Any Given Friday Podcast: MNF, Tom Coughlin, and Pro Bowl voting

It's a special han-solo (get it Star Wars?) episode of the Any Given Friday podcast. Join host Corey Ashburn as he discusses the Pro Bowl voting system, Tom Coughlin, and Monday night football.

In a solo podcast, Corey Ashburn carries the Any Given Friday torch for this week. He tackles the upcoming Monday night football game and talks about the recent firing of Tom Coughlin. 

Corey notes in the podcast that the “Old School” mentality in football is no longer relevant. It’s unfortunate that Tom Coughlin’s tenure in Jacksonville ended this way, but it was time. 

Lastly, Corey covers the Pro Bowl and why fans will vote for their favorite players on their favorite teams. He even mentions the fact that the Pro Bowl (fan-voted) is used for the Hall of Fame voting.

Listen to the full podcast down below:

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