Any Given Friday: Latest news on the NFL combine rumors

    This week our podcast hosts discuss the NFL combine rumors, what might be happening in Washington, and where Philip Rivers could be next season.

    This week on the Any Given Friday podcast Corey Ashburn, Eric Wiedeke, and I talk about smokescreen season at the NFL combine, the possibility of the Washington Redskins looking at quarterback at #2, and Philip Rivers as the new potential quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts.

    Justin Herbert and the Dolphins an NFL combine smokescreen?

    There has been recent news of the Miami Dolphins and Oregon Ducks quarterback Justin Herbert. Herbert and the Dolphins have been linked for over a year, and the team has done their due diligence on the QB. Recently, Miami Herald reporter Armando Salguero wrote an article detailing the Dolphins’ interest. It’s crucial to note that in his article, Salguero wrote, “and, no, it’s not a done deal. It would not be correct to say it’s even close.”, but the interest is there. Tua might be their man, but don’t be surprised if Herbert is drafted come April 26nd.

    Are the Redskins serious???

    A quarterback at number two a year after drafting Dwayne Haskins seems unlikely. However, PFN insider Benjamin Allbright has heard otherwise. During a Wednesday afternoon update on our combine tracker, Allbright confirmed that all options are on the table for the Redskins. It is the NFL combine and rumors swirl, but this isn’t too far fetched. There is a new staff in Washington, as there was last year with the Arizona Cardinals, and maybe Haskins isn’t their guy.

    It could be an option where the Redskins draft Tua Tagovailoa sit him for a season if needed and see what Haskins could do. If Haskins balls out next season, then they have Tua has a trade piece. If there is a situation where Haskins has an average year, it could lead the Redskins to have a QB battle come the 2021 season. However, as Allbright reported, anything is possible and on the table for the Redskins with the number two pick.

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