This week, the Against the Spread podcast makes its triumphant return after a two-week hiatus. Hosts Ryan Gosling and Jason Sarney come back with a vengeance with a stacked card for their NFL Week 15 picks. With a number of big spreads and totals, the guys are expecting some fireworks this week. As always, they also found a way to talk about the Miami Dolphins and Jason’s love for Minkah Fitzpatrick!

Breaking down every single game on the NFL Week 15 slate, a couple of spots jumped out at them. Ryan has a strong opinion on both the Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders games. Oakland will be playing their final game in their stadium before moving to Las Vegas, and the Seahawks will be hoping to bounce back in a big way after a disappointing loss to the Rams. 

Jason also pours his heart out regarding the success that Ryan Tannehill has been able to have in Tennesse. Without changing the topic of conversation too much, he also confesses how much he misses Minkah on his Dolphins team. Ryan takes the opportunity to say his goodbyes to Jason Garrett and sounds like a legitimately defeated man when talking about his Cowboys and their potential in the playoffs. 

The podcast has made an impressive six units on the season! Pro Football Network’s betting team is currently up nearly 30 units on the season! We will look to add to that with our NFL Week 15 picks.

Listen to the full podcast down below: