Who Are Michael Penix Jr.’s Parents? Everything You Need To Know About Michael Sr. and Takisha

Michael Penix Jr. is an intriguing QB prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. Who are his parents, and what was his upbringing like?

Football is a huge part of Michael Penix Jr.‘s life, and his family has been with him every step of the way.

Before Penix’s eventual shot at the NFL, we look closer at his parents and the upbringing that has helped get him to this point in his career.

A Look at Michael Penix Jr.’s Parents

Penix’s parents are Michael Sr. and Takisha. Both of them had a profound impact on their son and his siblings’ lives as they rose from childhood to adulthood.

Both Michael Sr. and Takisha have helped the Washington QB and his siblings navigate life in the world of football and adulthood and everything else that comes with it.

Getting To Know Michael Sr.

The former Huskie’s father is not unfamiliar with the gridiron, and much like his son, played football at a high level during his career. Michael Sr. is a former standout running back at Pasco High School and a collegiate player at Tennessee Tech.

Initially, the younger Penix followed in his father’s footsteps and played at the same high school as his father before being pulled out and enrolled in another school that could further help him in football pursuits.

The family relocated to Hillsborough County and enrolled him at Tampa Bay Tech before his junior season so that Penix could showcase the best of his abilities.

“As parents, it’s our job to make sure everybody else sees that talent. So we made that move and that decision,” the elder Michael said.

As for Michael Sr. and his career, he has since transitioned into coaching after his playing days ended. He coached at his alma mater, Pasco High School, and worked as a counselor and supervisor for troubled children at AMIkids.

Football is part of the story for the elder Penix, but it isn’t the complete picture as he has not only helped his children’s lives but seems to be doing the same in his career outside of football as well.

Getting To Know Takisha

Penix’s mother is impressive in her own right, and while it may not come on a playing field in a sport, the matriarch of the Penix family is known for achievements in the corporate setting. Takisha is a senior project manager for Lockheed Martin, in addition to raising Michael Jr. and his two siblings.

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Less is known about Takisha compared to her husband and her son, but the NFL prospect has credited his family life at home for helping him through his toughest battles, and highest achievements, with his mother playing a huge part in that.

Does Penix Have Any Siblings?

There isn’t much known about the other Penix children, just that the QB prospect has two siblings. What their names are, or what they do, is not public information at this time, but as their brother’s career in the NFL grows, maybe too shall their notoriety.

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