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    2020 NFL Playoff Results: Scores, Bracket, and More

    Which teams made the 2020 NFL playoffs, what were the results of the games, and who hoisted the Lombardi Trophy? Let's revisit history.

    2020 was one of the wildest years in humankind. COVID-19 disrupted the globe. NFL games were played with greatly reduced or non-existent live audiences. Despite all of that, the season carried on. What happened in the 2020 NFL playoffs, what were the results of the games, and who won it all? We answer that and more.

    What Teams Made the NFL Playoffs in 2020?

    The seven-teams-per-conference playoff initiative debuted in 2020, allowing an additional Wild Card team to be postseason-eligible.

    In the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs claimed the No. 1 seed and a first-round bye. The Buffalo Bills (2 seed), Pittsburgh Steelers (3 seed), and Tennessee Titans (4 seed) earned divisional crowns and at least one home playoff game. The AFC Wild Cards included the Baltimore Ravens (5 seed), Cleveland Browns (6 seed), and Indianapolis Colts (7 seed).

    In the NFC, the Green Bay Packers finished with the No. 1 seed and an additional week of rest. The New Orleans Saints (2 seed), Seattle Seahawks (3 seed), and Washington Football Team (4 seed) won divisional crowns, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5 seed), Los Angeles Rams (6 seed), and Chicago Bears (7 seed) all qualified for Wild Cards.

    2020 NFL Playoff Bracket and Scores

    Wild Card Round

    • No. 5 AFC seed Ravens 20, No. 4 AFC seed Titans 13
      No. 7 AFC seed Colts 24, No. 2 AFC seed Bills 27
      No. 6 AFC seed Browns 48, No. 3 AFC seed Steelers 37
    • No. 5 NFC seed Buccaneers 31, No. 4 NFC seed Football Team 23
      No. 7 NFC seed Bears 9, No. 2 NFC seed Saints 21
      No. 6 NFC seed Rams 30, No. 3 NFC seed Seahawks 20

    Divisional Round

    • No. 5 AFC seed Ravens 3, No. 2 AFC seed Bills 17
      No. 6 AFC seed Browns 17, No. 1 AFC seed Chiefs 22
    • No. 5 NFC seed Buccaneers 30, No. 2 NFC seed Saints 20
      No. 6 NFC seed Rams 18, No. 1 NFC seed Packers 32

    Who Won the 2020 AFC and NFC Championship Games?

    The Buffalo Bills met the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium for the AFC Championship Game. The Chiefs won 38-24 on the backs of a 21-point second quarter, an efficient passing day from Patrick Mahomes, and 172 receiving yards from Tyreek Hill.

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    In the NFC Championship Game, the Buccaneers trekked to Lambeau Field and pulled off the upset 31-26. Tom Brady threw three interceptions, and the Bucs possessed the ball 10 fewer minutes than the Packers. Yet, the Bucs made enough stops and enough plays to get the W. Tampa would become the first team to play a Super Bowl on their home field.

    Who Won the Super Bowl in 2020?

    Misdemeanors are still being filed on the beating that Mahomes took in this game. The Bucs peppered him all game, and Tampa’s offense made enough plays to secure a 31-9 Super Bowl victory on their home turf.

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