Who Is Nate Wiggins’ Mother? Everything You Need To Know About Tamika

    Nate Wiggins is an intriguing CB prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft who could go in the first round, but what was his upbringing like to get this point?

    Nate Wiggins is fresh off an excellent career at Clemson University, where he proved that he was one of the best cornerbacks in college football.

    Next up is the 2024 NFL Draft where he looks destined to be one of the first players at the position to be taken off the board.

    However, he didn’t get to this point alone. Before his NFL chance came, it took a strong mother and her supportive nature for him to get here. We take a look at the upbringing that has helped get him to this point in his career.

    A Look at Nate Wiggins’ Mom

    Nate Wiggins was raised by his single mother, Tamika Wiggins.

    Despite not having his father in his life, Wiggins’ life was still filled with love and tenderness, provided by a mother who devoted her life to him.

    “My mom [is my motivation] because she’s at every game, every practice, every meeting; she doesn’t let me quit.”

    He continued, “She keeps me focused in school. Make sure I improve.”

    Tamika Wiggins raised her son in Atlanta, Ga., which is where he was born. She was the driving force for him and his love for football.

    Tamika got her son into the game early, as he started playing the sport at the age of four, thanks to her guidance.

    Every step of the way, Tamika has been there to help her son. From the trials and tribulations that life throws at him, to the biggest and proudest moments of his young life, there has been a constant: his mother.

    Some players want to make it to the NFL because it is something that they have dreamed about all their lives. Some of that may include fortune and fame.

    While that may be a part of it for Wiggins, he has plans and hopes to be able to take care of his mother for all the love and support she has given him throughout the years.

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    “I just wanna get my momma a new house,” Wiggins said when asked about his aspirations and goals for the NFL.

    There surely have been other figures, whether it be coaches or teammates, that have come in and made an impact on his life, but the bond between Wiggins and his mother cannot be understated.

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