Any Given Friday: How the coronavirus is affecting sports

    This week on the Any Given Friday podcast we discuss the latest impacts of the coronavirus to the sports world and discuss the next steps.

    After a week off from the show, our Any Given Friday trio, Kai’Chien, Eric, and Corey is back to discuss the latest news on COVID-19 (aka the coronavirus) and dive into the latest free agency news in the NFL. We’re just a couple of days away from the start of the 2020 NFL year and which free agents could be making massive moves.


    The coronavirus has been shocking the world each day and has taken charge in the United States. The NBA, MLS, and MLB have suspended their leagues for the time being, and now NFL teams have been pulling their scouts from the road. In our recent update at PFN from Tony Pauline, it is mentioned that the NFL will not delay the start of the new league year on March 18, at 4:00 pm.

    We also dive into the actions that NBA player for the Utah Jazz in Rudy Golbert made during a press conference a few days ago. Golbert was the first confirmed case of the coronavirus in the NBA, and the second player was his teammate Donovan Mitchell. During the podcast, we list why we think Golbert was extremely irresponsible with his actions and could’ve caused more harm to others.

    Free agency

    For now, the coronavirus won’t stop the start of NFL free agency, and we talk about where Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. and Philip Rivers could end up. Truthfully, we believe that Brady is holding up free agency from truly starting and causing the NFL world to stay on hold. His decision on where he goes in free agency could decide where other major free agents land and effectively make him the NFL’s version of LeBron James.

    As for Rivers, could he possibly end up with the Indianapolis Colts officially? It seems like the obvious destination for the veteran QB, and we will have to wait and see what March 18 brings us.


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