2022 All-Mountain West College Football Team and Individual Honors

    Explore all the best that the Mountain West College Football season had to offer with our top honors from the conference, including our All-Conference teams!

    The end of the Mountain West college football season has officially brought our end-of-season awards at Pro Football Network. With the launch of College Football Network around the corner, our first annual CFN All-Americans, All-Conference, and individual/team awards are live across the landscape.

    2022 All-Mountain West College Football Team Honors

    • Player of the Year
      Jake Haener, QB, Fresno State
    • Offensive Player of the Year
      Brad Roberts, RB, Air Force
    • Defensive Player of the Year
      Cam Lockridge, CB, Fresno State
    • Newcomer of the Year
      Nikko Remigio, WR, Fresno State
    • Coach of the Year
      Troy Calhoun, Air Force
    • Game of the Year
      Wyoming vs. Boise State, Week 12

    All-Mountain West Offense Honors

    • Quarterback of the Year
      Chevan Cordeiro, San Jose State
    • Running Back of the Year
      Brad Roberts, Air Force
    • Wide Receiver of the Year
      Tory Horton, Colorado State
    • Tight End of the Year
      Treyton Welch, Wyoming
    • Offensive Lineman of the Year
      John Ojukwu, Boise State
    • Offensive Line of the Year
      Air Force Falcons
    • Offensive Rookie of the Year
      Ashton Jeanty, RB, Boise State

    First-Team All-Mountain West Offense

    • QB: Chevan Cordeiro, San Jose State
    • RB: Brad Roberts, Air Force
    • RB: Jordan Mims, Fresno State
    • WR: Tory Horton, Colorado State
    • WR: Jalen Moreno-Cropper, Fresno State
    • WR: Elijah Cooks, San Jose State
    • TE: Treyton Welch, Wyoming
    • FLEX: George Holani, Boise State
    • OT: John Ojukwu, Boise State
    • G: Cade Bennett, San Diego State
    • C: Leif Fautanu, UNLV
    • G: Amani Trigg-Wright, UNLV
    • OT: Kaleb Holcomb, Air Force

    Second-Team All-Mountain West Offense

    • QB: Jake Haener, Fresno State
    • RB: Aidan Robbins, UNLV
    • RB: Titus Swen, Wyoming
    • WR: Ricky White, UNLV
    • WR: Nikko Remigio, Fresno State
    • WR: B.J. Casteel, Nevada
    • TE: Caleb Phillips, Hawaii
    • FLEX: Jalen Mayden, San Diego State
    • OT: Jacob Spomer, Fresno State
    • G: Jamie Navarro, San Jose State
    • C: Thor Paglialong, Air Force
    • G: Micah Vanterpool, Hawaii
    • OT: Cade Beresford, Boise State

    Honorable Mention All-Mountain West Offense

    • QB: Taylen Green, Boise State
    • RB: Dedrick Parson, Hawaii
    • RB: Kairee Robinson, San Jose State
    • WR: Brian Cobbs, Utah State
    • WR: Tyrell Shavers, San Jose State
    • WR: Terrell Vaughn, Utah State
    • TE: Mark Redman, San Diego State
    • FLEX: Calvin Tyler Jr., Utah State
    • OT: Ilm Manning, Hawaii
    • G: Zach Watts, Wyoming
    • C: Bula Schmidt, Fresno State
    • G: Isaac Cochran, Air Force
    • OT: Frank Crum, Wyoming

    All-Mountain West Defense Honors

    • Defensive Lineman of the Year
      Vilimai Fehoko, San Jose State
    • Linebacker of the Year
      Austin Ajiake, UNLV
    • Cornerback of the Year
      Cam Lockridge, Fresno State
    • Safety of the Year
      Bentlee Sanders, Nevada
    • Defensive Line of the Year
      Wyoming Cowboys
    • Secondary of the Year
      Boise State Broncos
    • Defensive Rookie of the Year
      Peter Manuma, Hawaii

    First-Team All-Mountain West Defense

    • EDGE: Vilimai Fehoko, San Jose State
    • EDGE: David Perales, Fresno State
    • DT: Jonah Tavai, San Diego State
    • DT: Dom Peterson, Nevada
    • LB: Easton Gibbs, Wyoming
    • LB: Austin Ajiake, UNLV
    • LB: Levelle Bailey, Fresno State
    • CB: Cam Lockridge, Fresno State
    • CB: Cameron Oliver, UNLV
    • CB: Camby Goff, Air Force
    • S: Bentlee Sanders, Nevada
    • S: JL Skinner, Boise State
    • FLEX: Jerrae Williams, UNLV

    Second-Team All-Mountain West Defense

    • EDGE: Cade Hall, San Jose State
    • EDGE: Mohamed Kamara, Colorado State
    • DT: Scott Matlock, Boise State
    • DT: Jordan Bertagnole, Wyoming
    • LB: AJ Vongphachanh, Utah State
    • LB: TD Blackmon, Air Force
    • LB: DJ Schramm, Boise State
    • CB: Chigozie Anusiem, Colorado State
    • CB: Hugh Nelson II, Hawaii
    • CB: Nohl Williams, UNLV
    • S: Jack Howell, Colorado State
    • S: Trey Taylor, Air Force
    • FLEX: Tre Jenkins, San Jose State

    Honorable Mention All-Mountain West Defense

    • EDGE: CJ Onyechi, Colorado State
    • EDGE: Vince Sanford, Air Force
    • DT: Peyton Zdroik, Air Force
    • DT: Blessman Ta’ala, Hawaii
    • LB: Michael Shawcroft, San Diego State
    • LB: Ezekiel Noa, Boise State
    • LB: Penei Pavihi, Hawaii
    • CB: Isaiah Essissima, Nevada
    • CB: Cam Stone, Wyoming
    • CB: Nehemiah Shelton, San Jose State
    • S: Jerrick Reed II, New Mexico
    • S: LJ Early, Fresno State
    • FLEX: Alii Matau, San Jose State

    All-Mountain West Special Teams Honors

    • Kicker of the Year
      Daniel Gutierrez, UNLV
    • Punter of the Year
      Jack Browning, San Diego State
    • Specialist of the Year
      Jordan Byrd, San Diego State

    First-Team All-Mountain West Specialists

    • Kicker: Daniel Gutierrez, UNLV
    • Kickoff Specialist: Jack Browning, San Diego State
    • Punter: Jack Browning, San Diego State
    • Kick Returner: Christian Washington, New Mexico
    • Punt Returner: Nikko Remigio, Fresno State
    • Special Teamer: Jordan Byrd, San Diego State

    Second-Team All-Mountain West Specialists

    • Kicker: John Hoyland, Wyoming
    • Kickoff Specialist: Mattew Dapore, Air Force
    • Punter: Aaron Rodriguez, New Mexico
    • Kick Returner: Jordan Byrd, San Diego State
    • Punt Returner: Tory Horton, Colorado State
    • Special Teamer: Davone Walden Jr., UNLV

    Honorable Mention All-Mountain West Specialists

    • Kicker: Matthew Dapore, Air Force
    • Kickoff Specialist: Dylan Lynch, Fresno State
    • Punter: James Ferguson-Reynolds, Boise State
    • Kick Returner: Terrell Vaughn, Utah State
    • Punt Returner: Jordan Byrd, San Diego State
    • Special Teamer: Caleb Driskill, Wyoming

    Congratulations to all those players selected. For any questions regarding these selections or the process behind them, feel free to email me or ask on Twitter (@CamMellor).

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