2022 Franchise Tag Deadline Winners and Losers: Broncos, Landry, Godwin and more headline wild day

The 2022 franchise tag deadline has come and gone. The Denver Broncos, Harold Landry, and Chris Godwin headline the wild day.

The NFL truly is king. The franchise tag deadline was no higher than the third-biggest story of the day Tuesday. Not with the blockbuster Broncos-Seahawks trade sending Russell Wilson to Denver. And not with Aaron Rodgers committing to Green Bay for at least another year. But who are the winners and losers at the franchise tag deadline?

NFL winners and losers from the 2022 franchise tag deadline

There were some teams that got better and a number of players that got much richer Tuesday. But for every winner, there was at least one loser. We go through it all.

Franchise tag deadline winners

Before we get to the losers of the franchise tag deadline, who are the day’s winners?

Denver Broncos

The only thing stopping the Broncos from being a contender in 2021 was their quarterback play. That’s no longer the case. Not after acquiring a future Hall of Famer (Wilson) who’s costing them a little more than Derek Carr. This was a franchise-altering move.

Drew Lock

Vic Fangio clearly preferred Teddy Bridgewater, and Nathaniel Hackett saw enough on film to move on. But unless the Seahawks trade for Deshaun Watson or Kirk Cousins, Drew Lock should get a chance to compete to start.

Terron Armstead

Any team that needs a stud left tackle must either find one in the draft or line up to pay Terron Armstead. Orlando Brown and Cam Robinson both got the tag and won’t see the market. The Saints’ decision not to tag Armstead (as if they could, given their cap situation) will make him a ton of money.

Harold Landry III

The Tennessee Titans might regret letting their 12-sack man reach the open market. Yes, the tag would have cost them near $19 million, but that’s just a fraction of what Harold Landry III‘s going to earn now on the open market.

UPDATE: Landry in fact will not hit the open market. Late Tuesday, he agreed to a monster five-year, $87.5 million contract that includes $52.5 million guaranteed.

Chris Godwin

Very, very few non-quarterbacks can tear their ACL and land $19.2 million guaranteed in a little over two months, but Chris Godwin will do just that.

Franchise tag deadline losers

Which players and teams are on the losing side of the franchise tag deadline?

Seattle Seahawks

There are no amount of draft picks that can make up for the loss of a franchise quarterback. Unless they can somehow land Deshaun Watson, the Seahawks are in for a major rebuild.

Jessie Bates III

Assuming a long-term deal isn’t reached (and to be frank, what incentive do the Bengals have to do one?), Jessie Bates III will be severely underpaid ($12.9 million on the tag) again in 2022. Plus, Bates will have to worry about the tag again in 2023.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags paid Cam Robinson $13.8 million to help them win all of three games in 2021. How many games are they going to win by paying him $16.7 million in 2022?

J.C. Jackson

Teams don’t usually let CB1s walk, but there’s something weird going on in New England that the Patriots neither tagged J.C. Jackson nor look to be close to extending him. Jackson might be in for a rude awakening next week.

Arizona Cardinals

It’s been quite a couple of weeks for Steve Keim. Contract issues with QB1 (Kyler Murray), a dried-up tight end market (the best left available, Zach Ertz, could leave), and their top pass rusher (Chandler Jones) also looks like he’ll bolt.

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