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    49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk Reignites Trade Rumors After Mysterious Social Media Post: ‘They Said They Don’t Want Me Back’

    Could Brandon Aiyuk be on the move? A recent mysterious social media post has trade rumors circling the 49ers' star once again.

    What was thought to be a rumor of the past has once again seen the flames reignited. With one social media post by San Francisco 49ers star WR Brandon Aiyuk, the trade speculation is again back on.

    Brandon Aiyuk Fuels Trade Speculation With Viral Post

    What was once one of the biggest storylines of the early offseason is now set to become a thing again.

    The idea that Aiyuk was on the move was supposedly put to bed with the conclusion of the 2024 NFL Draft, and the continued confirmation from the franchise stating that he was in their plans.

    However, with one TikTok post from Aiyuk, we’re back to square one.

    Aiyuk is videoed sitting on a couch while on FaceTime with former Arizona State teammate and current Washington Commanders quarterback Jayden Daniels.

    Daniels can be heard asking, “What happened bro?” before Aiyuk states, “They said they don’t want me back…I swear.”

    From there, Daniels is seen smiling and laughing before yelling, “My boy!”

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    What it all means and pertains to is pure speculation at this point. But one would have to believe that Aiyuk knew exactly what he was doing when he posted this video.

    Now, what the end game is, is another question entirely. But what is clear is that the speculation surrounding Aiyuk and his potential trade availability is officially back on.

    Why Would the 49ers Trade Aiyuk?

    From the 49ers’ perspective, the incentive to trade Aiyuk doesn’t seem all that enticing. If they were motivated to do so, they would have already. Leading up to the NFL Draft is assumedly when his value would have been the highest, and San Francisco could, in theory, have received immediate assets to help the team now.

    If there were any reason why the team would want to move on from Aiyuk, it would be due to his pending contract and the size of the deal he’s expected to command. Aiyuk could command close to $30 million per year on the deal, and with other contracts on the horizon, it may be too much to absorb.

    QB Brock Purdy is expected to get paid soon, and with that deal coupled with the frustrations as of late, there are some reasons why the 49ers may decide to move on from the young WR.

    As we fast approach the start of the NFL season, most rosters are firmly constructed with some other minor tweaks to be made, with far less for the 49ers to gain from — at least in the here and now.

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    The fact that reported negotiations between Aiyuk and the Niners are not going well, with ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler saying that “things have stalled a bit,” there seems to be more turmoil between the player and team.

    If San Francisco were to move the star WR, one could assume part of it had to do with the relationship running its course. Either way, the 49ers were able to protect themselves when they drafted WR Ricky Pearsall in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft.

    But what was once thought to be a topic of the past, is now back in the news again.

    Potential Landing Spots for Aiyuk

    On the field, every team could use a guy like Aiyuk. The speedster finds ways to get open and is a home-run threat when he touches the football. But what muddies up the situation is the impending contract set to come his way.

    Looking at Aiyuk and potential landing spots, who can take on his contract and his fit within the roster must be factored in. We analyze three spots that could make sense for Aiyuk if he was on the move.

    Washington Commanders

    Starting with the man in the video, the connection and friendship between Daniels and Aiyuk is evident. With a new owner and a fresh start for the Commanders underway, this could be the type of splash move Washington is looking for.

    The Commanders have been aggressive in their talent acquisition this year. And while the rest of the league has slowed down on making big moves lately, they could come out swinging with another big addition to their roster ahead of training camp.

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    Pittsburgh is another team that was active in their pursuit of talent this offseason. With the additions of Russell Wilson and Justin Fields, this Steelers team looks entirely different than the 2023 version.

    Adding Aiyuk would give Pittsburgh another legit option on the opposite side of George Pickens and add a much-needed reliable option for this new and improved offense.

    Add in the respect that Mike Tomlin has among players, and there may not be another coach in the NFL more equipped to handle a personality like Aiyuk’s.

    New England Patriots

    It’s a new day in New England, and with a new regime in place and a rookie QB, what better way to get the most out of him than adding a true weapon on the outside?

    The Patriots had been real players in the free agent market, trying to add Calvin Ridley before he ultimately decided to sign with the Titans. With a second chance to add an offensive weapon, the Patriots may be best served to try again with Aiyuk.

    New England has money and a need. And with several changes underway, it may be the prime location for a potential Aiyuk trade.

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