashed their site. You would think a website based on crypto trading would have the infrastructure to handle the traffic. I don’t know if that means to sell off your Dogecoin you’ve been holding with diamond hands or not, but it was a memorable Super Bowl commercial nonetheless.


    Here we got another callback to a movie, this time to one of Jim Carrey’s most famous roles in The Cable Guy. Making a surprise visit, he sees that people are not only cutting cables, but Verizon’s 5G home networks are doing the job for him.

    It’s Jim Carrey in character. What else is there to want? I don’t care if my overpriced Verizon phone bill is about to get paid after I finish writing this. It was still one of the best Super Bowl commercials of 2022.

    Bud Light Seltzer

    Guy Fieri as the mayor of Flavortown — enough said. Funny enough, I had one of the Bud Light Seltzer Hard Sodas in my hand as the commercial played. I can fully endorse the Cherry Cola one. The work Fieri does for charities behind the scenes is just as big as his persona, and he nailed it for this Super Bowl commercial.

    Amazon Alexa

    We already saw the majority of this commercial as Amazon pushed out pieces of it in previous commercials leading up to the Super Bowl. Yet that didn’t completely take away from the ad as Alexa showed off its intelligence in the home of Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson.

    I mean, personally, I might be a bit scared if artificial intelligence gets that smart. But eventually, Skynet will go live, and robots will take over the world anyway. Hopefully, they have the same sense of humor in our pending dystopian future.

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