Baltimore Ravens Playoff History: Wins, Super Bowl Appearances, and More

    How have the Baltimore Ravens done in their playoff history and Super Bowl appearances? We comb through NFL playoff history to find out.

    The Baltimore Ravens began in 1996 (OK, it’s a long story), yet making the NFL playoffs is nearly a regular occurrence for them. They possess a more robust postseason history than some teams with decades of longevity over them.

    However, how have the Ravens performed in their playoff history, and how do they fare getting to and winning the Super Bowl? Let’s comb through the archives of NFL playoff history and find out how the football gods have favored the Ravens.

    *We’ll only consider appearances from the 1970 merger onward.

    Baltimore Ravens Playoff Appearances and Results by Year

    • 2020
      • Wild Card: Won 20-13 @ Titans
      • Divisional Round: Lost 17-3 @ Bills
    • 2019
      • Divisional Round: Lost 28-12 vs. Titans
    • 2018
      • Wild Card: Lost 23-17 vs. Chargers
    • 2014
      • Wild Card: Won 30-17 @ Steelers
      • Divisional Round: Lost 35-31 @ Patriots
    • 2012
      • Wild Card: Won 24-9 vs. Colts
      • Divisional Round: Won 38-35 @ Broncos
      • Conference Championship: Won 28-13 @ Patriots
      • Super Bowl: Won 34-31 vs. 49ers
    • 2011
      • Divisional Round: Won 20-13 vs. Texans
      • Conference Championship: Lost 23-20 @ Patriots
    • 2010
      • Wild Card: Won 30-7 @ Chiefs
      • Divisional Round: Lost 31-24 @ Steelers
    • 2009
      • Wild Card: Won 33-14 @ Patriots
      • Divisional Round: Lost 20-3 @ Colts
    • 2008
      • Wild Card: Won 27-9 @ Dolphins
      • Divisional Round: Won 13-10 @ Titans
      • Conference Championship: Lost 23-14 @ Steelers
    • 2006
      • Divisional Round: Lost 15-6 vs. Colts
    • 2003
      • Wild Card: Lost 20-17 vs. Titans
    • 2001
      • Wild Card: Won 20-3 @ Dolphins
      • Divisional Round: Lost 27-10 @ Steelers
    • 2000
      • Wild Card: Won 21-3 vs. Broncos
      • Divisional Round: Won 24-10 @ Titans
      • Conference Championship: Won 16-3 @ Raiders
      • Super Bowl: Won 34-7 vs. Giants

    Ravens Playoff History FAQ

    A relative playoff stalwart when it comes to the NFL postseason — how have the Ravens fared in playoff history? We’ll dive into some frequently asked questions on Baltimore’s ups and downs in the playoffs.

    What’s the Ravens’ Playoff Win/Loss Record?

    The Ravens’ all-time playoff record is 16-11. Their postseason winning percentage is among the top five in NFL history.

    How Many Times Have the Ravens Been to the Playoffs?

    Baltimore has made the playoffs 13 times in their team’s history (not including this year). The first playoff appearance (2000 season) resulted in a magical run all the way to hoisting a Lombardi Trophy; their last playoff experience (2020 season) involved a Wild Card victory over the Titans in Nashville and a loss to the Bills in Orchard Park.

    How Many Super Bowl Appearances Do the Ravens Have?

    Baltimore has made the Super Bowl twice. Their first Super Bowl appearance came in their first-ever playoff berth (2000 season).

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    Super Bowl appearance No. 2 was the “Battle of the Harbaugh Brothers” at the finale of the 2012 season — brothers Jim and John faced off as opposing head coaches (the first of its kind).

    How Many Super Bowls Have the Ravens Won?

    Two Super Bowl appearances, two victories. The Ravens remain undefeated in the Super Bowl, winning it all in the 2000 and 2012 seasons.

    When Was the Last Time the Ravens Made the Super Bowl?

    2012 season. Baltimore would edge out the San Francisco 49ers 34-31.

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