2020 Reese’s Senior Bowl Practice Report: North Team

Action is underway in Mobile for the 2020 Reese's Senior Bowl. PFN has you covered all week with practice reports updated each day for the North team.

The 2020 Reese’s Senior Bowl week has arrived. The NFL world has descended on Mobile, Alabama for a week full of Senior Bowl practice and NFL buzz leading up to the game itself on Saturday from Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Pro Football Network has you covered all week, with the latest news, notes, and rumors from around Mobile. Below you can find our Senior Bowl practice reports for every day of practice for the North squad. This page will be updated throughout the week with thoughts on every player’s performance in Mobile.

The PFN Draft Analysts providing the practice reports are:

Tony Pauline – Quarterbacks, Running Backs, and Tight Ends
Matt Valdovinos – Offensive Line and Defensive Line
AJ Schulte – Wide Receivers and Defensive Backs
Chris Tripodi – Linebackers

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2020 Reese’s Senior Bowl North Practice Report

Note: Click the tabs that correspond with each day to read the update from that practice. Due to the practice being moved indoors on Thursday, our practice reports for OL/DB/DL/WR will be delayed until late Thursday evening/early Friday morning. QB/RB/TE/LB has been updated for Thursday and can be found below.

QB Anthony Gordon, Washington State

Height: 6-2 1/4″
Weight: 199
Arm: 31 3/8″
Hand: 9 1/2″
Gordon displayed a lot of next level physical skills and possesses an NFL arm. He also needs a lot of work on his game. While he showed the ability to fire the ball into targets, his pass placement and accuracy was all over the place. When Gordon needed to drop a ball into the tight window, he was unable.
While Gordon has his moments on Wednesday, for the most part he showed a lot of inconsistency. He did a better job placing throws and dropping them into targets’ hands today, but all too often he was off the mark and had receivers leaving their feet or adjusting backwards to grab the ball from the air.
Gordon was better Thursday than he was the prior two practices. He showed better accuracy and decision-making. He was not as hesitant as he was during Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s sessions.
Gordon is a physically gifted passer who improved a bit as the week progressed. Yet despite his strong-arm, Gordon displayed too much inconsistency and indecision. He was slow pulling the trigger at times which resulted in passes arriving to the intended target later than allowed. Unlike his former teammate Gardner Minshew, who was terrific during Senior Bowl week in 2019, Gordon leaves practice viewed as a developmental prospect that’s likely to fall out of the draft.

QB Jordan Love, Utah State

Height: 6-3 5/8″
Weight: 223
Arm: 33 1/8″
Hand: 10 5/8″
Love did not have quite the day of Justin Herbert but he wasn’t far behind. He made several magnificent passes throughout the day and drew a lot of praise from the scouts around me.  He has a super quick, super-efficient release, a live arm and showed some beautiful pass placement. There were a couple of passes that got away from him and he was not quite as effective on the move compared to Herbert, but it was an “A” day for Love.
Love had another terrific day on Wednesday. While one could argue he was more inconsistent than Day 1, most of his throws were on the mark and delivered with great speed, and most of the time he made really good decisions
Thursday was another solid day for Love, although one could argue he was not as effective as he was the prior two practices. He displayed a big-league arm and got the ball through tight windows, but he also made some questionable throws that included one bad interception.
The nitpickers will claim Love was inconsistent at times and made some poor throws during Senior Bowl practice – which he did. Yet overall, Love moves towards the game with an improved draft grade. He displayed top-notch physical skills, arm strength which is stronger than necessary to play in the NFL, and improved decision making. After a great start on Tuesday, I thought Love leveled off the final two days of practice; yet in the end, he delivered beyond the expectations placed on him.

QB Shea Patterson, Michigan

Height: 6-1 1/8″
Weight: 204
Arm: 29 3/8″
Hand: 9 1/4″
Patterson showed much of the same today that we he showed the past two years- a lot of inconsistency.  He made a few nice throws but for the most part was late delivering the ball and was all over the place with his throws.
It was not a good day for Patterson, as his practice bordered on terrible. He made one terrific pass downfield, which was promptly dropped by Antonio Gandy-Golden, but just about every other throw all day was wide of the mark. Too many times his receivers had almost no chance to catch the ball as Patterson was missing so badly.
Thursday was hands down Patterson’s best practice of the week. He was much more accurate and decisive, and while he had a few misses, he was mostly on the mark with his throws all day.
Patterson finished with a bang after starting with a whimper and scouts must decide which one will show up on Sundays. Based off his first two days of practice, Patterson looked like a prospect who wouldn’t make an 80-man roster. Yet he gave scouts hope and reason to pause after Thursday’s session. If Patterson gets drafted, it won’t be until the late rounds and I doubt he did anything in Mobile to guarantee being selected in April.

RB Darius Anderson, TCU

Height: 5-10 1/2″
Weight: 195
Arm: 31″
Hand: 9 5/8″
Anderson was slightly faster than Hasty though not as quick. He showed some creativity carrying the ball but was more stop and go changing direction. He also got annihilated in blocking drills, not a surprise for a 195-pound running back.
It was a rather nondescript day for Anderson. He displayed his patented speed but also got annihilated during blocking drills.
Anderson has great burst and does a terrific job running behind his pads. He runs with excellent lean and gets lost behind blockers. Anderson dropped a very easy screen pass that the coaches got on him for.
Anderson showed he’s a speed back that can pick up big chunks of yardage if given the slightest of space – and he’s tough to catch in the open field.  He also displayed enough short area quickness to make defenders miss.  He was inconsistent catching the ball all week, which is why I think Anderson leaves Senior Bowl practice on a level plane.

RB JaMycal Hasty, Baylor

Height: 5-8″
Weight: 203
Arm: 31″
Hand: 9 1/4″
Hasty displayed great quickness, speed, and a tremendous burst. When he found the hole, he easily cut back through the opening and turned on the jets. He’s not the biggest ball carrier and plays more like a situational back.
One could make the argument Hasty was the top ball carrier for the North on Wednesday. He is incredibly quick with a great burst, showed the ability to make defenders miss and caught the ball well.
Once again, Hasty was very quick and explosive. He showed the ability to cut back against the grain and change direction without losing momentum.
Hasty had a solid week of Senior Bowl practice as both a pass catcher and ball carrier.  He’s incredibly quick, displayed terrific footwork and ran with authority.  He also showed a terrific burst through the hole.  Hasty’s pass catching was good enough to make scouts believe he can replicate the skill at the next level.  While I still grade Hasty as a last day pick, its now more towards the middle portion of day three.

RB Joshua Kelley, UCLA

Height: 5-10 5/8″
Weight: 214
Arm: 32 3/8″
Hand: 9 1/4″
Kelley had a tremendous day of practice. He was incredibly quick and showed the footwork of a 185-pound scat back, not the 214-pound ball carrier he weighed in as this morning. He showed the ability to create yardage and make defenders miss and displayed a burst of speed. Kelley also stood out catching the ball and was hands down the best ball carrier of the day.
While Kelley was much more dynamic on Tuesday, he still looked good today. He is really a terrific pass catcher, and that skill (which scouts questioned) is helping his draft stock.
Kelley really did not stand out as a ball carrier as much as he did Tuesday, but he looked exceptional as a pass catcher. He made one terrific reception down the left sideline for a big gain.
Kelley was impressive practice after practice during Senior Bowl week, displaying a variety of skills.  One the first day, he was incredibly elusive carrying the ball.  On day two, he continued to impress as a pass catcher out of the backfield.  During the final practice of the week, Kelley showed he could be a downfield threat catching the ball.  I believe two things were established this week – Kelley improved his draft stock and he was improperly used at UCLA.

WR Chase Claypool, Notre Dame

Height: 6-4 3/8″
Weight: 229
Arm: 33 1/8″
Hand: 10″
Claypool had a standout day today, pleasantly surprising me. He isn’t the fastest guy but he knows how to use his 6’4 frame well and looked more fluid in drills than his Notre Dame tape suggested. A strong opening day for him. Claypool said the Steelers were looking to meet with him.
Claypool continued his strong week with another good day of practice on Wednesday. His physicality, size, and catch radius were on full display today. I thought Claypool showed better footwork on his routes than he did yesterday, which is a major plus because Claypool looks somewhat stiff on tape. I’d like to see him be better separating deep but it’s hard to argue with his impressive catch radius.
Claypool had another strong day of practice, looking fluid and physical. He didn’t wow with his performances this week but he performed well above the expectations coming into the event. He looks like a big slot/red zone weapon in terms of usage at the next level.
Chase Claypool posted a great week despite having low expectations coming into the Senior Bowl. He was fluid at the top of his routes and used his size and catch radius to his advantage in reps. How he’ll test will ultimately decide his draft range, but this performance definitely helped his stock.

WR Quartney Davis, Texas A&M

Height: 6-1 1/8″
Weight: 199
Arm: 32 1/8″
Hand: 9 3/4″
Davis was fluid and explosive. He was open on almost every rep. He didn’t have the strongest day compared to everyone, as I noticed a couple issues at the catch point with him. Overall a good day, but not spectacular for Davis.
Davis was up-and-down once more on Wednesday. He struggled with concentration in drills and was apparently taken off of the punt return squad. His hands were a total mess and his general play was sloppy. Notre Dame’s Troy Pride had him shut down today. Davis needs a better rebound to close the week on a high note.
The last day of practice was the best I saw of Quartney Davis, but his issues of the last few days shouldn’t be overlooked. Davis just looked uncomfortable catching the ball and struggled against press. This was the perfect environment to give his stock a huge shot in the arm and he failed to do so.
Quartney Davis failed to deliver on the hype he had coming into the Senior Bowl. He struggled against press all week and looked uncomfortable catching the ball. A tough week for Davis’ stock.

WR Antonio Gandy-Golden, Liberty

Height: 6-3 5/8″
Weight: 222
Arm: 32 1/4″
Hand: 9 5/8″
Gandy-Golden was about what we expected coming into this week. I’ve seen a few people say he had a great day, but to me he was just average and didn’t up his stock in any way. We knew he could separate physically and could use his size to his advantage, which he did today. He didn’t show signs of improvement in any other areas that were bigger concerns, such as long speed or beating press. He did show up well in the run blocking drills the North ran in practice, however. Just felt like he didn’t really elevate his stock in a positive direction on opening day.
Gandy-Golden started off strong but I felt he dropped off (literally) on Wednesday. He had a few open plays but he had several drops that hit him right in the hands. For a guy known for his catch radius and ability in contested situations, it was a poor day for him overall. However, he did continue to use his hands well to separate and showed off better burst in drills than I thought he had.
Antonio Gandy-Golden was a surprise performer of the week and he continued that into Day 3. He looked more fluid and explosive than his tape suggested he was. However, he still struggled against top press coverage and was plagued with drops.
Gandy-Golden came in as a favorite of many, but will not be one of mine. While he had a few surprising reps, his performance overall was pretty bland and reminiscent of his terrible tape. In a talented receiver group, he failed to impress. I wouldn’t spend a pick on him until late Day 3.

WR KJ Hill, Ohio State

Height: 6-0″
Weight: 192
Arm: 29″
Hand: 9″
Hill was one of the biggest winners of the day, in my opinion. His tape didn’t suggest a great athletic profile nor an ability to really play outside but he looked surprisingly fluid and showed off that he could take reps outside. Albeit, in a limited sample size. He sent numerous DBs to the dirt and skyrocketed his stock.
Another great day for Hill today. His routes were sharp, crisp, and had him open consistently. He’s making a lot of noise for himself today with how easy he’s been separating from the DBs on the North team. I’m still not sold on him as a top receiver at the next level, but he’s looking like a player that can start right away in the slot due to his excellent route tempo and quick feet.
Another great day for KJ Hill. Hill made the highlight reel for a phenomenal one-handed grab that he honestly shouldn’t have caught. He’s made himself so much money this week with his route-running prowess and hands.
KJ Hill was somewhat unheralded by others in this receiver class coming into Mobile, but he made sure he left with plenty of fanfare. His week was phenomenal, from toasting every DB with his excellent route-running to his impressive one-handed catches. It was a week to remember for the Ohio State product. I still think he’s a full-time slot at the next level.

WR Denzel Mims, Baylor

Height: 6-2 3/4″
Weight: 206
Arm: 33 1/4″
Hand: 9 1/4″
Mims came in as my highest-ranked receiver in the Senior Bowl and did not disappoint. He dominated 1 on 1s all day long and showed off in the 7 on 7s. I thought he was the most impressive finisher and showed off his explosiveness in the drills. Separated against almost every DB he went off against. He had his issues with drops during the regular season but he caught every pass I saw go his way in the drills, which is encouraging for that problem being fixed at the next level.
Mims was the best player on the North team today that I saw. One of my biggest knocks on him coming into Senior Bowl week was his concentration. He had a few drops on tape but so far he’s been excellent in that area. I haven’t noticed a dropped pass at all this week. He demonstrated his phenomenal catch radius on a gorgeous play on the sideline that had the entire crowd oohing. He’s the player whose stock I would say has increased the most of any wide receiver this week.
Mims was again the best player I saw on the field today during BOTH practices. He’s been virtually uncoverable and explosive. None of the DBs could keep up with him in reps. He’s made some serious noise and at the very least has many scouts scrambling to go back to his tape. One of the biggest winners, if not the biggest winner, of the Senior Bowl.
Denzel Mims was the best receiver in Mobile all week long. I was a massive fan of Mims, coming into the week with a second round grade on him, and it’s hard to dispute that grade with the performance he had this week. Nobody could cover him. He showed off explosiveness, physicality, and his route-running was excellent in drills. I’m not surprised he was good – I’m just upset that the cat is out of the bag on him now.

WR Michal Pittman Jr, USC

Height: 6-3 7/8″
Weight: 219
Arm: 32 3/8″
Hand: 9 1/8″
Pittman had a good day to open the practice session. He dusted Nebraska’s Lamar Jackson to kick things off, and then made Wake Forest’s CB Essang Bassey fall to the dirt after he toasted him off of the line of scrimmage. There were plenty of concerns about Pittman’s agility and speed, but he answered those concerns well today. He only caught about half of his targets however, which is more drops than he had on the season.
Pittman had another strong showing today, but didn’t improve on anything from yesterday. Troy Pride got him on a couple routes in the 7 on 7s. He made a great adjustment while tracking an underthrown and errant pass from Shea Patterson that he just missed. Pittman has been overall solid but hasn’t dramatically upped his stock so far.
Pittman did not practice on Thursday
Pittman underwhelmed in Mobile. He largely failed to generate separation and his hands, which were his best asset, were shaky at best. His week ended with little applause with a DNP on Thursday. He has the tape to suggest he’ll still be a good weapon and receiver at the next level, but this wasn’t a stellar week for Pittman.

WR James Proche, SMU

Height: 5-10 5/8″
Weight: 196
Arm: 30 1/8″
Hand: 9 5/8″
Proche looked phenomenal in the drills today to open up. He was smooth in and out of his breaks and really tracked the ball well. For a smaller sized WR, at 5’10 and 196 lbs, Proche demonstrated surprising body control and a great catch radius. He only caught one pass on his targets however, so I want to see him improve in the coming practices. A pleasant surprise. One of many wide receivers who showed off today.
Proche was a player I didn’t have a good feel for coming into this week, but I’ve been impressed with him so far. He isn’t a high upside player, but he can start right away in the slot and be a possession-style receiver. He has great short area burst and an impressive catch radius for a smaller receiver. He isn’t dynamic, but he’ll be a quarterback’s best friend at the next level with his reliability.
It was the mostly the same for Proche today in practice. He demonstrated an ability to make the tough catches and dare I say elite contested-catch ability for his size, but he failed to make enough noise separating today. Tough to get a feel on his ceiling at the next level.
Proche didn’t move the needle for me with his practices. He was largely the same player I thought he was coming into the week. He won’t stretch the field as a slot weapon, but he’ll be a “money” possession receiver out of the slot at the next level. I was hoping for a little more out of Proche this week, but it was far from a negative showing for the SMU product.

TE Brycen Hopkins, Purdue

Height: 6-3 3/4″
Weight: 241
Arm: 32″
Hand: 10 1/8″
Hopkins looked fast and athletic but also needs a lot of work on his game. While he made a few nice receptions, he was often off balance and twisted up. He gave effort as a blocker but really needs to improve his blocking strength.
I thought Hopkins looked better today, as he showed better balance and was more in control of his body. He caught the ball well and his athleticism is such that opponents can’t stay with him across the field or down the seam
Hopkins continued to show progress as a pass catcher and finally seems to be turning his athleticism into pass-catching ability.
It was sort of a mixed bag from Hopkins in Mobile. He proved to be incredibly athletic and has a ton of upside, but he also needs a lot of work on his game. He’s a move tight end for the next level; yet Hopkins speed and ability to make big plays will surely be attractive to some team on day two.

TE Sean McKeon, Michigan

Height: 6-5 1/8″
Weight: 238
Arm: 33 3/8″
Hand: 9 1/4″
McKeon looked better as a blocker than he did catching the ball. It’s not that he’s a bad pass catcher, but he’s a limited athlete who’s only effective a few yards off the line of scrimmage. McKeon was able to control opponents as a blocker in both drills and scrimmage.
McKeon looked solid in all areas but the lack of athleticism and speed is apparent on every repetition.
Despite not being graded by scouts before the season, I stamped McKeon as a priority free agent. Hence, his presence at the Senior Bowl alone proves he’s in a much better situation in the scouting community. McKeon lacks upside and is a marginal athlete but he’s solid in all areas of the tight end position and he could catch on as a number three at the next level.

TE Charlie Taumoepeau, Portland State

Height: 6-2 1/4″
Weight: 244
Arm: 32 1/2″
Hand: 9 5/8″
Taumoepeau was much like Sean McKeon in that he showed little in the way of quickness, speed or the ability to separate from opponents. Entering the season scouts estimated he was a 4.68 guy in the 40-yard dash. Today, he looked more like a 4.8 guy.
Today was another struggle for Taumoepeau; he looked slow, ordinary at best and really did not make many plays.
Thursday was Taumoepeau’s best practice of the week. He caught the ball very well, although most of his receptions were in the short field.
Taumoepeau came into the season graded much higher than Trautman, yet he almost wasn’t invited to the Senior Bowl. Scouts were concerned about his athleticism coming into the week and that concern proved legitimate. Taumoepeau showed limited speed, quickness and overall mobility. If he is selected in the draft this April, it won’t be until the later rounds. Based on his week in Mobile, there’s a chance Taumoepeau falls out of the seven rounds and is signed by someone as a fullback.

TE Adam Trautman, Dayton

Height: 6-5″
Weight: 251
Arm: 32 1/2″
Hand: 9 5/8″
There’s no denying Trautman won the day and was hands down the best tight end during the first Senior Bowl practice of 2020. He looked smooth, athletic, and stood out in every area. He consistently won out during one-on-one drills and as one scout put it, Trautman looked better catching the ball than most of the receivers.
It was yet another terrific day for Trautman. He looked athletic, ran solid routes and caught the ball well, but two aspects of his game really stood out to me. Trautman showed great speed exiting breaks, which made it impossible for opponents to stay with him, and he constantly got separation. Trautman also displayed himself as a legitimate blocker.
Although Trautman was not as productive catching the ball as he was the prior two days, it was still another terrific practice for the Dayton tight end. He once again displayed superior quickness into blocks and getting into his routes. He was sharp into breaks and consistently caught the ball when it was thrown in his direction.
As I reported before Senior Bowl practices even began, Trautman was already receiving second round grades around the league and was being considered by many as the top tight end from the senior class. He did nothing to disprove that opinion and in fact, he further strengthened it. The Dayton product displayed himself to be a complete player at the tight end position and, if nothing else, dispelled the belief by some that he’s not worth a day two pick.

OL Hakeem Adeniji, Kansas

Height: 6-4 3/8″
Weight: 302
Arm: 33 7/8″
Hand: 9 7/8″
Adeniji lined up primarily at guard, and was tasked with blocking some elite interior pass rushers. While he wasn’t dominant, he showed excellent power in his punches and limited his losses. Adeniji is currently projected to be a Day 3 pick, but a few more days like this could see his draft stock rise dramatically. As the NFL always has a spot for athletic, long lineman.
Adeniji has been excellent thus far and has only improved. For playing tackle at Kansas, he’s done an excellent job as a guard here. His initial punch in pass protection is excellent, and he even bested Neville Gallimore in a pass rush 1v1.
Adeniji continued to stonewall finesse rushers, but his anchor remained a weakness. Bull rushes have given him fits all week. His feet and hands have been excellent though. Solid day, but clear weakness showed.
Hakeem Adeniji showed awesome development this week. He shifted to guard and showed that he could play. He needs to work on his base, but his week in Mobile was one of the top surprises for me this week. Adeniji will need to add some weight and functional play strength before starting in the NFL, but his upside is evident.

OL Ben Bredeson, Michigan

Height: 6-4 3/4″
Weight: 316
Arm: 31 1/2″
Hand: 10″
Ben Bredeson didn’t dominate the first day like I know he could have, but he still enjoyed a strong outing that could not have hurt his stock. His base was strong, and held his own against the likes of Neville Gallimore and Davon Hamilton.
Bredeson struggled today in pass protection, both in 1v1s and 2v2s. He was dominated by Neville Gallimore. Similar to yesterday, he isn’t the player I was hoping he would be. On tape he flashed elite strength and a great motor, but we’ve yet to see those flashes. Hoping to see more tomorrow.
Bredeson was better today overall. Displayed his play strength and some finesse in pass pro. His best day of the week, and it can at a time where he desperately needed a strong outing.
After a rough start, Ben Bredeson was able to put his traits together and finish practices strong. On Thursday, he was able to display what made him a highly coveted prospect coming into the week. He has elite play strength and solid athletic ability. However his technique is weak, and it got him exposed early. I don’t think he had a strong overall week, so how teams view his draft stock after this week will be interesting.

OL Nick Harris, Washington

Height: 6-1 1/4″
Weight: 293
Arm: 32 3/8″
Hand: 9 1/2″
Harris was smaller than I had realized, but he was able to his own very well today. His technique was excellent and he showed an anchor you wouldn’t expect from someone his size. Harris is a top 50 player, and played like it.
Harris had a much worse day today, as he struggled with quicker pass rush moves. Despite being under 300, Harris does a great job anchoring himself against bull-rushers. However, today defenders went at him with finesse and it exposed Harris. Rough day for the Washington star.
Harris has continued to struggle, and his draft stock has plummeted. I genuinely think it was better for Harris to have declined his invite. The things I saw this week were very concerning, and Thursday was no different.
One of the worst weeks among all prospects, Nick Harris’ stock started dropping on Tuesday and it never stopped. Harris weighed in poorly and on the field was constantly lost in reps. He was beaten with power and finesse, and it’s starting to seem like he’s destined to underperform the expectations many had for him. Bad week for Harris.

OL Charlie Heck, North Carolina

Height: 6-7 7/8″
Weight: 309
Arm: 34 1/8″
Hand: 10″
Heck was the winner of the weigh in. His length was evident and his frame is ideal. He was strong in individual drills and competed well in the 1 on 1s. Heck has legit starting tackle upside, and could be a steal on Day 3.
Heck struggled today. Defenders came at him with speed and quickness, and he struggled to adjust. Good learning day, but he must come out strong tomorrow.
Heck continued to struggle. He’s consistently been beaten to the inside despite constant hollering from the coaches. Would’ve liked to see more from a guy with his measurables.
Heck measured well, but struggled throughout the week. He failed to improve his technique and defensive ends continued to beat him with the same moves. Would have liked to see Heck recognize this and learn from it. A team will take him for his traits, but his week in Mobile was not good.

OL Matt Hennessy, Temple

Height: 6-4″
Weight: 302
Arm: 32 3/8″
Hand: 10 1/8″
Matt Hennessy was dominant in the 1 on 1s all day, and proved he belongs here in Mobile. His build is strong, and his anchor is heavy. His technique is good, but could use work. Hennessy has the skills to be a day one starter, and he proved it today.
Hennessy continued a strong week. He faltered early in a 1v1 but bounced back for the rest of his reps. The Temple product has shown the ability to be a center in the NFL, but has struggled in limited snaps at guard.
Hennessy capped of a strong week with a good outing. However, he continues to be a liability at guard. His reps at center were excellent, his reps at guard have been anything but. Curious evaluation.
Hennessy was a weird eval in Mobile. If you discount his snaps at guard, he was excellent for most of the week. However, that’s not how football works. Hennessy was strong when lining up at his natural position of center, but when the coaching staff tried to put him at guard, he crumbled. Hennessy overall was strong in Mobile, but teams’ hands will be tied if they choose to select him.

OL Justin Herron, Wake Forest

Height: 6’3 5/8″
Weight: 301
Arm: 34 5/8″
Hand: 9 1/8″
Herron struggled with consistency today. He had shown signs of good feet and hand placement. However, he would get toasted off the ball. If Herron wants to improve his draft stock, he’ll need to find a way to improve his consistency. Otherwise, his stock may fall from his time in Mobile.
Herron was much improved today. After struggling yesterday, he bounced back and was rarely beaten in his matchups. This is a good sign for a player who has the physical traits, but as mentioned earlier, has struggled with consistency.
Herron continued his stretch of improved play as he got reps at both tackle and guard. He showed that he was comfortable at both, and his pass set looked smooth. Good day for Herron.
After struggling Monday, Herron bounced back and was rarely beat. He’s a player who grew throughout the week. He had reps at both tackle and guard, and was comfortable with both. Herron overall had a good week, but I have some questions about his athletic limitations.

OL Jonah Jackson, Ohio State

Height: 6-3 1/2″
Weight: 310
Arm: 32 7/8″
Hand: 10″
One of my personal favorite players, Jonah Jackson was stellar today. He was consistently good in 1v1s, and was strong in team drills. Jackson doesn’t have the functional athleticism to be an early Day 2 pick. However, if a team is able to draft him on Day 3, they’re getting an absolute steal. Jonah Jackson was one of the five best linemen in Mobile today.
Jackson has continued to prove he’s one of the top interior linemen in the Mobile, and maybe in this class. He’s excellent in pass protection, and he can absolutely move people in the run game.
Jackson wasn’t as strong as he has been, but he had by no means a “bad day.” He was still strong in pass pro and continued to move people off the line of scrimmage. Not his best day in Mobile, but was still one of the top OL here.
Jonah Jackson proved exactly who I thought he was – a top IOL prospect with elite play strength, but some athletic limitations. Jackson was a wall in pass protection this week and moved people in the run game. However, asking him to pull and get out on screens is not his forte. Strong week overall for the from Buckeye, as he’ll likely enter the draft as on of my top 5 iOL.

OL Josh Jones, Houston

Height: 6-5 1/8″
Weight: 311
Arm: 33 5/8″
Hand: 10 1/8″
Josh Jones is the best lineman in Mobile this week. His physical abilities are off the charts, and he was a winner of the weigh-ins this morning. He did not seem to carry any bad weight. Jones wasn’t as dominant as I wanted him to be today, but he did nothing to damage his draft stock.
Jones proved he was the top lineman in Mobile today. He is an elite athlete for the position, and was very smooth in pass protection. He showed great strength in his punches, and had a dominant day.
Jones was dominant at times at both left tackle and right tackle, but his play on the interior was brutal. He really struggled and looked uncomfortable, a switch to guard does not seem in his future.
Josh Jones was one of my favorite players to watch all week. He has elite athletic ability, but his anchor is weak and he’ll need to work on adding muscle to be able to anchor more successfully. He took snaps at both left and right tackle, looking comfortable. However, don’t ask him to play guard as that experiment was a drastic failure. I will be high on Jones – watch out for my breakdown on him coming later this week.

OL Colton McKivitz, West Virginia

Height: 6-6 1/4″
Weight: 304
Arm: 33 1/4″
Hand: 10 1/4″
McKivitz was probably the worst lineman in Mobile today. He struggled in the individual drills and was a liability during the 1 on 1s.
McKivitz again has struggled, and has arguably been the worst linemen here. He has really struggled in pass protection.
McKivitz was marginally better today. However, he was still not what I’d call “good.” He’s a long ways from being a competent NFL player and Thursday didn’t do anything to move the needle.
I have been negative about McKivitz all week. He showed both a lack of refinement and athletic limitations. How you evaluate a player like that will never be kind. He has the frame to play tackle in the NFL, but he’s a few years away before I’d even considering putting him in a game. Rough week for the Mountaineer.

OL Matt Peart, Connecticut

Height: 6-6 1/2″
Weight: 310
Arm: 35 1/8″
Hand: 9 3/4″
Matt Peart was another tackle that came into the day as a weigh-in winner. He came in at 6’6 and 310lbs, and looked excellent. His frame was lean and actually looked like he could still bulk up a bit. That’s good news for teams that are looking to draft a project offensive lineman.
Peart had a solid outing today. He didn’t shine, however didn’t struggle. That’s a good sign for any lineman. Peart has steadily improved his stock.
Peart has displayed an elite anchor throughout the entire week, and it was on full display Thursday. He has some work to do on his pass set, but he can eat power rushes with the best of them. Strong Thursday for Peart.
Better than expected. That’s how I’d break down Peart’s senior bowl week. He measured and weighed in better than expected. He anchored better than anyone else here, it was virtually impossible for any of the edge rushers to drive him backwards. He could stand to improve his pass set and hand placement, but Peart could be drafted as high as Top-50. Better than expected.