Who Are the Highest-Paid Defensive Tackles in the NFL in 2023?

Who Are the Highest-Paid Defensive Tackles in the NFL in 2023?

Now that the 2023 NFL offseason has arrived, who are the highest-paid defensive tackles in the league? Interior defenders are rarely as paid as much as their edge-defending counterparts, but the top of the defensive tackle market has significantly increased in recent years. Which DTs have the NFL’s highest annual average value (AAV)?

Who Is the Highest-Paid Defensive Tackle in the NFL?

Aaron Donald is the best defensive tackle in the NFL and one of the greatest defensive players in league history, so it’s only fitting that he’s the highest-paid interior defender in terms of AAV at $31.67 million. After Donald indicated retirement was a possibility last offseason, the Rams — in an unprecedented move — essentially ripped up the three years and $57.3 million remaining on his contract and gave him a new three-year deal worth $95 million.

Donald has a $15 million roster bonus for 2023 that will guarantee on March 16. His 2023 $13.5 million salary for 2023 and $5 million roster bonus for 2024 will guarantee the following day. Donald’s 2024 salary and option bonus, totaling $30 million, will become guaranteed on the fifth day of the 2024 league year. His contract contains two void years in 2025 and 2026.

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Highest Paid Defensive Tackles 2-10

2) Daron Payne, Washington Commanders | AAV: $22.5 million

Although Donald’s contract with the Rams may be viewed as an outlier in NFL circles, Daron Payne helped the rest of the defensive tackle market when he agreed to a four-year, $90 million extension with the Commanders just before the start of free agency. Payne, who had been assigned the franchise tag, will receive $55.01 million guaranteed at signing.

Payne’s cap charge for 2023 will be $10.01 million, nearly half what it would have been on the franchise tender. His guarantees are comprised of his 2023 salary, 2023 workout bonus, 2024 salary, and $9 million of his 2025 salary. Payne will have a $5 million roster bonus due on the third day of the 2026 league year.

Washington could theoretically exit Payne’s contract after the 2025 season and turn it into a three-year, $67.6 million deal with $7 million in dead cap, but the club will obviously hope Payne is still playing well into his age-29 campaign.

T-3) Javon Hargrave, San Francisco 49ers | AAV: $21 million

The 49ers struck early in the 2023 free agent period, signing former Eagles defensive tackle Javon Hargrave to a four-year, $84 million contract that contains $40 million guaranteed at signing. Hargrave will see a significant increase over the $13 million annual salary he earned with Philadelphia.

Every facet of the first two years of Hargrave’s contract — his salaries, signing bonus, per-game bonuses, option bonus, and even workout bonuses — is fully guaranteed. His cap charges will be north of $26 million in 2025 and 2026, but San Francisco could theoretically exit the contract after the 2024 season (although they’d incur more than $18 million in dead money).

T-3) DeForest Buckner, Indianapolis Colts | AAV: $21 million

DeForest Buckner agreed to a four-year, $84 million extension after being dealt from the 49ers to the Colts in 2020. That deal included nearly $40 million in guarantees: Buckner’s 2020 salary, 2020 roster bonus, and 2021 roster bonus.

Buckner now has two years remaining on his contract, with cap charges of around $20 million each season. He is set to earn a $1 million roster bonus on March 19.

T-3) Leonard Williams, New York Giants | AAV: $21 million

Like Buckner, Williams has also been traded. He was sent from the Jets to the Giants in 2019, then accepted the franchise tag from Big Blue in 2020. The Giants tagged Williams again in 2021 before ultimately signing him to a three-year, $63 million deal.

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New York has since restructured Williams’ pact and added a 2024 void year. As he enters the final year of his contract, Williams’ 2023 cap charge sits at an astounding $32.26 million, tops among interior defenders and the 11th-highest figure in the entire league. The Giants could add more void years and push Williams’ money into the future, but reports have suggested an extension is more likely.

6) Chris Jones, Kansas City Chiefs | AAV: $20 million

Chris Jones earned Defensive Player of the Year consideration and helped the Chiefs win another Super Bowl last season, and he’s well-compensated for his efforts. He paced defensive tackles with a $29.4 million cap charge in 2022 and is projected to have a $28.3 million figure in 2023.

Because Jones is entering the final year of his deal, Kansas City can’t restructure his contract, but general manager Brett Veach has said extending Jones is on the team’s offseason docket. Jones reportedly wants to become the NFL’s second-highest-paid defensive tackle, which should be manageable.

7) Jonathan Allen, Washington Commanders | AAV: $18 million

Jonathan Allen’s cap hits in Washington have been relatively low throughout his career, but that will change when his cap charge jumps to $21+ million in 2023 and stays there for the next three seasons.

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Allen will see $2.5 million of his $14 million 2023 salary become fully guaranteed on the first day of the league year, but that will be the only remaining guarantee in his contract. He can earn $1 million per season in per-game roster bonuses and $500,000 per year in workout bonuses.

8) Vita Vea, Tampa Bay Buccaneers | AAV: $17.75 million

The Buccaneers inked Vita Vea to a four-year, $71 million extension in Jan. 2022, then almost immediately restructured the deal for salary cap room. Given that Tampa Bay has the worst cap situation in the NFL in 2023, the club reworked Vea’s deal again and lower his upcoming 2023 cap charge to $6.5 million.

Vea’s salary for next season is already locked in; his 2024 salary is guaranteed for injury and will become fully guaranteed on March 19, 2023. He can earn $500,000 in per-game roster bonuses in 2023 and 2024, then $1 million per season from 2025-2026.

9) Kenny Clark, Green Bay Packers | AAV: $17.5 million

Kenny Clark signed a four-year extension with the Packers in 2020 and has already restructured his contract twice. Green Bay converted his base salary/roster bonus in Feb. 2022 and March 2023, creating cap room but adding more dead money down the line.

Clark’s cap number is below $13 million for 2023, but it will jump to $27+ million next season. He is due a $2 million roster bonus on the second day of the 2023 league year. Clark also has three void years tacked on to the end of his deal for proration purposes.

10) Arik Armstead, San Francisco 49ers | AAV: $17 million

Hargrave isn’t the only highly-paid interior defensive lineman on San Francisco’s roster. He’s joining a depth chart that already includes Arik Armstead, who collects $17 million annually from the 49ers.

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Armstead has two years remaining on the five-year, $85 million extension he signed in 2020. Although his cap charges have stayed below $13 million in each of the last three seasons, his cap figure will jump to almost $24 million in 2023. While San Francisco could restructure Armstead to reduce that number, the veteran tackle may also be a sneaky trade candidate following the 49ers’ Hargrave addition.