Allen Robinson Landing Spots: A Cautionary Free Agency Tale Ends in Disaster

    Allen Robinson II's landing spots are not clear. Between injuries and a lack of production, a once sought-after receiver has fallen from grace.

    We saw Allen Robinson II’s ridiculous production potential with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears. Things have not worked out in his marriage with the Los Angeles Rams, but that does not mean the 29-year-old has lost all his juice. The offensive system in Los Angeles was never a perfect match for Robinson’s skill set, and pure talent was not enough to overcome the poor fit.

    Sean McVay tried figuring out ways to get Allen the ball, but it never worked out.  McVay said, “I think it’s just having a more specific approach to things that accentuate his skill set,” after his two-target performance in Week 1 against Buffalo. But he never saw more than seven targets in 2022.

    Now, the Rams and Robinson have mutually agreed that a trade and fresh start are most necessary. It will hurt the front office and fans to see LA take the brunt of Robinson’s cap hit to get the deal done, but they need the compensation if they can get any.

    The Giants were looking to part ways with James Bradberry a year ago, but nobody bit. However, this is a bit different because Robinson doesn’t have a pretty out in his contract that will save the Rams cap space, which should help nudge teams in the right direction.

    Which teams could use Robinson’s skill set as a receiver? Please, hold in your laughter until you read the why.

    Allen Robinson II Landing Spots

    It seems crazy that Robinson is still under 30, but the nine-year veteran entered the NFL at just 21. Ironically enough, both of Robinson’s former teams could be natural fits for the two quarterbacks. Additionally, we’ve seen Alshon Jeffery succeed with Doug Pederson, and the two receivers have similar styles, although Robinson is the more explosive mover.

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    However, the Jaguars’ receiving corps will already be set if Calvin Ridley returns from suspension. And the Bears already made a big trade for… Chase Claypool.

    Ultimately, it’s a bit difficult to find the optimized fit for Robinson when looking at the league’s landscape. Recent injuries have not helped the receiver’s explosiveness.

    Carolina Panthers

    Maybe the type of receiver we saw in Indianapolis was more a product of Chris Ballard than Frank Reich. Still, Reich had success implementing big, physical receivers who could win at the catch point and survive over the middle of the field.

    Admittedly, it takes some imagination to see the fit in Carolina, but it makes sense in a very particular instance. With the Rams taking on some of the monetary demands, if Carolina isn’t happy with what they’ve gotten from Terrace Marshall Jr. in his two NFL seasons, they could look to make him the No. 4 receiver while inserting Robinson into the starting lineup.

    The compensation will be incredibly light. The Rams will practically be giving Robinson away, like they did with Robert Woods a few years ago, or how Dallas parted ways with Amari Cooper more recently.

    Green Bay Packers

    If the Green Bay Packers don’t want to break the bank for Allen Lazard, they could replace him with the less expensive version of Lazard. It’s no secret that the Packers like big, athletic receivers. And while Robinson has never been a particularly fast receiver, he was once quite explosive.

    The Packers already have a great downfield threat. Adding Robinson to the mix gives them someone who was a legitimate intermediate route runner in their receiving corps.

    New York Giants

    Don’t worry, New York Giants fans, this isn’t Kenny Golladay 2.0. It’s also important to note that I’m not necessarily advocating for any of these teams to pull the trigger on a trade. I’m simply finding which teams could realistically be fits for Allen.

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    The Giants need wide receivers, and both the free agency and draft classes are underwhelming for the position. They don’t simply need to find talent at the position, they need numbers. Most of New York’s receiving corps are free agents, and the team could use a more traditional X receiver.

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