Will Ferrell Set To Play John Madden in Upcoming Biopic

Comedian Will Ferrell will portray legendary coach and broadcaster John Madden in an upcoming biopic about the former Raiders HC.

Will Ferrell is a megastar, to be sure.

The legendary funnyman is synonymous with his zany and eminently quotable characters like Buddy the Elf (“Elf”), Ron Burgundy (“Anchorman”), Ricky Bobby (“Talladega Nights”), Jackie Moon (“Semi-Pro”), and Brennan Huff (“Step Brothers”).

Ferrell’s captured a litany of awards and boasts an estimated net worth of $160 million. So it’s safe to say that he’s at the top of his profession. This is good because the man he’ll be portraying in an upcoming biopic was likewise among the very best at his own profession.

Will Ferrell To Portray John Madden in Upcoming Biopic

Per a recent report from Deadline, Ferrell is set to star as John Madden in an upcoming biography about and titled after the Hall of Fame Raiders coach.

The movie will be directed for Amazon/MGM by David O. Russell, himself best known for features like “American Hustle” and “The Fighter.”

Madden had a tremendous coaching career, winning Super Bowl XI with the Oakland Raiders, and retired in 1979 with an all-time win-loss record of 103-32-7 (.750 win percentage).

He’s perhaps even better known for his decades-long broadcast career, however. Madden’s voice was synonymous with prime-time, high-stakes football. He was known for his colorful interjections as well as being the first to diagram plays on a telestrator, a trend that continues to this day. That and his trademark turkey legs he would dole out to standout players every year on Thanksgiving.

Madden also contributed his likeness and voice work to the wildly popular, now-35-year-old video games series named in his honor. In fact, the most recent edition of the game features Madden on the cover, to honor the beloved broadcaster after his passing in December of 2021.

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Some might think Ferrell is an odd choice to play Madden. After all, the actor is known for playing hilarious, often naive characters in slapstick comedies. It’s hard to argue that this isn’t quite the pivot for Ferrell.

That’s not to say this movie won’t have room for lighthearted candor. Madden’s charms were often humorous — that was part of what grew his popularity.

But at times, this figures to be a more dramatic flick. Football is a high-intensity game. Madden’s Raiders were known for their ruthless playing style, and the coach was known for his game-day intensity.

That’ll certainly be a change from the characters we’re used to Ferrell playing. But then again, he and Madden are alike in some interesting ways.

Both are known for their exuberance and charisma. They have a likability that precedes them. Ferrell, too, is a noted sports fan and has starred in several sports-themed movies in his career. He’ll no doubt plunge headfirst into the task of emulating a character like Madden.

It remains to be seen if John C. Reilly will play Al Davis.

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