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    Will the Jets’ Postseason Drought Continue? 5 Reasons for Pessimism Ahead of NFL Training Camp

    While the New York Jets seem prepared to end their now 13-year playoff drought, their journey won't be as easy as many hope in 2024.

    Thirteen seasons. It’s been 13 years of postseason-less football for the New York Jets — the longest such streak in North American sports.

    Mediocre quarterback play, bad coaching, and horrific luck have all played a hand in New York’s current playoff abyss. While the organization has taken drastic steps to end that streak this year, there’s no guarantee that it does.

    5 Reasons To Be Pessimistic About the Jets This Season

    As with any NFL team, there’s always room for the optimistic and pessimistic side heading into a new season. Turnarounds happen quite frequently in the NFL, so it’s not outlandish to assume it could happen for New York. Earlier this week we broke down the five reasons why New York would make the playoffs in 2024.

    With every positive thought, though, there are detractors and situations put in place to make those dreams not come true for organizations. In the case of the Jets, while there are plenty of reasons for the fan base to be positive, there are others that will keep them on their guard.

    Health Concerns

    Last season’s hopes and dreams for the Jets were butchered by the injury bug…again.

    Whether it was Aaron Rodgers suffering a torn Achilles four plays into his debut, the offensive line going through 13 different players, or the defensive line being battered on their end, the Jets’ injury bug is something that has hung over the team for a while now.

    While New York addressed many of its depth needs this offseason and added some supreme talent, take a guess what the weak spot is for all of them.

    Tyron Smith, Morgan Moses, Mike Williams, and even backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor have all had injury problems over the last few seasons. Hoping that prior injury history ends when yours in that category is terrible isn’t exactly a foolproof method of survival in the NFL.

    Coaching Staff Inadequacy

    We know how good the Jets’ roster is on paper. They have All-Pro talent at almost every position of value.

    What fans don’t know is how good this coaching staff actually is.

    While head coach Robert Saleh and his defensive staff have certainly shown their chops on one side of the ball, New York’s inadequacy in fielding a competent offense over the last few years is why the former San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator is just 18-33 at the helm.

    It’s not just Saleh’s in-game management that could stand in the way. Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett struggled mightily in 2023 — a year removed from his disastrous head coaching role with the Denver Broncos.

    Rodgers’ return would certainly help, but there’s no guarantee the four-time NFL MVP will play the full year, and we’ve seen how mediocre the offense looks without him.

    In many ways, this Jets coaching staff could very well keep this talented roster from reaching their potential.

    Off-Field Distractions

    I’ve been on record saying the Jets don’t have any major distractions, and anything Rodgers has done to this point isn’t exactly cause for concern.

    This is New York, though, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned on the beat is that there is always something that can go wrong at any point and a distraction that can be brought into the locker room.

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    Last year, it was anonymous sources detailing how former second-overall pick Zach Wilson was unwilling to go back on the field after being benched, coupled with several concerns regarding Saleh’s staff.

    Fans can assume the off-field distractions will end with Rodgers back in the fold, but the only way it truly ends is if the organization starts winning. And there’s no full guarantee that happens.

    Run Defense Woes

    Many of these concerns for the Jets come off the field. There is a strategic weakness to the roster, though, that has plenty of questions left to be answered still.

    In 2023, New York’s run defense dropped from 16th in the league to 25th in yards allowed. Many times during the season, the Jets could not get stops against mediocre offenses because they continuously picked up third-and-shorts by running the football.

    The Jets have also seemingly doubled down on that weakness following the trade of Haason Reddick and the departures of Bryce Huff and John Franklin-Myers. Leki Fotu — another one of New York’s additions this past offseason — could help tremendously against the run, but it’s a tall order to ask one player to solve an entire unit’s weakness.

    If the Jets struggle to stop the run this year, it could leave them in a difficult situation in many games, regardless of how improved their offense is.

    Football Gods Hate the Jets

    Few NFL teams have been snake-bitten by the football gods as much as the New York Jets since their lone Super Bowl win in 1968. Missed draft picks, questionable coaching hires, brutal injuries, and weird bounces have all led to New York’s current playoff drought.

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    The 2024 season may not be so different from those years past. New York does have an easier schedule this season on paper compared to last year, but unlucky bounces and hot teams on the schedule could all eventually stand in the Jets’ way.

    When it comes to the football gods, they seem to just hate the Jets more than any other team.

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