Who Is Kirk Cousins’ Wife Julie Hampton? Everything You Need To Know About the Vikings QB’s Wife

    Who is Julie Hampton? Here is everything you need to know about Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins' wife.

    Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins and Julie Hampton have a refreshingly romantic love story, with a cute marriage and two kids for tax. But who is Hampton, and how did she meet Cousins?

    Who Is Julie Hampton?

    Hampton describes herself in her Instagram bio as a Child of God, “Wifey,” and mom to her two sons, Cooper and Turner.

    Don’t mistake Julie as just a Kohl’s shirt-shopping wife, though. She is a University of Georgia graduate who was serious about pursuing her own career aspirations apart from those of her husband.

    Hampton was an elementary school teacher for a short time. Between having a super famous husband and being a mother of two sons, life changed pretty abruptly for Hampton, and her career trajectory changed too.

    Being married to Cousins would be hard for a number of reasons, most notably his dad jokes. Because Hampton’s husband is off footballing, she has her hands full as a very active momtrepreneur who runs the couple’s golf course business and their foundation, the “Julie & Kirk Cousins Foundation.”

    The mother of two also has time to look flawless in NFL commercial appearances with her husband and foster dogs as an avid animal lover.

    How does she do it all?

    And as if that wasn’t enough, she also showcased her life for the world to see in the Netflix hit show “Quarterback.”

    Julie and Kirk Cousins’ Love Story

    This couple’s story puts Taylor Swift’s song to shame. How did Cousins get so lucky?

    Cousins met his future wife in 2012 through a mutual friend. The couple dated for a year and a half before becoming engaged. On the balcony of the Speaker of the House’s office in the U.S. Capitol building, Cousins popped the questions.

    Hampton said yes, and they got married in the summer of 2014. But you already knew that because Cousins wears his band on the field, so none of the other football players get the wrong idea. He sends mixed messages when he yells “you like that” so much to teammates, though.

    Hampton had two boys: Cooper in 2017 and Turner in 2019. That makes her the real MVP.

    Are the Hampton and Cousins Parting Ways?

    There were rumors that the couple was separating earlier this year. They appear to be completely unfounded but are justified by this:

    Every woman got the ick at once, including Hampton.

    This is partly your fault, though, Julie. Why this shirt, girl? Why this shirt? Netflix told us you picked it out.

    To be fair … same:

    Life as an NFL Player’s Wife

    This Child of God listens to her husband’s football games on the radio, and when she gets too stressed out, she flips the switch to worship music.

    Julie is also endlessly supportive, and it’s sweet to see. Kirk really lucked out.

    Julie and Kirk Cousins as Parents

    The couple are heartwarming parents to their two young sons. Quarterback taught us many things, and one is how to be a professional athlete, the wifey of one, and be amazing parents. A skill most of us will never need.

    Cooper and Turner are already huge football fans and are more aware of their dad’s careers than fans may think.

    Handling huge losses on the field is harder, but being a well-rounded, balanced father is harder. Being the wife that is there for the kids and her husband? Next-level.

    The Cousins make family life and marriage look easy, and we know most of that is thanks to Julie.

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