XFL Uniforms 2023: Ranking the Best and Worst Jerseys From Relaunched League

    The XFL will once again return in 2023! Here are the best and worst XFL uniforms and jerseys for the inaugural season.

    The XFL will once again return! On Feb. 18, 2023, the newly relaunched league with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at the helm will begin its inaugural season. The XFL draft has taken place, we know who will be on each team. But now we need to know what the teams will look like! The XFL recently unveiled the uniforms for each of their eight teams. Here are their jerseys ranked from best to worst!

    XFL Uniforms for the 2023 Season

    Hopefully, the third time is the charm for the XFL. With the season right around the corner, we now have a look at each of the XFL uniforms for 2023.

    D.C. Defenders

    The D.C. Defenders win the award for the slickest XFL uniforms. Not only do they represent American values with their color scheme, but the camouflage motifs on both their helmets and away uniforms really take them over the edge. The D.C. stripes and stars on the sleeves really make this uniform stand out above the rest.

    Seattle Sea Dragons

    The Seattle Sea Dragons already had one of the most unique logos in the XFL, but now their uniform can also use that claim to fame. The Sea Dragon on the helmet really stands out thanks to the orange and chrome background and looks incredibly polished when combined with their white jerseys.

    Arlington Renegades

    The Arlington Renegades already had one element above all the other XFL uniforms, and that was their color scheme. The baby blue is not only unique, but it is clean. Their white variants with a splash of a red outline will look really good on a football field. The “R” logo on the helmet feels a tad basic, especially compared to a team like the Sea Dragons, but it gets the job done. If futuristic is what they were going for, they nailed it.

    San Antonio Brahmas

    After googling what a Brahma was, I was then able to sit back and appreciate the XFL uniform that the majestic (?) animal inspired. The San Antonio Brahmas did an excellent job combining their black and yellow color schemes to create a fun, but not too cartoonish, jersey. Their all-yellow jerseys might be a bit much on the eyes come Sundays, but their helmets more than make up for it.

    St. Louis Battlehawks

    The St. Louis Battlehawks might have the coolest helmets in the XFL. The royal blue pops on the silver of the helmet for a really unique look. The jerseys could have used a bit more creativity, but the helmets have completely sold me.

    Orlando Guardians

    In terms of the “best” XFL jerseys, this is where we start to see a little bit of a drop-off. None are outright horrible, but the rest of the uniforms on this list did not impress as much as those listed above. The Orlando Guardians get style points for their interesting neon outlines and unique logo, but the colors themselves are kind of boring.

    Vegas Vipers

    The Vegas Vipers XFL uniforms are somewhat basic and lack any fine details to really take them over the edge and get them higher on this list. However, their helmets and logo are enough for them to be above some of the other jerseys revealed.

    Houston Roughnecks

    Okay, I get trying to showcase an ode to your city with the color scheme, but I am not a fan of the way these helmets turned out. The bizarre red and white blocks do not mesh well with the rest of the uniform. Honestly, I prefer the last version of the Houston Roughnecks uniforms. I do like the faded black design in the numbers, though.

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