181-Cincinnati Bengals: Oluwole Betiku, Edge, Illinois

182-Denver Broncos: Javelin Guidry, DB, Utah

183-Detroit Lions: Stephen Sullivan, TE, LSU

184-New York Giants: Essang Bassey, CB, Wake Forest

185-Carolina Panthers: Michael Warren, RB, Cincinnati

186-Miami Dolphins: Michael Onwenu, OL, Michigan

187-Los Angeles Chargers: Cheyenne O’Grady, TE, Arkansas

188-Cleveland Browns: Trajan Bandy, CB, Miami

189-Buffalo Bills: John Hightower, WR, Boise State

190-Jacksonville Jaguars: Javon Leake, RB, Maryland

191-Philadelphia Eagles: Dane Jackson, CB, Pittsburgh

192-New York Jets: Davion Taylor, LB, Colorado

193-Green Bay Packers: Jake Luton, QB, Oklahoma State

194-Indianapolis Colts: Darius Anderson, RB, TCU

195-Tampa Bay Buccaneers: David Woodward, LB, Utah State

196-New England Patriots: Cam Brown, LB, Penn State

197-Chicago Bears: Rodney Clemons, S, SMU

198-Indianapolis Colts: Javaris Davis, CB, Auburn

199-Pittsburgh Steelers: Alohi Gilman, S, Notre Dame

200-Los Angeles Rams: Jake Hanson, OL, Oregon

201-Chicago Bears: Alex Taylor, OT, South Carolina State

202-Minnesota Vikings: Jauan Jennings, WR, Tennessee

203-Arizona Cardinals: Charlie Taumoepeau, TE, Portland State

204-New Orleans Saints: Kevin Dotson, OL, Louisiana

205-New England Patriots: Devin Asiasi, TE, UCLA

206-Minnesota Vikings: Justin Strnad, LB, Wake forest

207-Jacksonville Jaguars: Gage Cervenka, OL, Clemson

208-Buffalo Bills: Cole McDonald, QB, Hawaii

209-Green Bay Packers: Dee Jay Dallas, RB, Miami

210-Green Bay Packers: Joe Bachie, LB, Michigan State

211-San Francisco 49ers: Brian Cole, S, Mississippi State

212-New York Jets: Tommy Kraemer, OL, Notre Dame

213-New England Patriots: Reggie Floyd, S, Virginia Tech

214-New England Patriots: Lavert Hill, CB, Michigan

215-Seattle Seahawks: Mike Danna, Edge, Michigan


216-Cincinnati Bengals: Kalija Lipscomb, WR, Vanderbilt

217-Washington Redskins: Jack Driscoll, OT, Auburn

218-San Francisco 49ers: Calvin Throckmorton, OL, Oregon

219-New York Giants: JR Reed, S, Georgia

220-Minnesota Vikings: Lamar Jackson, DB, Nebraska

221-Los Angeles Chargers: Joshua Kelly, RB, UCLA

222-Carolina Panthers: Khalil Tate, QB, Arizona

223-Arizona Cardinals: James Smith-Williams, Edge, North Carolina State

224-Jacksonville Jaguars: Jalen Elliott, S, Notre Dame

225-Tennessee Titans: Tremayne Anchrum, OL, Clemson

226-Baltimore Ravens: Dalton Keene, TE, Virginia Tech

227-Chicago Bears: Kendrick Rogers, WR, Texas A&M

228-Miami Dolphins: Mohamed Barry, LB, Nebraska

229-Atlanta Falcons: Trey Adams, OT, Washington

230-Washington Redskins: Shyheim Carter, DB, Alabama

231-New England Patriots: Julian Rochester, DT, Georgia

232-Dallas Cowboys: Zack Shackelford, OL, Texas

233-Pittsburgh Steelers: Tipa Galeai, Edge, Utah State

234-Chicago Bears: Patrick Taylor, RB, Memphis

235-Los Angeles Rams: Kendall Coleman, Edge, Syracuse

236-New England Patriots: Brian Lewerke, QB, Michigan State

237-Green Bay Packers: Robert Windsor, DT, Penn State

238-Denver Broncos: Drew Richmond, OT, USC

239-New York Giants: Harrison Hand, CB, Temple

240-Buffalo Bills: Jake Breeland, TE, Oregon

241-Houston Texans: Yasir Durant, OT, Missouri

242-New England Patriots: Charlie Heck, OT, UNC

243-Green Bay Packers: Jace Whittaker, CB, Arizona

244-Tennessee Titans: Rodrigo Blakenship, K, Georgia

245-Cleveland Browns: Malcolm Roach, DL, Texas

246-San Francisco 49ers: Rashad Robinson, CB, JMU

247-Miami Dolphins: Mitchell Wilcox, TE, South Florida

248-New York Giants: Binjimin Victor, WR, Ohio State

249-Houston Texans: Kamren Curl, S, Arkansas

250-Minnesota Vikings: Omar Bayless, WR, Arkansas State

251-Houston Texans: Darrynton Evans, RB, Appalachian State

252-Miami Dolphins: Bryce Sterk, DL, Montana State

253-Denver Broncos: Jordan Mack, LB, Virginia

254-Minnesota Vikings: Michael Divinity, LB, LSU

255-Denver Broncos: Shea Patterson, QB, Michigan

256-New York Giants: Terrence Steele, OT, Texas Tech


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  1. Some of these mocks are just so lazy. The Raiders sign Littleton, the best coverage LB in football, and Kwi from the Bears, number 12 LB according to PFF grades…so what do we get at 19?

    “LB is a massive hole for the Raiders. Yeah they added Littleton but whatever”


  2. Jake Luton went to Oregon State, not Oklahoma State. Otherwise I like the pick for the Packers. Seems like a good developmental QB.

  3. I think the Lions will trade down. Maybe with the Dolphins or Chargers and the Giants might also , for an extra pick or two.

  4. I’m a Vikings fan and don’t think they will go for 3 WR and 2 LB and even 1 QB. I think they will go for at least 3 CBs, 2 WR (one in the second or third rounds), 3 DL and 2 OL. I think the other picks will go to LB and maybe another S. Betting on Cousins is having an ARod effect–they spent so much on him they can’t afford to get or keep good people and the team suffers.

  5. It would be interesting to go back and see all the QBs that were busts but were written about the same way Justin Herbert is being written about now. The more I read the more I see Kyle Boller. Very little about his play or how it translates to the NFL and tons about his physical tools (Boller being able to throw a ball through the goal posts from the 50 while on his knees didn’t make him a great NFL QB) and a what little is being written about his actual play is more negative than positive (slow release, needs to be more patient, has looked lost in big games until this year’s Rose Bowl.) And he is nailing the draft season? So? That’s a test where everyone knows the answers in advance. Lots of people were big on Jerry Tillery last year because of his physical attributes and one good game against Stanford but go back and look at tape of any other game and he wasn’t much of a factor. Result? Lowest graded Defensive Tackle in the entire national football league last year. Herbert may be star or he may be a bust (if anyone could tell in advance with certainty Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russel wouldn’t have been drafter and Tom Brady would have been number 1 over all) but please, stop talking about the physical tools and talk about the tape and actual play.

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