Are Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift Friends? Stars Seen in Photos Together at Dinner

    Are Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift new besties? From a Kansas City Chief after party and girls night out, see what these ladies are up to.

    Are Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift making friendship bracelets together? We aren’t sure yet, but the new gal pals have been seen in public twice in one week. Maybe this NFL-inspired friendship is meant to be.

    From the current NFL standings to team depth charts to coverage of every game in the 18-week NFL schedule, we have all the news from around the league to keep you up to speed!

    Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift Spotted Together

    The Kansas City Chiefs decided to celebrate their win against the Chicago Bears with an exclusive, private post-win bash. Swift was seen with her new beau, Travis Kelce, during the party after being present at the game from a suite with the tight end’s mom. Allegedly, the couple drove to the party together.


    TMZ reported that multiple sources witnessed the ladies taking a shot together and, at the end of the evening, even saying they wanted to stay in touch and planned on meeting up together in the future.

    As most ladies know, that is often the final parting word with a new acquaintance that you never want to see again. However, the new besties apparently meant it.

    Brittney Mahomes and Taylor Swift’s NYC Girls’ Night

    Ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs game against the New York Jets tonight, Mahomes and Swift were seen again together on the NYC streets on Saturday, Sep 30.


    While Kelce was having his own night out with the boys, Swift had her own plans with her girls, including Mahomes. The ladies dined at Emilio’s Ballato in Soho. Where are all these famous people when we locals are out and about in the Big Apple?

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    A few other household names were present at girls’ night. Soon-to-be divorced Sophie Turner arrived, along with Swift’s longtime bestie Blake Lively. You can imagine Mahomes felt like the odd woman out being surrounded by this trio.

    Will the friendship last? Likely. At least as long as the Swift and Kelce fling continues.

    Travis Kelce Talks Taylor Swift


    Kelce was gushing over Swift in his podcast “New Heights” last Wednesday, saying:

    “To see the slow motion chest bumps, to see the high fives with mom, to see how Chiefs kingdom was all excited that she was there, that sh*t was absolutely hysterical and it was definitely a game I’ll remember.”

    It will be interesting to see how Kelce handles having a famous partner. He was incredibly secretive about his multi-year relationship with his former girlfriend, Kayla Nicole.


    The tight end plans on being less open about the budding romance in the future, talking about “personal life that is not so personal.” That’ll be difficult when he’s dating one of the most famous global pop stars of today. Good luck, Kelce!

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