2018 NFL Playoff Results: Scores, Bracket, and More

    Which teams made the 2018 NFL playoffs, what were the results of the games, and who hoisted the Lombardi Trophy? Let's revisit history.

    If you’re like me, you can barely remember what you did yesterday, let alone what happened in the NFL playoffs nearly four years ago. Let us do the heavy lifting — find out everything you want to know about the 2018 NFL playoffs, from who won the Super Bowl to the results of each game to the teams that qualified for a postseason berth. No time to waste, let’s get to it.

    What Teams Made the NFL Playoffs in 2018?

    “Back in the day” there were only six teams per conference that made the NFL playoffs.

    In the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs (No. 1 seed) and New England Patriots (No. 2 seed) earned first-round byes. The Houston Texans (No. 3 seed), Baltimore Ravens (No. 4 seed), Los Angeles Chargers (No. 5 seed), and Indianapolis Colts (No. 6 seed) rounded out the AFC side of the bracket.

    In the NFC, the New Orleans Saints (No. 1 seed) and Los Angeles Rams (No. 2 seed) enjoyed first-round byes. The Chicago Bears (No. 3 seed), Dallas Cowboys (No. 4 seed), Seattle Seahawks (No. 5 seed), and Philadelphia Eagles (No. 6 seed) also earned a postseason berth.

    2018 NFL Playoff Bracket and Scores

    Wild Card Round

    • No. 5 AFC seed Chargers 23, No. 4 AFC seed Ravens 17
      No. 6 AFC seed Colts 21, No. 3 AFC seed Texans 7
    • No. 5 NFC seed Seahawks 22, No. 4 NFC seed Cowboys 24
      No. 6 NFC seed Eagles 16, No. 3 NFC seed Bears 15

    Divisional Round

    • No. 5 AFC seed Chargers 28, No. 2 AFC seed Patriots 41
      No. 6 AFC seed Colts 13, No. 1 AFC seed Chiefs 31
    • No. 4 NFC seed Cowboys 22, No. 2 NFC seed Rams 30
      No. 6 NFC seed Eagles 14, No. 1 NFC seed Saints 20

    Who Won the 2018 AFC and NFC Championship Games?

    The Patriots and Chiefs had an epic AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium, one that featured 68 total points (38 in the fourth quarter) and overtime. To no one’s surprise, the Tom Brady-led Patriots persevered 37-31 to earn their third consecutive Super Bowl berth.

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    On the other side of the bracket, the Rams traveled to New Orleans. Yet again, overtime would be necessary to settle the game. LA would escape with a 26-23 victory on the foot of Greg Zuerlein, who kicked a 57-yarder in OT to send the Rams to Super Bowl LIII.

    Who Won the Super Bowl in 2018?

    In the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever, the Patriots emerged victorious with a 13-3 win over the Rams.

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