Jets Aaron Rodgers Throws Cold Water on a Potential December Return

    There have been rumors of a possible December return for Aaron Rodgers. While he didn't outright dismiss it, he threw cold water on the timeline.

    The New York Jets have lost two in a row heading into Week 11, and with them falling to 4-5 on the season, some are turning their attention back to Aaron Rodgers. As the NFL season grows long and teams start jockeying for position, many Jets fans are hoping things don’t get out of reach before Rodgers potentially makes a return to the field.

    While Rodgers’ return has always felt like a hope more than a plan, there was a report this week regarding a possible return coming in the middle of December. Hearing that got Jets fans excited and renewed hope that New York just needed to stay afloat before he could come and save the day. However, Rodgers may have just thrown cold water on that possible timeline.

    Aaron Rodgers Not Definitive About December Return

    Rodgers joined Pat McAfee for his weekly spot on The Pat McAfee Show, and when asked about the reported December return date, Rodgers had to be the voice of reason and temper expectations a bit.

    “I never said anything definitive about coming back in mid-December & nothing has changed as far as my timeline. Melissa talked about having a conversation with my doctor. We gotta be in the mix & I gotta be healthy & I definitely still wanna come back.”

    While it doesn’t look like December is the target anymore, Rodgers is still unwavering about his idea of joining the team this year at some point. Even if that timeline is not mid-December, Jets fans can still hold out hope that they may see Rodgers once again this season.

    Rodgers Back With Jets Full-Time for Thanksgiving

    Outside of slowing down the rumor mill that came with a possible return date, Rodgers also told McAfee that he plans to be back in the building full-time around Thanksgiving.

    “I’m gonna be back with the Jets full-time real soon..the plan has always been to be back full-time right around Thanksgiving.”

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    While Rodgers is unable to help with his skills on the field, having his experience and knowledge in the building full-time again can only help Zach Wilson and the rest of the offense.

    Rodgers’ presence in the building will no doubt serve as an emotional boost for the rest of the team. It may not be exactly what the Jets fans are hoping to hear as they try and get back over .500 on the season in Week 11. Yet, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, it looks as if Rodgers being around is as well.

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