Tony Pauline’s 2022 Shrine Bowl Practice Report: Ellis Brooks, Charleston Rambo, Kyler McMichael, and more shine during Day 1

After Day 1 of practices, here is the latest 2022 Shrine Bowl practice report detailing how top players performed throughout the session.

Day 1 of Shrine Bowl practices is in the books. Some players shined, while others faltered. Following the first session, the 2022 Shrine Bowl practice report details how top NFL Draft prospects performed.

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Shrine Bowl Practice Report Day 1: Offense

Here is a quick look at how the offensive players fared during the first day of Shrine Bowl practices.

Pierre Strong Jr., RB, South Dakota State

Pierre Strong Jr. was the top ball carrier of the day. He runs hard on the inside, is tough to bring down, and shows a lot of foot quickness and the ability to change direction.

Dustin Crum, QB, Kent State

There was nothing special from Dustin Crum today. What stood out to me, which I did not like, is his elongated release which slows the delivery of passes.

D’Eriq King, QB, Miami (FL)

It was not a good day for D’Eriq King. He’s super small behind center, has a hitch in his throwing motion, and was woefully inaccurate.

EJ Perry, QB, Brown

EJ Perry was probably the most accurate and precise quarterback on the East squad. The problem was he’s a one-read quarterback, and when his first read was covered, he was slow to react.

Tanner Conner, WR, Idaho State

Tanner Conner has nice size and caught the ball well. What really stood out was his release and quickness of the line — he looked like a bullet shot out of a gun. He’s not fast, but his release gave him an immediate half-step on defenders off the line.

Jaivon Heiligh, WR, Coastal Carolina

Jaivon Heiligh is not a quick route runner, but he’s sharp in and out of breaks and separated from defenders. He also caught everything in sight.

Nick Muse, TE, South Carolina

Nick Muse looked athletic and caught the ball very well. However, his blocking left a lot to be desired.

Kyle Philips, WR, UCLA

Kyle Philips struggled at the onset but finished strong. He’s super quick, runs good routes leaving defenders in the dust, and laid out to make several nice receptions.

Charleston Rambo, WR, Miami (FL)

If there was one “wow” performance for me today, it was from Charleston Rambo. From the onset, he ran great routes and was applauded by coaches.

He was terrific in drills, one-on-ones, and stood out during the scrimmage. Rambo caught everything in his area, laying out to make tough receptions several times.

Armani Rogers, TE, Ohio

Armani Rogers had an up-and-down day, but you have to love the upside considering this was the first time he’s competitively lined up at tight end. He’s an impressive-looking athlete with a fluid style. His release off the line of scrimmage must improve, as does his consistency catching the ball.

Samori Toure, WR, Nebraska

If Rambo was the top receiver of the day, Samori Toure was a close second. He also ran exceptional routes and made several difficult receptions, especially downfield. Additionally, Toure worked as a punt returner.

Calvin Turner Jr., WR, Hawaii

Calvin Turner Jr. worked almost exclusively at receiver today and struggled. He looked slow, ran poor routes, and dropped a bunch of catchable throws.

Stanley Berryhill III, WR, Arizona

Stanley Berryhill III was the top receiver on the West squad. He ran solid routes, separated from opponents, and caught the ball well. Furthermore, Berryhill displayed a diverse route tree to his game.

Kalon Barnes, CB, Baylor

Kalon Barnes made several nice plays during the scrimmage.

Jerreth Sterns, WR, Western Kentucky

Jerreth Sterns started a bit shaky but steadied the ship and improved as the day went on. His pass-catching skills were impressive, but his small frame and limited speed were not.

Gerrit Prince, TE, UAB

Gerrit Prince caught the ball really well and made several big plays in the scrimmage down the seam in the deep field.

Tay Martin, WR, Oklahoma State

Tay Martin looked good throughout the practice. He ran terrific routes, caught the ball well, and showed great awareness on the field.

Ty Fryfogle, WR, Indiana

Ty Fryfogle hauled in passes, but his route running needs a lot of work. He’s not quick into breaks, rounds off his routes, and does not exit breaks with any momentum.

Emeka Emezie, WR, North Carolina State

Emeka Emezie has speed limitations but looked excellent on short and intermediate routes. He got separation from defenders, consistently came back to the ball, and caught passes extremely well.

Teagan Quitoriano, TE, Oregon State

Teagan Quitoriano struggled and did not look as good as advertised as I was told he was moving up draft boards. He looked sluggish and dropped a number of passes.

Chigoziem Okonkwo, TE, Maryland

Chigoziem Okonkwo was the best tight end on the field today. As I tweeted earlier, he looks like a possession wideout playing tight end with his ability to get down the field and effortlessly come away with the catch.

Dareke Young, WR, Lenoir-Rhyne

Except for one bad drop, it was a terrific day for Dareke Young, who competed, caught the ball well, and consistently found ways to get open. Here’s the thing about Young, which may draw red flags — he’s a muscle-bound guy with the lower body of a running back, not a receiver.

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Shrine Bowl Practice Report Day 1: Defense

How did the defensive prospects perform at Day 1 of Shrine Bowl practices?

Ellis Brooks, LB, Penn State

Ellis Brooks had a terrific day, making several solid plays. What really stood out was his leadership, getting teammates in proper position, vociferously reminding them of their assignments, then speaking with them after the fact about what they missed.

Shaun Jolly, CB, Appalachian State

Today was a plus day for Shaun Jolly. He’s super quick pedaling in reverse, quick flipping his hips transitioning with opponents, and shows good hands for interceptions. His ability to stay on the receiver’s hip out of breaks was impressive.

Quentin Lake, S, UCLA

It was a productive day for Quentin Lake, who made several nice plays throughout the entire practice. Lake looks like a guy who’s not a great athlete but a smart, tough football player.

De’Shaan Dixon, LB, Norfolk State

The small-school pass rusher was nondescript today. What stood out was De’Shaan Dixon’s long frame, which looks like it should be able to hold an additional 25 to 30 pounds.

Percy Butler, S, Louisiana

Percy Butler looked disappointingly slow and sluggish today. He was not good in drills and ineffective during one-on-one’s, getting beat quite often.

Decobie Durant, CB, South Carolina State

Fundamentally, Decobie Durant is solid with a quick pedal, smooth hips, and a nice break to the ball. He’s at a size disadvantage and had his moments, both good and bad, during drills.

Dallis Flowers, CB, Pittsburg State

Dallis Flowers is a good-looking corner with nice size and awareness. What stood out was the way he was able to get his head around and track the pass in the air while correctly positioning himself to defend passes. He had several nice stops today.

Darrell Baker Jr., CB, Georgia Southern

Darrell Baker Jr. looked good early on. He was one of the few cornerbacks able to cover receivers in opening drills, and his footwork, backpedal, and hip turn were impressive.

Damarion Williams, CB, Houston

I’ll call Damarion Williams’ day incomplete. He was getting beat badly early in drills but did make a terrific interception during the scrimmage.

Kyler McMichael, CB, North Carolina

Kyler McMichael had several outstanding moments, coming up with multiple nice pass defenses.

Jermaine Waller, S, Virginia Tech

Jermaine Waller was one of the better, if not the best, safety I watched today. What really stood out were his ball skills — he competed in the one-on-ones and defeated opponents more times than not.

Bryce Watts, CB, UMass

Bryce Watts showed well in drills and had his moments in one-on-ones. You can see he has the underlying ability to play on Sunday.

Jack Jones, CB, Arizona State

If Rambo had a “wow” day, then Jack Jones had a “yikes” day. He was beaten consistently. And when he wasn’t getting beat, he was getting flagged (officials are prowling the sidelines at Shrine Bowl practices) constantly.

Brandon Sebastian, CB, Boston College

Brandon Sebastian had a plus day. He looked very quick and fluid during drills and made several nice plays in one-on-ones.

Juanyeh Thomas, S, Georgia Tech

Juanyeh Thomas looked much better in drills than I expected. He was quick in reverse and was able to flip his hips in transition.

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