Nosebleed Seats: Amari Cooper staying and five possible trades

    This week on the Nosebleed Seats, our hosts Eric Chiofalo and Zach Wolchuk talk about the potential of Amari Cooper staying in Dallas.

    In this week’s episode of the Nosebleed Seats, co-hots Eric Chiofalo and Zach Wolchuk discuss the latest news around the NFL and go through the compensatory picks that were handed our early Wednesday afternoon. Our hosts also play audio snippets from their interview with Dallas Cowboys start receiver, Amari Cooper, on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

    Amari Cooper

    Eric and Zach had the opportunity to interview Cooper while working for their station 105.3 The Fan in the Dallas area. During the podcast, they played a few audio snippets from the interview.

    Cooper expressed his desire to stay in Jerry World, and he mentioned how soon to be free agent cornerback Byron Jones was amongst the top corners he ever faced. The issue for both Cooper and Jones is the money that the Cowboys could offer. It’s assumed that Cooper and Jones could potentially be retained, but the Cowboys would then put massive money towards Dak Prescott, Cooper, and Jones. Leaving future cap hits on the team that could handicap them.

    Dolphins to trade up?

    The guys wrap up the show by breaking down the latest article from PFN writer Neal Driscoll. In his article, Driscoll identifies five trades that are likely to happen during the 2020 NFL draft in Las Vegas on April 23rd.
    If you follow Driscoll on Twitter, you would know his stance on Tua Tagovailoa and the Miami Dolphins. There is no doubt about the interest between the two sides, but will the Dolphins absolutely need to trade up to acquire the star quarterback from Alabama? He notes that the medicals from Tua are the big question; his doctors in his latest evaluation reportedly cleared him. Driscoll mentions that if the medicals aren’t truly clear, expect the Dolphins to draft Justin Herbert from Oregon. This would mean the Dolphins stay at pick #5 in the upcoming draft.

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