With the NFL season over, Pro Football Network has turned its attention over to the inaugural season of the new XFL. Throughout the season, we will be providing betting and fantasy news, analysis, and advice to help you stay engaged while winning money.

Starting February 8, 2020, the XFL’s eight teams will play a 10-week regular season and a two-week postseason consisting of two semifinal playoff games and a championship game on April 26. The season will last only 79 days, ending just after the 2020 NFL Draft. Fans will be able to see the league in action across the nation with four teams on the East Coast and four teams on the West Coast. 

The teams in the East Division include: New York Guardians, D.C. Defenders, St. Louis Battlehawks, and Tampa Bay Vipers. The teams in the West Division include: Houston Roughnecks, Dallas Renegades, Los Angeles Wildcats, and Seattle Dragons.

Every XFL game will air live on national television on ABC, ESPN, and FOX Sports. Typically, there will be two back-to-back games on Saturdays and Sundays. The XFL schedule also features two primetime Thursday night games in the final weeks of the regular season.

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How will the XFL be different than the NFL?

The XFL is branding itself as the new and improved fan-first league. Over the last few months, they have been meeting with former head coaches, NFL referees, and football aficionados to determine the rules that would cater to the everyday fan. They put together a comprehensive gameplan to try and make the league safe for the players while reintroducing some of the elements that the NFL has started to lack over the years.

“The XFL is a brand new, fan-first league that’s reimagining the game of football and offering fans an opportunity to experience more action, access, and fun.”

But how could they reimagine a game that has been played for 100 years now? And will it be successful? Well, it is too early to tell if the XFL will finally be the alternative league to the NFL that football fans have long craved, but with the rules they have put in place, they are definitely setting themselves up for success. 

“We’re evolving things just a bit. Less stall, more ball is how we describe it: a fast-paced game with fewer play stoppages. We’ve made timing changes, common-sense rules changes, and created five gameplay innovations that will raise the excitement level and minimize the downtime.”

For the complete list of rule changes, and how it compares to the NFL, click here.