Who Is Brock Purdy’s Dad? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Shawn Purdy

Brock Purdy has made a name for himself, and it's not Mr. Irrelevant. Who's the man, Shawn Purdy, who gave Brock that name?

Brock Purdy has made quite a name for himself as an NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. With an impressive start to his career already under his belt, Purdy is now attempting to become the second-ever Mr. Irrelevant to win a Super Bowl as his squad takes on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 58.

With the spotlight comes an increased interest in Purdy’s personal life. With that, all eyes now turn to his parents, Carrie and Shawn Purdy.

Meet Brock Purdy’s Father Shawn

Brock Purdy’s story is impressive, to say the least. But he came into this world with an advantage, a father with sports acumen.

Shawn Purdy wasn’t a football great; he was more of a diamond guy. After playing for the University of Miami, Purdy was selected three times in the amateur MLB Draft in 1987, 1989, and 1990. He was signed by the Los Angeles Angels in 1991 and played in the minor leagues for eight seasons as a pitcher, retiring in 1998 at 29.

The elder Purdy knows a good football player when he sees one. In a heartwarming FaceTime with his hero, Mr. Irrelevant mentioned that his father was a huge Dan Marino fan.

Purdy was born on one of Marino’s game days. He came into the world on Dec. 27, 1999. Marino faced the New York Jets that day, losing 38-31.

Is the fact that Marino lost that day an omen? Probably. He had a completion percentage of 56%, 322 passing yards, three touchdowns, and three interceptions. If Purdy wanted better stats, he probably shouldn’t have been born at the tail end of Marino’s final season.

In the video above, Purdy says, “My dad always said I got to see you play the day I was born.”

Shawn Purdy planted the love for Marino deep in his son. His son’s choosing 13 as his number is a homage to one of the best QBs to ever do it.

Since he was five years old, Purdy has had a poster and a signed football from the former Miami Dolphin. The young future quarterback was watching Marino highlights and throwing the ball, trying to emulate him as early as he could remember.

Brock Purdy Is the Apple of His Father’s Eye

The former Los Angeles Angel is a devoted husband and father. He’s been married to his wife Carrie for many years and shares Whittney, Chubba (Preston), and Brock.

The Purdys are incredibly proud of their eldest son and his journey in the NFL. The Purdy Bunch was planning on attending the 49ers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers game in Dec. of the 2022 season at Levi Stadium.

They planned on making the trip before they knew it would be their son’s first official start in the NFL. Because … Brady. That’s some subtle shade right there.

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The 49er QB’s dad proved that real men do cry. When his son made the pass to McCaffrey for a TD, the elder Purdy was in tears.

Talking to reporters about his family and that moment after the game, Purdy was also visibly emotional.

“I saw him right after the game and the emotions on the face and just the way they looked down at me from up on the railing. It just means a lot. Just throughout my whole life the ups and downs of playing quarterback in general, high school, and college. The people at home just believe in you, they see the best in you. They have always been telling me ‘you are good enough’ and ‘we know you can do it.’ To see them after that performance meant a lot to me so very blessed to have them as my family.”

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