2020 Senior Bowl Weigh-Ins and Measurements – Weight, Height, Arms, Hands, and Wingspan

The 2020 Senior Bowl will officially kick off with the weigh-ins and measurements for the North and South teams. Here are the complete results.

Over 100 NFL Draft prospects will walk across the stage in Mobile on Tuesday morning to get weighed in and measured for the hundreds of scouts and media members in attendance. This annual event – likely the most awkward – is referred to as some as the underwear Olympics. However, this day is one of the most important for an NFL Draft prospect – if their measurements are off, or do not fit the mold of a prototype of any particular team, they risk even greater scrutiny over the next several weeks and months leading up to the 2020 NFL Draft.

The weigh-ins and measurements will take place on Tuesday, January 21. The North team will go first at 7:00 AM CST with the South team following at 8:00 AM CST. NFL personnel and media will record key measurements, which include height, weight, arm length, hand width, and wingspan. While there usually aren’t many surprises, there are always a few measurements that raise some eyebrows.

The chart below contains all of the weigh-in and measurement numbers for the draft prospects at the 2020 Senior Bowl. One thing you will notice is that the height is listed as a four-digit number. Note that the first digit is feet, the next two are inches, and the last digit is eighths of an inch. For example, if a player below is listed as 6026, he would be 6′ 2 and 6/8″ or 6 feet, 2 and 6/8 inches.

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2020 Senior Bowl Weigh-Ins and Measurements | North and South Teams

Mobile users: Scroll the table from right to left to view the measurements for each player. Please note that the first column stays in place when scrolling.

Troy Pride Jr.NorthCB51131938 3/8"31 3/8"73 3/4"Notre DameIndependent
Michael OjemudiaNorthCB60021999"32 1/8"77 1/8"IowaBig Ten
Lamar JacksonNorthCB60222069 5/8"32 1/8"78"NebraskaBig Ten
Essang BasseyNorthCB50931917 7/8"31'73 3/4"Wake ForestACC
Terrell BurgessNorthDB51131929 1/4"30"72"UtahPac-12
Carter CoughlinNorthDE60322349 1/4"31 1/4"76 1/4"MinnesotaBig Ten
Josh MetellusNorthDS511121010 1/8"32 1/8"75"MichiganBig Ten
Khaleke HudsonNorthDS511121810"30"72 1/8"MichiganBig Ten
Jalen ElliottNorthDS60042059 1/8"32"76 5/8"Notre DameIndependent
Ashtyn DavisNorthDS60101959 1/4"31 3/8"75"CaliforniaPac-12
Jeremy ChinnNorthDS60312199 1/2"32"77"Southern IllinoisFCS
Alohi GilmanNorthDS51052029"31 5/8"73 3/8"Notre DameIndependent
McTelvin AgimNorthDT602530710"33 3/4"80"ArkansasSEC
Larrell MurchisonNorthDT602329410 1/8"32 7/8"79 7/8"North Carolina StateACC
Neville GallimoreNorthDT602030410"32 7/8"78 1/4"OklahomaBig 12
Leki FotuNorthDT605333710 1/4"33 7/8"79 1/4"UtahPac-12
Darrion DanielsNorthDT60343229"33 1/2"81 1/8"NebraskaBig Ten
DaVon HamiltonNorthDT60363279 7/8"32 7/8"79 3/4"Ohio StateBig Ten
Joshua UcheNorthEDGE60132419 1/2"33 1/4"79 7/8"MichiganBig Ten
Jason StrowbridgeNorthEDGE60422679 7/8"32 7/8"80 1/4"North CarolinaACC
Alton RobinsonNorthEDGE60302599 1/8"32 1/8"79 1/4"SyracuseACC
Trevon HillNorthEDGE60302339 1/8"32 3/8"78 1/8"MiamiACC
Bradlee AnaeNorthEDGE60332579 1/2"31 7/8"78"UtahPac-12
Kenny WillekesNorthEDGE60362529 3/4"31 1/4"78 1/4"Michigan StateBig Ten
Evan WeaverNorthILB60212349 3/8"32 3/8"77 1/8"CaliforniaPac-12
Malik HarrisonNorthILB60252469 7/8"32 7/8"79 1/8"Ohio StateBig Ten
Francis BernardNorthILB60042309 5/8"31 5/8"77 1/4"UtahPac-12
Logan WilsonNorthLB60212419 1/8"32"77 1/8"WyomingMWC
Steve WirtelNorthLS60032279 1/2"31 1/8"75 1/4"Iowa StateBig 12
Nick HarrisNorthOC60122939 1/2"32 3/8"77 3/8"WashingtonPac-12
Jonah JacksonNorthOG603431010"32 7/8"78 1/2"Ohio StateBig Ten
Ben BredesonNorthOG604631610"31 1/2"76 1/8"MichiganBig Ten
Matt HennessyNorthOL604030210 1/8"32 3/8"79 5/8"TempleAAC
Zack BaunNorthOLB60242409 5/8"32 1/8"78"WisconsinBig Ten
Matt PeartNorthOT60643109 3/4"35 1/8"86 1/8"ConnecticutAAC
Colton McKivitzNorthOT606230410 1/4"33 1/4"81 3/8"West VirginiaBig 12
Josh JonesNorthOT605131110 1/8"33 5/8"80 1/2"HoustonAAC
Justin HerronNorthOT60353019 1/8"34 5/8"81 3/4"Wake ForestACC
Charlie HeckNorthOT607730910"34 1/8"82"North CarolinaACC
Hakeem AdenijiNorthOT60433029 7/8"33 7/8"83 3/8"KansasBig 12
Tyler BassNorthPK51001838 5/8"29"71 3/8"Georgia SouthernSun Belt
Braden MannNorthPT51131379 1/4"29 3/4"73 1/2"Texas A&MSEC
Shea PattersonNorthQB60112049 1/4"29 3/8"73 1/2"MichiganBig Ten
Anthony GordonNorthQB60221999 1/2"31 3/8"73 1/2"Washington StatePac-12
Jordan LoveNorthQB603522310 5/8"33 1/8"79 7/8"Utah StateMWC
Joshua KelleyNorthRB51052149 1/4"32 3/8"75 5/8"UCLAPac-12
JaMycal HastyNorthRB50802039 1/4"31"73 3/4"BaylorBig 12
Darius AndersonNorthRB51041959 5/8"31"76"TCUBig 12
Adam TrautmanNorthTE60502519 5/8"32 1/2"77 7/8"DaytonFCS
Charlie TaumoepeauNorthTE60222449 5/8"32 1/2"77 5/8"Portland StateFCS
Sean McKeonNorthTE60512389 1/4"33 3/8"79"MichiganBig Ten
Brycen HopkinsNorthTE603624110 1/8"32"76 1/2"PurdueBig Ten
James ProcheNorthWR51051969 5/8"30 1/8"72"SMUAAC
Michael Pittman Jr.NorthWR60372199 1/8"32 3/8"78 1/2"USCPac-12
Denzel MimsNorthWR60262069 1/4"33 1/4"78 1/4"BaylorBig 12
KJ HillNorthWR60001929"29"72"Ohio StateBig Ten
Antonio Gandy-GoldenNorthWR60352229 5/8"32 1/4"77 1/4"LibertyFBS
Chase ClaypoolNorthWR604322910"33 1/8"80"Notre DameIndependent
Quartney DavisNorthWR60111999 3/4"32 1/8"76 1/8"Texas A&MSEC
Kindle VildorSouthCB51001859"31 7/8"74 5/8"Georgia SouthernSun Belt
Dane JacksonSouthCB51151808 3/4"30 7/8"73 3/4"PittsburghACC
A.J. GreenSouthCB60131998 1/2"30 7/8"75 1/2"Oklahoma StateBig 12
Darnay HolmesSouthDB51011929 1/8"30 5/8"69 1/4"UCLAPac-12
Reggie Robinson IISouthDB60102028 1/4"32 3/8"76 3/8"TulsaAAC
Marlon DavidsonSouthDE60322979 1/2"32 7/8"80 1/2"AuburnSEC
Jabari ZunigaSouthDE603125310"33 1/8"79 3/4"FloridaSEC
Trevis GipsonSouthDE60342599 1/4"34 1/8"80"TulsaAAC
K'Von WallaceSouthDS51111999"31 1/8"73 1/2"ClemsonACC
Jared MaydenSouthDS51172018 5/8"31 7/8"75"AlabamaSEC
Kyle DuggerSouthDS600621710 1/8"32 3/4"78"Lenoir RhyneSAC
Brian Cole IISouthDS601720510"32"76 1/8"Mississippi StateSEC
Antoine Brooks Jr.SouthDS51072138 3/8"31 1/4"75 3/4"MarylandBig Ten
Javon KinlawSouthDT605131510 1/8"34 5/8"84"South CarolinaSEC
Benito JonesSouthDT60113219 3/4"32 3/4"81"Ole MissSEC
Josiah CoatneySouthDT60353099 1/2"33 1/8"76 3/4"Ole MissSEC
Robert WindsorSouthDT604428710"33"79"Penn StateBig Ten
Darrell Taylor Jr.SouthEDGE603525910"33"80 3/4"TennesseeSEC
D.J. WonnumSouthEDGE604725410 3/8"34"83 1/4"South CarolinaSEC
Jonathan GreenardSouthEDGE60342629"33 1/2"81 1/8"FloridaSEC
Anfernee JenningsSouthILB60172529 3/8"32 3/4"79 3/4"AlabamaSEC
T.J. BrunsonSouthILB60042199 1/2"31 7/8"77 5/8"South CarolinaSEC
Terrell LewisSouthLB605325810"34 1/8"83 1/2"AlabamaSEC
Blake FergusonSouthLS60262279 1/2"31 1/4"76 1/8"LSUSEC
Logan StenbergSouthOG60613179 3/4"33 1/8"79 5/8"KentuckySEC
John SimpsonSouthOG604433011"33 3/4"82 3/4"ClemsonACC
Ben BartchSouthOG60563089 1/8"33"80 1/8"Saint John'sDivision III
Damien LewisSouthOL602032910"33 3/8"79"LSUSEC
Keith IsmaelSouthOL60303009 /8"32"78 1/2"San Diego StateMWC
Lloyd Cushenberry IIISouthOL603231210 1/2"34 5/8"83 1/8"LSUSEC
Davion TaylorSouthOLB60042249 5/8"32 1/8"77 1/8"ColoradoPac-12
Akeem Davis-GaitherSouthOLB60142199"31 3/8"75 3/4"Appalachian StateSun Belt
Cameron BrownSouthOLB60532329 3/8"33 7/8"79"Penn StateBig Ten
Prince Tega WanoghoSouthOT605130710 1/8"33 1/8"79 1/2"AuburnSEC
Alex TaylorSouthOT608430811"36 1/8"88"South Carolina St.FCS
Terence SteeleSouthOT6062312Texas TechBig 12
Tyre PhillipsSouthOT605134210 5/8"34 1/4"84 5/8"Mississippi StateSEC
Rodrigo BlankenshipSouthPK60071878 1/2"30 1/4"73"GeorgiaSEC
Joseph CharltonSouthPT60402409 3/8"32 3/8"76 3/8"South CarolinaSEC
Steven MontezSouthQB60402409 3/8"32 3/8"76 3/8"ColoradoPac-12
Jalen HurtsSouthQB60102189 1/2"31 7/8"77 1/2"OklahomaBig 12
Justin HerbertSouthQB606122710"33 3/8"78 7/8"OregonPac-12
Ke'Shawn VaughnSouthRB50942058 1/2"31"72 7/8"VanderbiltSEC
Lamical PerineSouthRB51062119 3/4"31 7/8"73 1/8"FloridaSEC
Eno BenjaminSouthRB50901958 3/8"30 6/8"75"Arizona StatePac-12
Antonio GibsonSouthRB60042238 1/4"31"75 1/4"MemphisAAC
Stephen SullivanSouthTE605025410 3/8"35 1/8"85 1/8"LSUSEC
Jared PinkneySouthTE604025410 5/8"32 3/4"79 1/2"VanderbiltSEC
Josiah DeguaraSouthTE60252459 1/8"32"75 1/2"CincinnatiAAC
Harrison BryantSouthTE60462429 1/4"31 3/8"74"Florida AtlanticConference USA
Austin MackSouthWR601121210"33"79"Ohio StateBig Ten
Kalija LipscombSouthWR60012029"32 1/4"79 1/4"VanderbiltSEC
Collin JohnsonSouthWR60562218 3/4"32 7/8"78 1/4"TexasBig 12
Jauan JenningsSouthWR60302069"32 7/8"76 1/2"TennesseeSEC
Van JeffersonSouthWR60141979 1/8"32 1/8"77 1/8"FloridaSEC
Devin DuvernaySouthWR51042029"30 3/8"75 1/4"TexasBig 12
Tyrie ClevelandSouthWR60252059"32 1/2"78 3/8"FloridaSEC

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