Patrick Paul Is Set Up To Succeed With Miami Dolphins

Austin Jackson is just three years older than new Miami Dolphins teammate Patrick Paul but has a wealth of experience that should help Paul's development.

There’s no getting around it: Patrick Paul, the Houston left tackle selected by the Miami Dolphins in Round 2, is far from a finished product. He’s talented but raw.

But do you know who else was as a rookie? Right tackle Austin Jackson.

Miami Dolphins Teammates Eager To Help Rookie Patrick Paul

Early in his career, Jackson was the favorite target of Dolphins fans (not to mention then-coach Brian Flores).

But once Jackson was exposed to the right instruction and the right system, he blossomed — so much so that after earning a three-year, $36 million extension in December, he’s a cornerstone piece of the Dolphins’ offensive line going forward.

So Paul said Friday that he plans to stick like glue to Terron Armstead (whom Paul was drafted to replace) this year, and he should also take notes any time Jackson gives advice.

“I would just say, you know, keep a sense of urgency and stay hungry,” Jackson said Tuesday. “Most definitely, especially while you’re young. You know, the league moves fast and, if you’re not trying to get on top of it, you’re falling behind, meaning every day is a day to get better.”

Jackson also told reporters that he’s “at a great point in [his] career to keep getting better.”

Unlike Jackson, Paul should have the time to go through his growing pains away from the spotlight.

He will only play meaningful snaps this year if one of two things happens: Either he makes huge, rapid strides as a rookie, or the Dolphins have absolutely dreadful injury luck on the offensive line.

What’s more, Paul will receive 1-on-1 instruction from position coach Butch Barry that Jackson said is rare on this level.

Put another way, this is a perfect place for a project tackle to land — which is probably why Paul was so thrilled that it was the Dolphins who took him in Round 2.

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“During the whole process, I talked to them multiple times,” Paul said, who worked on technique with a private line coach in the pre-draft process.

“I remember talking to Chris [Grier] at the Senior Bowl, and it was a great conversation that me and him had. Then just moving on forward at the Combine, I had a great interview with both of them.

“Then to our 30 visit that we had, it was amazing. Really getting to spend that much time with them, I knew that I wanted to be coached by coach [Mike] McDaniel and coach Butch Barry, and it was amazing. It was something I knew from the minute I started talking to them that I wanted to be a Miami Dolphin, so this is a blessing.”

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