2024 Shrine Bowl Day 1 Risers and Sliders: Christian Mahogany, Malik Washington Standout

Following the first day of practice, which players stood out as risers and sliders ahead of the 2024 East-West Shrine Bowl? We discuss the action.

Ahead of the 2024 East-West Shrine Bowl, several players stood out in the week’s first practice on Saturday. After Day 1, who are the risers and sliders, and what kind of impact will it have on their NFL Draft stocks? We take a closer look at the day’s action.

2024 Shrine Bowl East Team | Risers

Christian Mahogany, OG, Boston College

Christian Mahogany came into the week already being viewed as one of the better prospects in Frisco, and the first day of practice for the BC product did nothing to change that opinion. The big, strong offensive lineman came in and displayed his power from the jump. He showed a quick first step and allowed that power to shine through in the 1-on-1 drills with the defensive linemen.

Mahogany was able to take that positive work and translate it to the team drills as well, where he was able to work clean through duo blocks as he moved on to the second level with fluidity. A lot of what scouts and NFL personnel thought of him coming into the week was a box checked for them after Day 1. How he can continue to progress will be something worth watching all week long.

Eyabi Okie-Anoma, EDGE, Charlotte

Eyabi Okie-Anoma spent Saturday wowing onlookers with an impressive array of pass-rushing reps. He was able to display athleticism with a smooth spin move for a 1-on-1 win against Julian Pearl, then was able to show the depth of his pass-rushing bag with a bullrush against Oklahoma’s Walter Rouse.

Okie-Anoma is someone who is viewed as somewhat of an under-the-radar prospect as he comes from a smaller school with not much fanfare, but if he can continue to flash in drills this week, he will surely continue to rise draft boards.

Cornelius Johnson, WR, Michigan

Early on in these practices, you tend to see wide receivers get the best of their cornerback counterparts, and in the case of Cornelius Johnson and some of these other pass catchers, it rang true on Saturday. Johnson had an impressive day in the 1-on-1 work against defensive backs, including a nice deep-shot touchdown reception.

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That success transitioned into the 7-on-7 work as well, with Johnson showing his ability to make some nice receptions while continuing to show he can go snatch the football in the way we got used to seeing him do it on Saturdays. It’s only Day 1, and stacking good days will be paramount, but as far as the body of work in one practice goes, Johnson helped his case.

David White, WR, Western Carolina

What makes these all-star games so fun is the emergence of players who wouldn’t otherwise get the attention they deserve a chance to shine. Such was the case with David White on Saturday, where he was able to raise some eyebrows with his drill work.

Despite having a big-bodied frame, White showed quickness and fluidity off the line and through his breaks. His ability to win within the first few steps, coupled with his size, is something NFL scouts will take notice of.

2024 Shrine Bowl East Team | Slider

Ro Torrence, CB, Arizona State

With Ro Torrence and his Day 1, it is fair not to put too much stock into the slider part of this. It is notoriously challenging for CBs to win 1-on-1 drills not only in practice but especially early on in these all-star game practices. Most of these drills are at the advantage of the WR, so take it with a grain of salt when you see a CB struggle a bit in coverage.

Torrence was hit with two flags while covering Cornelius Johnson and was part of an overall day that he will look to shake off in practice No. 2. As the week progresses, cornerbacks such as Torrence should set in and be able to settle the score a bit as it goes on.

2024 Shrine Bowl West Team | Risers

Jalen Coker, WR, Holy Cross

Jalen Coker is just a pure playmaker. The Holy Cross product has found a way to be productive in every situation he’s ever been in. First, it was the Hula Bowl where he impressed. Now, it is Day 1 of the Shrine Bowl practices, where he has picked up where he left off.

The big-bodied WR did on Saturday what he has always been able to do in college – he found ways to get open and go up and make contested catches. He plays with such athleticism and is unafraid to use his frame to put himself in a position to win. There are very few people who have seen their stock rise quicker than Coker has lately.

Malik Washington, WR, Virginia

The word you can use to describe Malik Washington today is dominant. The shifty wideout found ways to make plays all practice long and really has found a way to separate himself in a talented wide receiver group.

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His release package and initial quickness are impressive, and his ability to create space between him and his defender is rare. Whether it was during 1-on-1s or in the 7-on-7 period, Washington left no doubt about his ability on Saturday, something that those who have seen him play this year had little doubt about going into the week.

Logan Lee, DL, Iowa

The Iowa defensive tackle came into the week with something to prove, and through the first day, he was able to put some good film together. Logan Lee was able to line up across different fronts in team work, showing his ability to be multiple in various schemes. He was also able to put some good work together in his 1-on-1 reps against the offensive line.

Interior guys need to grind to pop during these practices, but Lee has done a good job of making sure he does not get forgotten about in a group of excellent talent.

2024 Shrine Bowl West Team | Slider

Blake Watson, RB, Memphis

It’s not that Blake Watson did anything particularly bad; he just wasn’t able to stand out on a West team that has shown flashes of impressive offensive talent. Despite his short stature, he has good size to his frame, and you would like to see more juice with the ball in his hand.

Linebackers were able to make pass breakups while he was running routes out of the backfield, and while you were looking for the moment for the young RB to stand out, it never came. Day 2 may bring that opportunity for him, and with plenty more chances to impress, Watson should not be written off just yet.

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