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    “Get Your Fifth Booster Keith” – Aaron Rodgers Claps Back at Keith Olbermann With Anti-Vaccine Jab

    Aaron Rodgers joined The Pat McAfee Show to provide football fans with an update following surgery to his Achilles and had a response for Keith Olbermann.

    Aaron Rodgers joined The Pat McAfee Show as he usually does every week. However, this time, Rodgers had even more eyeballs watching him, as the football world was curious to find out how the future Hall of Fame QB was doing following what is likely to be season-ending surgery to repair his Achilles.

    Following the injury on Monday Night Football, many analysts and TV personalities took the opportunity to take shots at Rodgers due to the New York Jets quarterback’s position on the COVID-19 vaccine. Rodgers has become the face of the anti-vaccine position in sports, and those who oppose his views let him have it.

    What Did Aaron Rodgers Say About Keith Olbermann?

    One of the individuals who took a shot at Rodgers is former ESPN commentator Keith Olbermann. Olbermann said he was unconcerned about Rodgers’ injury and was pleased to see the future Hall of Famer go down four plays into his Jets career.

    Olbermann then mocked Rodgers’ injury and connected the dots between a football injury and the vaccine. Olbermann wrote on Twitter, “Another SuddenLisfranc due to failure to vaccinate.”

    Pat McAfee has never been someone to shy away from controversy and opened up the floodgates by asking Rodgers what he thought about the critics connecting his injury to his vaccination stance.

    McAfee asked Rodgers about Olbermann’s comments, and the Jets’ QB responded, “Get your fifth booster, Keith. Bum.”

    There is no love lost between the two.

    When Will Rodgers Return?

    Most NFL analysts who have covered Rodgers’ injury have stated that his 2023 season is over.

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    While that is likely the case, the future Hall of Famer left the door open for a late-season return. Rodgers would not close the door on this season, but the most logical expectation is he attempts a comeback for the 2024 season.

    Rodgers leaves a massive vacancy at the QB position where third-year signal-caller Zach Wilson steps in. The drop-off in play from Rodgers to Wilson is a canyon.

    Wilson has shown little thus far in his professional career to suggest he can lead a team into the playoffs, let alone string together a few wins.

    For his part, it certainly sounds like Wilson is stepping up. The players in the locker room have stated that Wilson stepped up during halftime of Monday night’s game to rally the players, and the coaching staff have showered him with compliments.

    Whether Wilson can step in and steer the Jets to the playoffs remains to be seen.

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