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    49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk Discusses Potential Landing Spots Amid Trade Rumors

    49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk joined the guys at The Pivot Podcast and spoke candidly about his NFL future, laying out potential trade destinations.

    The curious case of Brandon Aiyuk and his looming next contract has been a topic of discussion for much of the offseason. Despite a lull in the discourse around the time of the NFL Draft, many believed the conversation was behind them. However, recent events have once again opened up the dialogue for the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver.

    Brandon Aiyuk Discusses Other Potential Destinations

    While joining Ryan Clark and the rest of the guys at The Pivot Podcast, Aiyuk was asked about his contract directly for the first time, and his answer only added more fuel to the fire.

    For the first time officially, Aiyuk spoke candidly about his NFL future and what it may look like if it takes him outside of San Francisco.

    “I have one more meeting with the 49ers…we’ll see how it goes,” Aiyuk stated. “If it doesn’t go in a direction where we all hope for it to go, then it would be great to link up with a great friend of mine (Jayden Daniels), a great brother, person, teammate, and player that I feel can take my game to the next level.”


    Aiyuk went on to mention another destination outside of Washington that he wouldn’t mind joining either.

    “If not a Niners uniform, probably a Washington Commanders uniform. If not a Washington Commanders uniform, probably Steelers uniform.”

    Aiyuk’s Contract Saga Timeline

    The discussion regarding Aiyuk’s new deal and all of the noise surrounding it could be linked back to February. Since the 49ers’ heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, both Aiyuk and his closest family members took to social media to share their frustrations and even broach the idea of a future elsewhere.

    Aiyuk’s brother, Draysean Hudson, took to Instagram to post two separate stories.

    The first stated, “Why does your all pro 1300 yard receiver have 3 catches in the Super Bowl??” before adding a second that read, “This is the exact reason why we leaving San Francisco. Thank you 49ers for drafting my brother we are forever grateful. BA to Vegas.”

    Additionally, Aiyuk’s girlfriend, Rochelle Searight, posted a 10-second clip on TikTok with the caption below her saying, “Happy 49ers travel day of shame,” adding, “Well, okay, this might’ve been the last day we touch foot on Levi’s Stadium, me and Brandon, because we might not be out here next season.”

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    From there, Aiyuk himself got in on the speculation action, using social media throughout the last few months to subliminally show his frustration and hint at a fresh start.

    However, the 49ers have publicly stated on multiple occasions that they want Aiyuk in the fold now and in the future. And just when the NFL world was ready to put that storyline in the rearview, Aiyuk once again used social media and his voice to bring it back to the headlines.

    Aiyuk’s Fit in Washington and Pittsburgh

    Aiyuk’s skill set is obvious. Any NFL team could use a speedy deep threat who can blow past defenders in open space while also being a route technician. However, when looking at the fits with the Commanders and Steelers, it’s clear why Aiyuk mentioned them as possible landing spots specifically.

    The Commanders are starting fresh with a rookie quarterback in Daniels, and the connection is obvious. The two played together at Arizona State and have remained close friends ever since.

    Additionally, Washington has been aggressive in its pursuit of talent this offseason. Adding Aiyuk to the mix would instantly bring more firepower to its offensive unit while staying on brand for its approach to this upcoming season under new head coach Dan Quinn.

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    The Steelers have been considered a possible connection all offseason. Many feel that the fit makes a ton of sense, and with Pittsburgh making several aggressive moves this offseason, trading for Aiyuk, like with Washington, would fit with its strategy for this year.

    Another huge factor is the idea of working under head coach Mike Tomlin. Tomlin has long been a respected voice in the NFL world, and with a new deal and a fresh start, many feel like he may be able to get the best out of Aiyuk going forward.

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