Why the Jacksonville Jaguars should sign Davante Adams in free agency

The Jacksonville Jaguars must pursue Davante Adams in the 2022 NFL free agency period. Could they throw enough money at the star receiver?

The Jacksonville Jaguars had a few issues with their receiving corps during their last campaign. Dropped passes are subjective, but no one had nice things to say about the Jags’ inability to secure throws properly. Davante Adams doesn’t possess Mike Gesicki’s hands, but he also doesn’t have *insert Jaguars receiver here* hands. And as we know, he’s one of the very best receivers in the league. The Jaguars must target him in the 2022 free agency period.

Why Davante Adams is a fit for the Jacksonville Jaguars

This isn’t a challenging concept. Adams would be a fit for all 32 NFL franchises. What team couldn’t use a great route runner with arguably the best set of releases in the league?

Aside from his physical skill set, Adams is also a great scheme fit for Doug Pederson’s offense. Additionally, the most important thing you can do for a young quarterback is protect him. Usually, that means investing in the offensive line, which Jacksonville must also do. However, getting a top wide receiver also protects the QB.

Adams fulfills a critical element in Doug Pederson’s offense

The term “RPO” is overused in the world of NFL broadcasting. However, we’ll see an influx of RPO (run-pass option) looks with Pederson taking over as the Jaguars head coach. Pederson comes from the Andy Reid coaching tree, and he molded the Eagles offense to fit the strengths — or work around the limitations — of Carson Wentz.

Trevor Lawrence hails from a Clemson offense that didn’t ask him to do an incredible amount of mental processing. There were a lot of RPO looks, screens, and mirrored passing concepts. I expect Pederson to bring him along slowly, building Lawrence’s processing at a steady pace and using RPOs to give him easy reads.

That’s where Adams comes in for the Jaguars in the 2022 NFL free agency period. Whether it’s on slants, speed-outs, stop routes, or verticals, Adams is the premier line of scrimmage separator in the NFL. We’ve all seen the cutups of him making defensive backs look foolish within one yard of the line.

That makes things very easy for a young QB. Reading a linebacker on an option is high school stuff, and not having to worry about Adams being covered on most occasions makes it a perilous situation for defenses.

Jacksonville has money to spend around an inexpensive QB

According to Over the Cap, the Jaguars have the third-most effective cap space in the NFL. Laviska Shenault should have a more defined role for the team under Pederson, and Travis Etienne’s return will bring a receiving weapon out of the backfield. Marvin Jones isn’t the best WR2 option, but every option looks better when aligned opposite Adams.

Adams will cost north of $25 million per season, but Jacksonville can spend frivolously given that their quarterback is still on his rookie contract. Adams could be the first non-QB to earn $30 million per season, but even that could be an acceptable financial decision because Jacksonville cannot fail with Lawrence.

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