EA Sports College Football: 5 things we’re looking forward to

With an expected release in July 2023, what are some things we can be looking forward to in the new EA Sports College Football video game?

College football is back (sort of)! Extra Points’ Matt Brown filed an Open Record Request for EA Sports’ College Football video game and learned the new NCAA game will return in July 2023. One of the most anticipated returns to the video game world becomes more real as the release date nears. What are we excited for in the game? The list is a long one, but let’s take a look at five things were most looking forward to in the EA Sports College Football game.

5 things to look forward to in the new EA Sports College Football video game

Transfer portal

There are multiple facets of this I look forward to when the EA Sports College Football game releases. First, it’s the immediate frustration that comes with players leaving. You can bet I’ll be slamming my controller on the ground when my starting quarterback decides to transfer to a Power Five school. And at the same time, I’ll love every second of it.

Second, the ability to upgrade your team via the transfer portal will be a thrilling part of recruiting. Just like Mario Cristobal, Lane Kiffin, and Lincoln Riley did this year, you can overhaul a struggling roster by hammering the transfer portal. NIL obviously plays a role in that aspect (like it did with current USC WR Jordan Addison), but you can bet I’ll be fist-pumping when I snag 15 players out of the portal to bring UConn to relevancy.

Dynasty mode

Let’s start with this: if you’re playing with any team whose prestige is above two stars, you shouldn’t be allowed to play the game anymore. Building a dynasty was one of the best things in the old games. Building the Texas States of the world into a national powerhouse was one of the more rewarding experiences. Within that mode was where most of the thrill lay.

Recruiting remains a challenge in real life, but getting three-star players to sign with a one- or two-star program presented certain challenges. The transfer portal, as mentioned above, would make for an interesting twist, but there’s nothing like getting one of your top recruits to sign with you. Creating your own schedule, contract extensions, and so many other aspects should return to us in this mode.

It almost becomes like owner mode in Madden when you add in the potential to make renovations to your stadium and facilities. Other details like adding new uniform and helmet combinations would be fun to add to the experience as well.


As we know, EA Sports hasn’t released a college football video game since 2013. A lot has changed in the game since then, specifically with the offenses. Run-pass (or pass-run or pass-screen) options have taken offenses to new heights, and we didn’t get a chance to utilize them in the college football video game. The best we got was the triple option.

Now, if you’re more of a read-option type of person or four verticals every play, then by all means do what works for you. However, adding a new weapon to your gaming arsenal opens up a realm of possibilities, especially if you have a mobile quarterback. This becomes even more important in dynasty mode. When you start with your program, having a mobile quarterback can bail you out of tough situations, and RPOs help with that as well.

Road to Glory

For those who didn’t experience the life of a Division I recruit, Road to Glory gave you a chance to live that life. In the new game, however, I’d like to see some aspects added to this mode. Before that, though, keep the high school schedule featured in NCAA Football 14 to allow the user to determine their college offers. Plus, with the transfer portal, they can always move on to a different school if they dominate at a Group of Five program.

For recruiting, adding the Under Armour All-American Bowl to the EA Sports College Football video game would be fun. Throw in at-home visits, on-campus visits, and other detailed parts of recruiting would add a fun dimension we typically see in the NBA 2K series.

In college, you could keep that aspect going. Postseason games such as the Shrine Bowl or Senior Bowl could also be added to help elevate draft stock. There are so many more options with this mode in the upcoming EA Sports College Football video game.

Online/head-to-head play

If you don’t spend most of your time deciding which uniform your team wears in one of these games, you need to revise your style of play. Looking good and playing good is a thing, people.

Head-to-head created healthy competition between you and your friends in NCAA Football 14, and bragging rights were a badge of honor within your respective communities.

Online mode is really more geared towards Ultimate Team. While I hope EA Sports doesn’t put nearly all of its eggs into the Ultimate Team basket, it was still something I enjoyed. Letting Tim Tebow and Bo Jackson play on teams allows you to take your hypothetical all-star team and make it a reality. There’s plenty of upside to Ultimate Team, but I hope the EA Sports creators don’t make it the only big thing they focus on as they have with Madden.

Other game modes

There are a few game modes that weren’t a part of the last game that I would like to see. First, the expanded playoff is something nearly everyone anticipates with the new EA Sports College Football video game.

However, I hope that EA gives fans options. Whether it’s just in dynasty mode or as a standalone option, my hope is that they allow players to pick how many teams they want in their respective playoff. Whether that’s the current four teams or all of them, let the user decide.

Various EA Sports games featured challenges for the user. Whether that’s repeating a certain player’s season or a specific play, I’d love to see it return. Auburn’s 2013 run with the Prayer at Jordan-Hare and the Kick Six, UCF’s 2017 National Championship, Vince Young against USC, and so many more. The list is endless.

I also hope they allow those previous teams to be used in head-to-head competitions. Everyone has an opinion about the 2001 Miami Hurricanes and 2019 LSU Tigers, but now you’d actually be able to play as those teams head to head. Shoot, pick one of NDSU’s dominant teams and see how much damage they could do against an FBS team. If EA doesn’t do it, some random Redditor will do it for us.

One mode I haven’t seen in a long time in either NCAA or Madden is spring drills. Option attack/rushing attack was one of the best modes in the previous college/Madden games, and those need to return. It gives the user yet another aspect to compete in the game, and it feels like we’re due for that after what will be a 10-year absence from the game. Go big or go home EA Sports, the fans deserve it.

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