‘We Take Plays From Anywhere’ – Andy Reid Surprises and Admits To Using Janitor’s Play While in Green Bay

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is not afraid to use plays out of the ordinary and recently admitted to using one given to him by a janitor.

Andy Reid knows that the next great NFL play is only one conversation away. After a chance conversation with a janitor while with the Green Bay Packers, Reid admits to using the janitor’s play that he presented to him. It turns out that the play the team janitor gave to Reid resulted in a touchdown that season and paid off for him taking the time to listen.

“This guy kept telling me over and over, I’ve got this play for you…finally, I said okay,” Reid would say in the interview. Obviously, it’s a good thing that Reid listened that day, as it would pay off big time for the Packers’ offense.

It has sort of become Reid’s thing where he is very receptive to new play creativity, no matter the source. We’ve seen innovative and downright goofy play calls at times while with the Kansas City Chiefs, whether it comes from Patrick Mahomes — or apparently a janitor — it has become known that Reid isn’t shy about trying something new. If he believes he can get a good result out of it, he’s willing to showcase it on Sunday.

It seems like Reid can truly draw inspiration from any level of football, at least according to this story from “X” user @guyzies, who says Reid may have picked up a trick or two while at his son’s high school game.

While we cannot verify the authenticity of the story, it certainly doesn’t seem too far-fetched of an idea for Reid. With the new season upon us, we’ll have to see where else Reid may be able to draw inspiration from this year.

Andy Reid Defending His Title

Fresh off another Super Bowl title, Reid and the Chiefs look to defend their championship on opening night versus the Detroit Lions. Reid and Mahomes are widely viewed as the best head coach and quarterback duo in the NFL. And with Mahomes not even in his prime yet, the sky is the limit for this Chiefs franchise.

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Going back-to-back in the NFL is extremely hard. With the bullseye on your back every week, you’re going to get your opponent’s very best every Sunday. Reid and company have their work cut out for them, but entering the season, Kansas City once again looks to be the favorite to again hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

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